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Dahlia - Prompt 4

POSTED: Sun May 05, 2019 9:00 pm

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The wine tasted more sour than he was used to, his nose wrinkled into a face. Equal parts approving and wretched at the same time. Well, it was better than the sweet piss-water he'd gotten the last time.

There was a span of time that he lounged, doing nothing in particular. Eventually he hauled his useless ass up and decided to take himself on a lil ol' walk.

There was the barest hints of a lurch in his step, the suggestion of a stagger. Muttering under his breath, John pushed his scruffy hair out of his face. Spring had finally rolled itself into this cold-ass wasteland, all the trees were greening out, wildflowers opening their eager faces to the sunshine and wasn't that just so fucking pretty. The beauty of it was lost upon him, he could no longer see the color in the world - it was all grey. Grey plants, grey faces, grey life.

His little plodding walk took him further and further, and he didn't really bother to keep a track on exactly where he was heading. There were other footsteps close by and his lack of giving-a-shit was at an all time low.

No longer in stillness, John crooned an old southern song to himself in a low, croaky voice that sucked any happiness out of the surprisingly upbeat lyrics, turning it to a Ballard of sombreness.

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Innocence, once lost, can never be regained
Darkness, once gazed upon, can never be lost

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Dahlia found herself often being the one to be tagged along with other people, whether it be by her own choosing or by certain other circumstances. More often than not, it was in the pursuit of gathering more supplies, believing that would help Nazario to get over any bitter feelings he still had for her. She could not let go that he was placing so much blame on her when so much of this had been her sister's fault. If Faith had never seen that man.. never had his children.. never went to Salsola, none of them would be in this mess.

And her sister might actually still be alive.

Then again, what would be worse? This life, or one where she was still tied to her sister's condition? If Faith was still around, no doubt she would still be the one looking after her sister like they looked after their mother.

Today was something different. It was no secret that there were many around the Cartel, and even the Posse, that drank heavily. Though she was not one of them, her companion was. John was showing some staggering as she walked along at his side, though it seemed like he had blocked her out for the most part. What started out as an invitation to come along with him to talk about some things quickly turned into the two of the moving in silence.

It didn't really seem to bother her all that much, though part of her was curious to know what it was he wanted to talk to her about. Probably some of the same things the one-eyed man did knowing her luck.

They wandered almost aimlessly, the tan man picking up a song, though his voice showed even he wasn't too interested in it. That was when something seemed to catch the gray woman's attention. Stretching one arm out in front of John, she paused, taking in the air, "John.. do you smell that..?"

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