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They weren't alone.

Ever since he'd seen the tracks, Boone hadn't been able to rest easy. However, perhaps he could have if this mess had stopped there. A horse with no rider and a mysterious, empty camp -- all turning up in the same day was nothin' short of odd. Some strange business was in the works, he could feel it. Call it intuition, but Boone was feeling some bad mojo in the air. Somethin', or someone, looming, lurking in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Someone like him.

Feeling a rare sense of obligation, Boone stepped up his patrols to better protect his people. When the rains stopped, he rode out through cool, damp mud. He hadn't gone far when he picked up a foreign scent that demanded investigation.


Returning to camp, Boone assembled a small, crack team. Or rather -- some folk who weren't busy at the time. Wayne, whom Boone knew he could trust in a fight should it come to it, and Lyssa, who's skills were as of yet untested. He instructed them to arm themselves and to mount out. It was time to roll out.

He led them to where the scents were strongest; a mud-swept clearing. Upon a cursory glance, Boone saw nothing of note. He slid from the back of his horse and knelt down. Then, he saw. Claw marks in the earth. "On me," Boone beckoned, apprehensively. "Stay close. Bullshittery is afoot."

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The hidden tracks had been on Lyssa's mind. While they had followed the tracks for a while, they eventually lost the trail. The thought that someone was purposefully hiding their presence filled her with worry. Like the Vicar had said, "No reason to hide yer tracks 'less you got somethin' to hide". The week had continued without incident, though the tensions rose in among the two bands. Others had also come across odd findings.

Boone had approached her earlier that day to go out investigating the area. She had agreed, eager to prove her worth to her mentor. Quickly Lyssa had strung her bow over her shoulders and had met Boone and Wayne at the horses. As Lyssa had never ridden a horse, so Boone offered to share with her. Now she rode on the front of the horse, Boone's arms around her holding the reigns, leading them towards where he had discovered odd scent. An weird feeling arose in her chest, and suddenly she was very aware that this was the closest she's ever been to a male. The heat of his body burnt like fire along her back. A heat rose in her cheeks as she tried to ignore those thoughts, making it much harder to maintain her balance on the saddle.

Suddenly they were at a clearing and Boone slid off the back of the horse. He had spotted something, and his voice became urgent. Awkwardly Lyssa slid off the side of the saddle and came up beside the kneeling coyote. She kept her ears up and scanned the area. Then it hit her- the smell. Coyote, blood.... wolf. Her pulse quickened and her head began to swirl. In her mind she saw them, the black fils de pute. She heard their gnashing teeth ripping flesh. The cries of her siblings. That hot, sticky liquid rolling down her muzzle. Feeling faint, Lyssa knelt down on the ground, taking huge gasping breaths. "Wolves.... there are.. wolves..." she managed to gasp out.

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