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She had to give some credit to the Serf. From the moment he had told her about that little project of his to the moment the first stones were placed only a small amount of time had passed. He was ambitious, if only too eager to prove everyone’s opinion wrong. There was no subtlety to his work but she couldn’t blame him with laziness. There were many above his station that hadn’t contributed in a year what he already had in a few weeks.

She still didn’t like the man, put it could be said that she disliked him less than others.

She was glad to see the surprise in his face when she came along to inquire about the activities required to move the construction along. She wasn’t precisely polite, but her hatred was much less apparent than it had been during previous encounters. Truth be told, she was only interested because of the functionality the building would have once it was completed. It was no secret that she coveted a position amongst the Shield, so when it came to the place where the Tier’s activities would be centred around, she certainly couldn’t remain on standby.

Andrew was keen to take advantage of her superior musculature and entrusted her with the gathering and transportation of large rocks. These had to be dug up from the river’s edge, loaded on carts and taken to the construction site where they had to be downloaded by hand. It was a demanding labour but Kaeli enjoyed showing off in such an effective way. There was also the perk of her future mate having been enlisted for the same task, allowing her to enjoy a delectable visage whenever they concurred during the work hours.

Varda worked by her side, putting her large frame to good use by loosening the ground around the largest rocks so she and her mother could then carry them together toward the cart. The wood groaned under the weight of the cargo, and soon they had to leave to deliver the materials or else they would risk breaking the cart. The going was slow in spite of the pulling animal’s strength so when they arrived at their destination mother and daughter were rested enough to carry on and start placing the rocks where they were needed right away.
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