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POSTED: Fri May 17, 2019 8:44 pm

The straw of the make-shift broom crinkled as Ezra set it against the corner of the main room. A hollow wooden sound lifted as the handle met the stone of the walls. Marbled gaze turned to the new home, now with free hands. He took it all in as he let his hair loose, only to tame it back again in a more comely manner. His new home, safe, with his family ever growing. Arrow peeked in from the hall, his chuckling coming from the room in the far back left, as he mentioned Ezra's name,” Y'restin', cuh'see!” In the young man's excitement, any lesson that Ezra had given him about proper speech was out the window with the rest of the dust.

“Alright, alright,” Slender maw held a warm grin as he patted his hands on his thighs, dirtying his pants and not really doing much to clean his palms,” Let's see what you have here,” Gentle tone rang as he sauntered through the hall, turning in the threshold of the room. There wasn't much in it. They all had to give up a great deal when leaving the Court to ruins, but as the spring sun rays glittered against the dust motes, Ezra knew that the most important things had made the journey.

“I'gots hay here. N'a sheep fur here,” The collie's hands darted and gestured around,” Stuff t'dangle here'n dhis'll get sum'that sparkly glass if'I gets. Dhis' gun'dangle wearin' stuffs,” Arrow went on and on, bright eyed and so excited for the future. The room was looking much more like a home now, especially since Arrow had made it look like something was living there and cleaned it up.

“Fantastic, Arrow, my boy! You've really outdone yourself!” An arm reached up and over Arrow's head, holding him tightly in a paternal embrace. The wrinkles in the corners of his eyes were deeper now, crows feet that stretched further and further with time, and the edges of his smile wore thinner skin. His age was showing, but the gray of an elder had held back luckily. A pat landed on Arrow's shoulder as he grinned and made his way out, back into the main room. Fingers entwined and stretched high over his head. He could deny the wrinkles all he wanted to, but the joints that wore down sooner than they used to were a sign of it all. He'd take seniority in stride, though. He had Fiora again, thanks to Orin, and he had Arrow. Fantasy bore foal in good health for them both and two fresh horses were in his possession to start his latest project. Life was good, despite all the bad that had been.

Moving from the main room and out into the sun of the late afternoon, the Poet turned his eye South to Winterwynd. It was a beautiful place, certainly, but he'd come to the understanding with the fall of the Court that his home was with Fiora. Nothing would change that. Even so, his mind's eye looked ahead to the future, his thoughts dazzled with a project that would hopefully earn him just as much as name as his paper had.

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