[m] The Trial of Delfina Heiwa

SL Plot Stage II: The Devil We Knew

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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Word Count → ??? :: Hello everybody and welcome to the catalyst for Stage II of our ongoing pack drama, Curse of the Sanctum! For more information about this plot, please be sure to read the accompanying newspost update.

This is a non-mandatory pack thread due to its [mature] rating. If you are uncomfortable participating in this thread due to its rating, but would still like your character to have been present, please let Leadership know.

There is no posting order in this thread. It takes place at the top of the Great Falls just beyond the Grotto of Seven Sleepers - think this scene from Black Panther (albeit in much smaller scale lol) for artistic license. Let's get this show on the road!

The water rushed around her ankles as she delicately stepped through it, grabbing and pulling like silvery hands.

It was deceptively shallow on the plateau. This was a place where few ever came, for in spite of their awe-inspiring beauty the Great Falls were terrifying. Where the water flowed deeper upstream it was a crystalline blue, fresh from the melt off of Halcyon. Here, churning over wide flat rocks, it reflected the grey sky like a flawed mirror.

Just beyond her was the edge, foaming white and ravenous. Far down below its plummeting descent the water was so deep as to look black and bottomless.

Elphaba took her place on a smooth boulder that had rolled down from the mountain to hunch against the current. On either side of the Pictou, Salsolans were arriving in droves. Having responded to the severity of her call they were solemn. Never before had they been commanded to assemble in this strange, portentous place, where the water-spray chilled the air and clung to their whiskers and eyelashes like little diamonds. Some stood among the pines further back from the fall's edge, little more than shadowy smudges between the evergreens.

There was a great cacophony of sound from further down the trail. Salsolans parted before two men, both broad of shoulder. The Director and the Erilaz were not gentle. They pulled the slumped form of a woman between them - it looked as though she had fought them all the way, her hands bound and knees bloodied where she had been forcibly dragged.

Behind them was the stern Paladin, sword in hand, a rear guard to the grim-faced procession.

Standing tall on the boulder, the gold-antlered crown sharp as daggers against the pale light, Elphaba looked down at Delfina Heiwa.

Imprisonment had made a wretch out of Isabella's noble daughter. They had not tended the wounds Kamari had given her except that she might not bleed out before sentencing - Her beautiful, expensive clothes were torn and stained brown. Her hair, a rich Heiwa mahogany, hung in stringy tendrils around her face.

Brocade and O'Riley hefted her forward into the shallows and pushed her down to kneel waterlogged before the Queen.

Behind them, the Great Falls hissed and roared with more force than any mortal would ever wield.

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The trial happened quickly. Brocade and the other Inquisitors took turns watching over the woman who had tried to claim Kamari’s life, and when the time came, they were sent to collect her to be brought to her trial. Delfina Heiwa had attacked one of her own. It was a fact that sank like a stone in the throats of all of Salsolas nobility as the woman was dragged through the centre of their territory. O’Riley and Brocade shouldered the weight of the thin creature, their hands rough against her shoulders and hips as they forced her along the path.

Her knees were bloody where she had been forced to kneel – her wounds barely bandaged and her body still covered in dried blood.

A small crowd had gathered around the falls, and even though no one spoke the water rumbled and sprayed its discord upon the salsolan people. Brocade snarled as the woman bucked at the waters as they washed over her feet, and he shoved her with a snap of his teeth as they descended further.

She still looked a wild thing, her hair hanging in stringy tendrils around her thin face as they pushed her into the shallows of what would hopefully become her final resting place.

Brocade glanced for only a moment at Elphaba Revlis, the sanguine-eyed woman alone and at the front of the murmuring delegation. The crown gleamed from atop her darkling head, and he was forced to stand amongst the others – his gaze settling upon the traitor who crouched amongst them.


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Optime | Great Falls | cNPC: Velimir, NPC: Cedar (+447)

[SL] Curse of the Sanctum

The ride out had a been long one, and had been the farthest she had gone since she had been nearly killed by the dark, Heiwa woman. It had been painful. Even with Cedar put to a slow and steady pace, the natural motion of his gait tugged at her still-healing wounds. The Shadow stubbornly denied returning to her home with its bloodstained floors though. She wanted to see this through, particularly after what she had long suspected and after what she had suffered to get the truth that she had sought.

Upon arriving near the top of the Great Falls, she had been helped off of Cedar and had done her best to walk on her own the rest of the way with as much pride and deceptive grace as she could for someone still recovering from nearly dying twice. The bruising on her throat was nearly gone, and her smaller injuries had scabbed over. Her larger wounds—a cut that ran across her chest and a stab wound in her side—were still in the midst of healing, and they were the ones that caused her to walk a bit more stiffly than she normally would have.

Kamari stood along the edge of the pool, her cornflower blue eyes hard and unreadable. Her bandages were hidden beneath her clothing, consisting of the dark, fur-lined cloak that Krios had gifted her earlier that winter, a darkly-colored tunic, bracers, and a pair of loose-fitting pats. Her knife was secured at the small of her back, as she was reluctant now more than ever to wander the Kingdom without something to defend herself within close reach.

She stood close to her husband, though, did her best to stand slightly apart from him and without his help. Velimir was amongst the gathering crowd. The old jackal hybrid’s face was grim as he stood there. He leaned somewhat onto his bo staff, his age showing both in his stance and his burnt amber eyes.

One of the Shadow’s tall ears flickered as she heard Delfina before she saw her. When the masses of the Kingdom departed, Kamari’s aggressor was brought forth and to the pool that the Boss had chosen for the meeting place for this trial. Delfina was still as dirtied as she had been the afternoon that the Heiwa woman had been caught in the act of attempting to finish what she had started. The sight of it all and the fresh memories that they brought with them made Kamari’s injuries sting again.

Her eyes remained hard though, her face steely, cold, as Delfina was forced to kneel before Elphaba.

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It was time to step back. The seeds had been cast into the early spring soil. A true farmer knew that it took patience to bear plentiful fruit. He spoke no further ill of the Warden, seeking to sully his name in the Thistle Kingdom no longer, for the damage had already been done. To do more would be foolish.

Something would come of it in due time. Salsola would eventually demand justice for the murders of the Seer and Crone. A price would be paid in blood, but by who?

When the summons came, Andrew assumed the Thistle Kingdom would demand its tithe. He followed the Salsolan procession to the falls in silence. It was a strange place to call an audience as opposed to the usual meeting grounds. Andrew could sense an unease in the crowd that lingered. The rumors that burned through Salsola like a wildlife kept everyone on edge. There were murmurings. Assumptions. Andrew kept mum as he stood along the fringes alone -- as a free man for the first time.

Then the shield came, dragging the body of a woman through the crowd. Andrew watched with curiosity as she was laid bare before the Salsolan Queen. Alas, it was not the Warden, but someone else. A highborn woman whom Andrew knew only if for her family name.

A Salsolan was adaptable. His plans changed.

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The rumor mill churned, oh how it churned, a rumbling hiss as all ugly things came to light, twisted and warped by the tongues of vipers and ichorous black. The ceaseless he-said-she-said of the kingdom seemed to come to a head, and for all ugly things brought to bare, he'd felt the ugliest.

The call had roused him from his penance, and through the thistles, her caterwauling came. The following procession was a grim one, a quiet one, to some of the wilder, more untamed reaches of their domain fair - an odd place, as any.

It was not a funeral, by assumption, as there was no pyre, and the roar of waterfalls, the casting mists, did ill for fire. It clung to the gathered's clothes, their hair, their whiskers, alighting the masses like starlight in the din, the holy upon the condemned.

A woman of high house - family, by the barest, thinnest strands of the word, Delfina stooped, and while Julius had never seen, never known Wildlings as they were, she looked every bit as one, her hair thin and whipping around the face of a woman gone feral, and with a look of barely veiled confusion, he took his place at the poolside.

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Of course, as this was Salsola, whispers of ill fate carried upon the winds of the Kingdom. Jak tried to turn an ear to the whispers, but it was a Salsolan's nature to listen carefully. She took them as a warning to stay away from the treachery one could find if they followed them. While she consulted her high power, it was the duty of the Inquisitors to follow these whispers to their roots, whatever the cost or consequence.

The blood laced Witch tended to a potion above a calmly crackling fire as the call reached her. Had the Inquisitors found something of interest? There was an abundance of rumors to steal information from, but if any truth could be dredged from them was another story completely. She'd follow the call and find out for herself what was discovered. Maybe the coven could finally find some peace and justice for the crimes committed.

The flame was calmed and the red wolf cloak flung over her full form, draping heavily over wide hips and supple breasts. She joined the masses that gathered at the odd and unlikely spot. Mist from the raging waterfall flecked her whiskers and cloak, to which her nose wrinkled unpleasantly. Blood and honey hues scanned the crowd as they awaited what came next. She admired their queen who adorned her antler crown, before following the crowd's gaze towards the obscenity that was Delfina Heiwa. Jaketta's eyes narrowed upon the suspected traitor as she consumed the details of her ragged and wild appearance.


Jaketta moved her hood over her head, to protect herself from the spray of the great waterfall. Curiously, she continued to watch the scene play out before her. What a pity, for the Heiwa woman to waste her noble bloodline. It was a gift unnecessarily dirtied and unappreciated. Judgmental mismatched hues cast down at the wild woman, as her hair clung to her face and neck, wet from being transported ruthlessly to her final destination.

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When the news came to him, by way of the great black cat he kept at his right hand, he found it hardly surprising. He had seen something deep within Delfina's poison eyes and made his own presumptions of what that meant. While this hadn't been what he'd hedged his bets on, it felt- almost logical? Part him felt stupid for not assuming this to begin with. The signs hadn't been clear enough during their brief encounters, but they certainly were now as Ankh joined the rest of the Thistle Kingdom.

The water spat upwards from the falls, the hiss of falling water breaking what he was sure was absolute silence from the awaiting crowd. The droplets sent an icy chill through him, so unaccustomed to biting temperatures, incapable for protecting himself naturally from the coldest months. Soon it would be summer, and soon this curse would break.

Narcissa stood nearby, her hazel eyes trained with vicious curiosity at the spectacle before them. Ankh spotted a similar poison in her eyes, but knew that his daughter would refrain from such acts of insanity, if only to keep her hands literally clean. He could see too, some ways behind her, the black cat Allspice, as interested as the rest of the awaiting crowd but reluctant to subject himself to water unless it was absolutely necessary. Despite his size and relative intelligence, he was still a domesticated creature and disliked the feel of water on his sleek coat.

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There was a tenseness in his shoulders when he had heard the call. While he knew for a fact that Elphaba named his father innocent of the crime of murder, it did not mean that Till was innocent of all crime. Till had been belligerent to Kamari during her Inquisition, and this had caused the image of the Warden to likely forever be tainted in the eyes of the upper echelon of Salsola. This was disappointing to Coaxoch, but Till did have a way about him that made him seem less trustworthy than he was. Coaxoch could not blame Elphaba for getting angry with Till, as he could not blame Till for getting angry with Kamari, or the Inquisition in general. The call that came from the woman had been stressful, and as he looked at his life partner, he nodded lightly and then got up to get ready to leave.

Coaxoch did not know what this gathering was about, and he did not know of why it sounded as if it was coming from the Grotto's area, but he thought it best to let the children decide whether or not they were going to attend. He and Sebastien, as adults, had no choice but to attend, but Coaxoch did not mind. He had to be there to save face for not only his family but also for Elphaba to notice his presence, and boy he did know that she would notice.

She always did.

The white wolf skin that had been fashioned into a cloak resting along his shoulders, and his loincloth hugged his hips as he looked at his companion's attire. Sebastien had begun to get better clothing since he was a freed man now, and he never seemed to skimp on his attire when he went out. It took some time for the Serf to get himself ready and Coaxoch smiled at Sebastien as he finally came out in bright spring colors and a generally happy attire as he always did. Coaxoch began to think more and more about his relationship with the Serf, as of late, but he did not want to complicate things, and he did not understand why he was thinking about Sebastien as someone he could not imagine living without. Coaxoch often pushed the thoughts away, and just enjoyed everything that he and Sebastien were. He enjoyed being with the other male, living with him, and being friends with the other. There was no need for things to be as complicated as Salsola was as a whole. No, as long as others did not question what was going on, Coaxoch was happy to let them never know.

The two males set off towards the Grotto and found that the gathering as at the top of the Falls. Coaxoch looked back at Sebastien and his large ears bent to the sides of his head as the look of uncertainty came across his face. He had never seen this sort of ceremony before, nor had he heard of such happening. The whispers on the air in Salsola were convoluted as well, conflicting but serious. Coaxoch had some idea of what might have been going on, but not entirely and as they made their way towards the top of the Falls, Coaxoch's speckled nose picked up the drowning scents of those who were already there. There was the smell of old blood, the Heiwa, Elphaba, O'Riley, and many of the other Salsolans.

He and Sebastien finally made it to the top of the mount and Coaxoch moved closer towards the water and the gathering while Sebastien seemed to hang back again. Coaxoch had confidence in his step even without Sebastien by his side, and when Coaxoch finally figured out what he was looking at in the gathering, his bright blond brows lifted in surprise.

They found the murderer.

His bright eyes of spring hardened as they turned towards Elphaba then, questioning silently of how she could have let this demon be among them for this long. Of how her Inquisitors were so busy hunting his father's head when there was a demon among the ranks who seemed to get by without question for so long. Coaxoch's hand balled into a fist, and his teeth clenched in his jaw tightly. He wanted all the Inquisitors to pay for their questioning of the honor of the Ulrichs when it was the Heiwas all along.

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Krios came with his wife, as he always would and always had. As much as he hated the situation that arose out of the whole monstrous affair, he had to be present and he would watch with relish as they judged his aunt for her crimes. But it was still such a shock to see the dingy appearance she presented, though it was hardly by her choice. A pristine woman in the best of situations, it was clear that imprisonment did not suit her looks.

He had his bow strapped to his back and his best clothes, all black, adorning his muscled limbs. Somewhere in time he had become a man but he hardly felt like more than an ethereal ghost marching through life. What had his family become? Why had such a monster been of his blood?

He felt disconnected but he was present for his siblings, his grandmother, his mother, and his wife. He was there to witness the event and participate in the undoing of his mother's murderer. He wanted to hear her words on the matter, her lines, and watch her die.

Krios felt cheated.

Beside him, he could feel Kamari. But she was standing unaided, not clinging to him in any way. He knew it was a matter of pride for his wife so he did not suggest she sit or go back. She would witness with him, even in her pain.

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Delfina was not the type to go quietly into madness. No, she was the sort of woman who descended without much grace into the throes of her insanity, screaming in the night, hollering for justice. There was no denying it, though. Somehow, the scion of the Goddess had failed her and was so shunned by the loving light of her attentions and favor. Delfina felt sorely abandoned and so let her agony rend the air over the thought of her loss. It was sorely felt and even the blinding migraines could only silence her for a short time.

By then, all of Salsola had heard of her fall and the disgrace that befell her family. She knew what it meant for them and how she had equally failed her mother when the Goddess averted her gaze. There was so much shame.

And so much anger.

Delfina had done as she had been told, as her visions had foretold. Why was she being punished for the sins committed in the name of her holy deity? How could the Goddess so shift her eyes? In her caterwalling, the answer did not come, only more confusion.

When the men came and grabbed her sternly by the arms, she fought them every step of the way. Insane she may have been but Delfina was not a fool to the core. She knew what was in store for her and she would not go willingly to her demise. No, she was not the fool. They were all fools. They did not see the necessity of what she had attempted to do. They did not see the weakness they were forced to accept.

She was brought to the water and forced into it. It soaked and chilled her to the bone, though she looked unfazed by the faces that peered at her and the judgmental eyes. Her gaze shifted and locked upon her niece, and a cold sneer plastered itself upon her face. Delfina did not struggle her bindings any longer.

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