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Innocence, once lost, can never be regained
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OOC: Ugh, sorry for the crap starter. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change. For the Through the Valley plot. +200 words.

Dahlia had not been a huge fan of the idea from the start. Not the idea of the two bands of coyotes coming together for a celebration they would collaborate on, but rather the idea that she and Santiago would be looking for fish and things along the lake's shores rather than doing some actual hunting. Hunting was her being in her natural element, the one talent she might actually have above someone else here.

But no, instead her she was tagging along with the scarred man looking for fish.

The gray coyote padded ahead of the man, her eyes focused on the water to see if she could see anything. No doubt the male was going to bringing his gear along with him. She recalled him having these things when she had come visiting him once before. Well, she could do the scouting for him and he could catch the fish. There was no way she was going to be catching anything unless she was somehow able to grab one out of the water with her bare hands.

This was so dull. Where was the thrill like when it came to tracking or even chasing down some prey?

Her head moved over her shoulder to make sure that the man was still following along with her. He would probably know better than her where some good fishing spots would be. She stepped along the shore, letting the tiny waves of the lake brush against her paws. How much nicer it felt than it did in the middle of winter, "Any luck back there amigo?"

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