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Nyx; Travel plot

POSTED: Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:46 am

Lukos grunted, adjusting the bandage wrap across his chest, giving a disgruntled but humored grin, and nodded towards the grey crumbling ruins that rose above the decimated trees in the distance. After a day or so of traveling, they had reached the place that the old wolf had heard rumor of but never been to. The first true stop that he wished to visit on the couple's little vacation, Lukos felt that it would be appropriate to indulge in a forgotten interest that had receded from their lives after they had aged.

"Beware ye that enter." said Pita with a giddy smile, before pulling out a piece of dried meat with the intent of gnawing on it contently. Both he and Lukos were immensely enjoying this little adventure, as it had been too long that they explored ancient ruins of the past civilization. This new metropolis necropolis was one that he had known was nearby the old Anathema territory for some time, but the complications of life and parenthood back then kept him from going out to seek the ruins. But now that they were traveling for a short period of time, it was the perfect reason to seek it out and explore the depths of those tall structures.

It was good that they had stocked up on some provisions before heading out into the wilds though, especially with this being the first stop. A fair amount of the territory reeked something foul, even though the plant life here was starting to take hold again little by little. They had already crossed through the foothills on the other side of Halycon Mountain and were currently progressing through what once was a densely wooded area, but remained eerily quiet aside from the occasional rat and odd bird that was flitting to some other location it had found that brought an oasis to the dead realm. Ushering Nyx's horse that was laden with their things, he nodded to the smaller mix with a cherub face. "Well, let's press on then yeah? I'm eager to see how different this is from the others."

It was good he had some of the old life in him back.

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POSTED: Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:52 pm

The petite yet strong warlord of the old Anathema was quiet as she traversed the shoreline of the place that she once called home. It was a desolate land now, apart from the familiar smell of salt on the air, and the rhythmic beating of waves crashing on land to her right like a great heart beat, or the blood rushing in her ears in the heat of battle. To her left, the light patter of hoof beats against the ground mingled with the paw steps of the one she had chosen to spend her life alongside.

As they traveled, she found her eyes searching for familiarity, the spot along the coast where the pair would have been mated if Anathema had not fallen, the direction that the village once stood, the area of the mountains that she knew concealed the twisting caverns that howled with the wind and had sheltered their young family once upon a time. There was a warmth within her as she looked back, pondering all the warm memories that this land held for her, memories that outweighed the bad ones, but there was also the pain of loss, for what once was, was hers no more. "I-it's sad..." The white vixen voiced under her breath, eyes finding those of her mate after a moment's hesitation.

The way over the mountains was uneventful, they ran into no one, save for a stray crow or raven, another reminder of the home that used to lay there, but Nyx would find no use in dwelling on these things, and she would have plenty of time over their journey across the peninsula to ponder over such matters. On the other side of the mountains, it was obvious that this stretch of land, too, knew of the cruel and lingering touch of fire. Great scorched stumps of blackened coal jutted out between years old saplings, not too much taller than Lukos. "Were th-these the trees y-you were wanting me t-to climb next time?" The scarred fighter asked, offering her first attempt at humor since the day they had fought, though there was still a sadness lingering behind the tone of her voice.

Past what once must have been a great forest, Nyx could see the crumbling remains of great human structures a short ways off. Tan tipped ears tilted towards the grey wolf as she heard him make his comment, probably a reference to something, knowing how well versed her mate was in things of that nature, but Nyx simply shook her head and smiled, fine with leaving it be and not trying to understand him.

Walking over to Lukos, the tiny white furred thing reached up and snatched the jerky from his mouth, offering something of a coy giggle as she wrapped her own teeth around the meat, her spirits a bit lifted by the excitement he'd had displayed on his face just a moment prior. "Y-Yeah, let's go then~" She chimed, skipping along towards the towering necropolis. "D.. Do you th-think that there will be h-human things in there..?" The femme asked, her curious nature sparking up once more as she recalled the time she'd found what could only have been human bones in the back of a building in Halifax as a much younger wolf.

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