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POSTED: Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:21 am

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As of the 9th of April, Sunny has stepped down from MV leadership. All of us will undoubtedly be sad to see Sunny leave us, but we all understand the immense effort it takes to run a pack as cool as Mistfell Vale and we send our OG leader all our best wishes! Sunny will, of course, still be lurking around OOCly, dolling out sage leadership wisdom!

Felix (and Calla) will both remain IC leaders for the time being, which means that there will be little disruption IC as these changes take place! OOCly, Vida will be taking the reins from this point on and is very excited for new challenges! Once the leadership change takes place, we will be exploring various options for some fun, cool activities and events over the summer!

"Hey, all - I'm sure you've noticed my dip in activity overall, and as a result of a busy and complicated real life right now, I'm taking a break from being a leader for a little bit. It's not fair to you guys not to have a leader who's present and committed, and I know that Vida will do an amazing job with the Vale. <3

"I want to thank you all so much for being such an incredible pack and for helping make Mistfell Vale what it is - a wonderful family. :) It was great creating MV and leading it, and I'm excited to see what the pack will bring next. I will still be around in chat and on the forum, so feel free to shoot me a message if you like - or if you need Felix for any kooky shenanigans. ;)"

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As Vida takes over OOC leadership, Saga will be joining the leadership ranks in a newly created role. The former Starkhelm will now be known as the Ursarchon, a nod to the mighty House Wolverthorne. As she was afforded practically all the duties and benefits of leadership as Starkhelm, this shouldn't be very different than before!

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Of course, Vida won't be entirely alone... Myst has kindly offered to take on the ooc role of Helper, helping out with assorted maintenance duties and keeping Vida sane! Of course, we're incredibly grateful for the support!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to join the MV team! I'm joining as a member helper doing maintenance type work such as wiki updates, editing the website, and helping Vida out with ideas! -Myst

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