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Discomfort growing, he shifted his weight before he could catch himself, his seat seemed precarious for a moment, his heart rate increasing until the rocks he sat upon settled and appeared to stabilize. Situated atop of a small incline, where rocks formed a small wall, was far from comfortable and most certainly not safe; two facts that hadn’t stopped him from parking himself upon them. Despite the faults of his chosen resting spot, it did provide a spectacular view of the landscape beneath him. Branta Stretch wasn’t what he’d call a lush area; no sprawling green meadows, vibrant flowers or towering trees that most creatures seemed drawn to, but it had its own soggy charms. From lowlands to marshlands, he’d been enthralled by the area for some time, it was different from his home and the places he’d been before and despite the fact he wasn’t meant to linger here, the Huxley found himself enjoying simply being here and couldn’t quite bring himself to move on yet.

Often others had likened him to a bard or accused him of being romantic, finding beauty in things others found trivial, enjoying simply being alone in nature than in crowd requiring engagement. He knew why he was the way he was; his mother, unable to enjoy the world, had raised him as a man who tried to enjoy it on her behalf. Life was short and sight should not be taken for granted.

Tucking in stray strands of hair pulled free by a sudden burst of wind, his hands dropped back to the crumbling stone beneath him, fingertips brushing across the surface, feeling the grains of it shift and move, a need to touch out of habit not one of actual interest, for his attention was elsewhere, cast down on the scene beneath him.

A spectacle was unfolding beneath him; a coyote he’d not so secretly been observing for a few minutes now appeared to have landed himself in a bit of a predicament with a petite wolf - the specifics of their spat escaping him for he was too far to hear what was being discussed. Meddling in the affairs of others was admittedly a bad habit of his, something he just couldn’t stop himself from doing: matchmaker, cheerleader, therapist, he played many roles in the lives of others, whether they wanted him to or not. Unable to help himself, he leaned forward, watching the two until he was sure that they appeared to be in the middle of a lovers quarrel.

No, this wouldn’t do at all, each passing second cementing that fact.

The wolf, malnourished more than petite he decided, whilst small in stature compared to the coyote, seemed to be practically throwing herself at the poor guy pleading with him - to stay? To forgive her? To be hers? Idea after idea of what their situation might be circled around his head, yet it was clear as day to him as a casual passerby that the guy did not appreciate her touching him and that his patience was wearing thin, the female growing more volatile and violent as she worked herself up.

Hopping down from his rock perch, he swaggered down the small slope towards them, putting an extra swing to his hips for show and a coy smile on his face that turned cold as he stepped up beside the male, lifting a pointed brow at the female who noticed his presence disturbingly late.

“My, is this lady bothering you,my darling?”

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my heart was flawed, i knew my weakness

There were a few things that repulsed Nazario del Bosque, and, for the most part, that list was small, and specific

The meager looking wolf was numbering high on that list, while she prattled a nonsensical case to the distrustful Cartel member - and was rapidly undoing any favor she may have gotten, which was not a deeply sympathetic pool to siphon from to begin with. It took a moment for him to drop the aggression outright from the start, once he realized that she was not, in fact, sent by the band of wolves currently biting at the coyotes' collective ankles to get them to cave.

She was, however, a threat, at various levels.

Apparently, the skinny she-wolf had come up from Searsport, chasing a fix that she'd gotten off of someone, and she just needed more, just a little more, just a taste. Nazario declined, her reaction was hardly graceful, and hands wrinkled into his serape while he backpedaled quickly as the woman flung himself to his mercy, and his feet.

Swearing, he continually tried to untangle himself from her bony fingers. The additional voice made his hackles prickle at the familiarity - not unlike something Santiago would do - but the doggish look of the hybrid put him at ease. The stranger's face was an echo of something - of someone - but he could not yet place it.

"God, yes, get her off me," he rumbled, irritated, while the she-wolf balked a moment, her own brow creased.

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Stepping in closer behind the coyote, pale eyes flicked between the two, assessing before he confirmed which side he was going to be taking. Tapping a nail upon the knuckle of one of the wolf’s bony fingers that clung to the stranger, he waited until her eyes fell upon him - surprise showing on her face as if she’d only just noticed him. The woman looked positively wrecked and clearly wasn’t in a good place in her life, something he would usually be sympathetic about. However, no matter how bad things got, this kind of behavior was harassment and just not acceptable.

“You heard him, he’s off the market, so I suggest you go sniffing elsewhere,” he wasn’t cruel, his voice almost sympathetic even; as much as the female deserved kindness, sometimes kindness was best given in the form of a kick up the butt so that the individual in question would get their life together.

Staring her down another beat, the female's eyes flicked between the two of them before she huffed, snarling and pacing a few steps away, only to turn around and glare at the coyote. If looks could kill, that one would have been deadly.

“Charming. Your taste in women is… unique,” he politely said, moving around the male and turning to face them, head tilting to the side as he watched the others face, his tail swishing softly in greeting.

“You ok?”

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