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POSTED: Fri May 17, 2019 1:44 am

Optime | Pine Barrens | Late at night of May 4th or super early morning of May 5th | NPC: Cedar (+521)

Takes place directly after this thread.

The world was dark without a moon to light it. Stars shined brightly above, almost twinkling without a bright moon to drown them out in the night sky. The soft lull of nearby waters passing over river stones worked in tandem with the drone of nocturnal forest critters like crickets and frogs. Occasionally, an owl would hoot or she’d hear the scurry of some other woodland creature as it was chased or was the chaser.

Only one had been unlucky to have crossed the Kaiser’s path, and its arrow-filled body as it hung from a low-hanging branch was a telltale sign of what kind of mood that the Emissary was in. The fat raccoon had deserved it in her opinion though; a smart one would have turned and fled rather than try to pick a fight with her. It had been lucky that its death had been quick, even if its body afterwards had been used for target practice.

Her stallion, Cedar, stood idly nearby, likely dozing off where he stood due the ungodly hour that she had taken him out in. The mustang had been the quickest way to put as much distance between her and Krios as possible, and, after a quick stop by storage to grab a communal bow, Kamari had steered them around the southern edge of Millstone and its forest before plunging into the cover of shadows amongst the Pine Barrens. Kamari had stopped them just a little after passing Deception River, and, in the distance, beyond the cover of the forest and across the open terrain, she imagined that she could see the Pictou and the rolling hills of Drifter Bay.

After stringing up her makeshift target, Kamari had climbed up into a pine tree opposite of the dead animal, and had made herself comfortable on a thick branch a few feet above the average head height of many of her companions. Her back was pressed against the tree trunk, and her tail and hip quiver hung loosely on either side of her perch. Her thoughts were still turbulent as she plucked another arrow from her borrowed quiver.

She thumbed the feathering thoughtfully, her thoughts spinning inevitably back to the words and accusations that her drunk husband had hurled at her earlier that night. His stench—one of alcohol, smoke, Others, and flowery one of some woman—still lingered within her nostrils, and her lips twisted to reveal her sharp teeth beneath them.

“There’s work to be done, and he decides to drink and brood over things that he shouldn’t!” She snarled bitterly in Arabic.

She strung the arrow and aimed where she could make out the dark outline of the dangling raccoon in the darkness. When she was sure, she took her shot.

The construction of the Barracks, the restoration of the Library, even Loki’s murder was still unsolved, and Krios had decided to run off to Amherst to drink and be merry, come home late, reeking like he had, declaring things he shouldn’t have.

The dead animal’s body swung as the arrow hit it.

Kamari Kaiser

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O'Riley's wounded hand was all but healed now. He had wisely listened to counsel and given it time. There would be scars. It was lucky that this was all Delfina would leave with him, for her bite could have taken much more.

He had smelled the dead animal long before he saw it. The horse was too far for him to make out its shape, but if the wind turned just right there was a whisper of it there. This helped ease his concerns about finding some ill cause for the raccoon's demise – this was unusual behavior for Kamari, however, and O'Riley was instantly curious.

Draw towards the unpleasant sight, the tall wolfdog found himself gazing at the unfortunate target. O'Riley was less perturbed by the sight than he was by the shooter. A terrible thing had happened to Kamari, and its resolution seemed unlikely.

They were still Inquisitors. Delfina's death had not ended their search.

How many arrows do you have left? He called up to the tree, though did not turn to look for her. She was somewhere above him, but with the thick canopy and dark-moon night Kamari might as well have been a living shadow. O'Riley would not waste his time looking.

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