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POSTED: Wed May 01, 2019 7:37 am

Rum Bridge Is Falling Down...

The Collapse

Unlike its sibling, Rum Bridge has not withstood the test of time…

After a particularly bad rainstorm in Spring, the smaller bridge spanning the St. John's river seems to have given up the ghost.

The pack’s Constructor, Sedona Whitesage, is the first to report ominous creaking coming from the bridge’s cracked foundations. She’s quick to report her findings to the newly named Ursarchon, but before anything can be done to remedy it, a rainstorm batters the Rum Bridge throughout the night and causes the centre of it to collapse into the river below.

There are plenty of open-ended opportunities for you to get involved, particularly via thread prompts and the handful of named volunteer spots listed below! We intend this to be a very open and free plot, so feel free to be as involved at you like! There are points up for grabs and there may be a prize involved...

  1. 30/04/19: Sounds of Faliure While crossing the Rum Bridge, Sedona discovers the bridge making some ominous sounds...
  2. 30/04/19: The Time To Act Is Now Sedona reports her findings to the Ursarchon, who agrees that something must be done. Together they make plans to reinforce the bridge’s structure.
  3. 01/05/19: Before anything can be done, however, a rainstorm batters the bridge and by morning, it’s structure is severely compromised…
  4. 01/05/19: Thread While attempting to cross the failing bridge to get home Genevieve suddenly finds herself plunged into the raging river below as the bridge finally gives out. (VOLUNTEER 2) hurries to the rescue!
  5. 02/05/19: Thread Sedona, Brom and their fellow Mistwalkers (1 OR 2 VOLUNTEERS!) assess the damage and begin to make plans to repair the bridge.
  6. 02/05/19: Cast An Anchor In The Sand Saga calls everyone to the Old Brassard Church to inform them of the collapse and planned rebuild. She encourages everyone to do their part.

The Rebuild

After the flood waters have receded, the rebuilding of the Rum Bridge can begin! This is the more relaxed portion of the plot as it is the most lengthy part! It may take a few months before the crossing is reinstated! Participants may OOCly assume Sedona is present during all repair efforts.

  1. 04/05/19: Thread Under the supervision and instruction of the pack’s Constructor, pack members begin clearing debris from the bridge construction site.
  2. 04/05/19-30/06/19: The foundation of the bridge is being laid. But be careful, not everything will go smoothly. Some mishaps and hilarity are bound to ensue along the way. This is a trial and error project! Please submit any threads relevant to the rebuild (construction, gathering building materials, etc) so they can be added to the list.
  3. 30/06/19: Thread As the bridge nears completion the ultimate test will be if the bridge can withstand usage. Sedona risks her horse walking across the newly finished bridge and finds the pack’s work is a success!
  4. 01/07/19: Thread After Sedona and her trusty steed make it across the bridge, deeming the project a roaring success, a pack celebration is held in the Old Brassard Church!

Participation + Points

What's a plot without the opportunity to earn some shinies?! Although the rebuilding is likely to take a significant amount of time, we've decided to host a little contest during the first month of the plot! Participation in any thread related to the plot bags you ten points (per thread) for the Mistfell Vale pack game! Plus, whoever accumulates the most plot-relevant posts may incur a prize at the end… ;)


  1. Posts must be posted between the 1st of May and the 31st of May to be counted!
  2. Posts must be of 200 words or over to count!
  3. Please keep a track of all your posts and be ready to submit them to the MV account by the 7th of June!
  4. The winner will be announced on the 8th of June!
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I'd like to volunteer Genevieve to fall in the river--thread 4 volunteer 1 :D

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