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Thread 3 - Party Prep Cartel and DgP

POSTED: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:03 pm

[[Thread 3 of Party Prep]]

Dusk was creeping slowly over the place, though they still had quite a bit of time before it grew dark, the final pieces of the prep were settling into place. Wayne stood back from it all, straw in mouth plucked straight from Cochise' feed, with hands on the shelf of an underfed man's hips,” Well, now. This is lookin' prit'near done, Id'n't it?”

Taking a few steps back, to take the whole scene in. The tables were up, the food would be there when it was all ready. Decorations were quite nice, compared to anything they'd seen in a long time. To anyone else, it would have looked like a hot mess, but to them? This was going to a fantastic get together between his family and his brothers. It was about damn time that they had some fun out here, besides moping over a drink and kicking mud.

Brows furrowed then, as he realized something. Where the campfire was, there was surprisingly a lot of empty space. Tilting his head, he flicked his hat up a bit as thought churned in the back of his mind. Something was definitely missing.

“Hey, Dayhlia. C'mere, right quick,” Calling over his shoulder, he took his eyes off the pile of wood for the fire only a bit longer,” We' missin' sump'in,” Frustrated that it seemed just on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't figure out what it was, he brushed his gambler off his head with the back of his hand. The cord pressed against his throat as the hollow sounds of the leather hat tumbled to his shoulders, followed by the sound of the coydog spitting the straw from his mouth to the side of his feet,” Everythin' looks good... but... I can't put m'finger on it. Feel's like this space needs a bit more... just... sumpthin'.”

“Yer a smart lady,” He grinned and offered a side eye. He was a lot more playful with the Cartel, now that they'd been around one another for so long, and pretty familiar with Dahlia herself at this point. He figured it was going to be okay for a laugh between them, even if it were at his own expense,” Whu'ch think we need here?”

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POSTED: Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:43 am

All things truly wicked start from Innocence

Yes, everything did seem like it was coming together well enough. Wayne and Dahlia were not the only ones contributing to making sure that the celebration was decorated appropriately for the gathering, but with the combined effort, the pieces were falling into place.

The gray coyote had wandered off a bit, her eyes fixated on the food that was to be displayed. Being a regular in the Cartel now, she knew that many of its members were getting tired of eating a lot of fish. With a variety of stuff to choose from, it was sure to make them happy. This was meant to be some kind of special occasion after all right? A shame she couldn't have taken part in any of the actual hunting. She had spent much of her time fishing with Santiago instead.

Her head turned over her shoulder to the sound of her name being called, and it didn't take her long to join up with the dark male. He had been overlooking the main area of the camp, it seeming very empty compared to what else had already been set up.

And he was asking for her opinion on what would be needed to fill in the missing space.

Dahlia's eyes dropped slightly as she gave a small sigh, "You mean aside from a place to sit? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure no one would mind sitting on the ground but for something as nice as this I would think it would be smart to give people something to actually sit on when they are around the fire." Her head moved around the area, beckoning the man to come along with him, "We shouldn't need to wander too far to get what we are looking for. Just look for something we could use as seats."

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