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я буду звездой

His brother was beaten by a girl, thoroughly put in his place. Temnota had expressed all of the proper sympathies to his sibling and yet, when alone, he had giggled to himself at Pushok's furious scowl.

This had been cut to a shortness when she had arrived. Temnota had not seen her in the past when Pushok claimed to have listened to her sing.

He couldn't help his tail, flying from side to side at 9 million billion miles per hour when she touched her paws to his face and called him 'such a handsome young man.' She was so pretty, So Beautiful, he could hardly stop looking at her. He could drown for Years in her eyes that made him think of the spring pools.

Temnota's breath was stolen away; She was summer. She was what had been promised to them as young boys, that the World would Explode into color and vibrancy. The darkling boy understood now.

Lucia, her name was; And her voice, like a melody in his ears.

Temnota's young heart fluttered in his chest, and he wore the stars of infatuation in his eyes for her.

He was even more fortunate, for she gifted him a song of his own. About himself. His paws tip-tapped against the ground as the excitement overcame him.

The feeling in him was so strange, a fizzing like.. something struggling to break away. Tingling in his paws, like when he slept on them strangely and they fell asleep. Her music washed over him, and he felt the strains of it in his chest, deep down.

The song ended far too soon though, and with the lacking did the tingly, fizzy feeling fade away too. Tem was left staring after her, when she had to move on, with a forlorn longing that refused to die.

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