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Trading Group 2

POSTED: Thu Jun 13, 2019 10:35 am

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Salsola was buzzing with business. Idrieus herself had her own project to focus on, but was getting a fair amount of outside help in order to get this all completed. Many members, having some spare time, had come to help her with transcribing, or to offer some materials, but it was quick to see that there would not be enough to get everything done. That had been the entire purpose of meeting with Helena, Morgana, and Clementine to put together a group that would be able to gather what items they needed.

The orange woman had come back with their group, having made arrangements with another outside the borders of Salsola, but another group would need to be sent out to gather many of the materials. Having a horse that could pull a cart sure came in handy, so it only made sense that she offer to head the second group.

The Paladin had recruited others to join her, and was pleased to see that Shaamah and Kaeli had both offered to lend their services to her. Their muscle would be good for the items they needed to bring back home. Andrew too, the Serf, had offered to come along. Though someone of his rank would probably be wise to stay home, but his expertise in his skills would do well to see if their product was worth it.

And she would be the part of their muscle.

Idrieus had gathered the apples she would need to convince Dama to pull the cart along for them, riding on the back of the horse for their journey to meet up with the trader, leaving any defense to be on their other two muscular members.

Once the items had been collected, now all that was left was to get them back to Salsola proper.

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Old grudges were put aside as sleeves were rolled up and hands got dirty with the many tasks that had been devised by the Paladin to restore the damaged Library. Both opinionated women found peace in the comfortable silences they shared whilst working on the same projects. Despite their conflictive differences they held had Salsola’s interest as their priority, in some way this united them. Neither would neglect their duties and be condemned for it because of a petty argument.

When the invitation came for another enterprise, this time beyond the confinements of their borders, Kaeli didn’t hesitate to accept. It did help to know that the mountain of a man would be joining them on their trip. He had agreed to their arrangement but his initial reluctance left her feeling dissatisfied, their courtship wasn’t over.

The signalled day she presented herself early, decked in pitch black armour and wielding her sword. She offered a brief and polite greeting to the mottled warrior, wasting no breath in unnecessary pleasantries that by now shouldn’t be expected of her character. If Idrieus had wanted to talk about the weather and partake in cheesy witticism she would have surely invited any of the young noble ladies that prowled the Ruins with haughty postures and coquettish smiles.

Silent the aged Henchwoman awaited the arrival of the rest of their party. On the canopy above three ravens cawed and hissed at each other, jumping from branch to branch in excitement, never going too far from their gilded Mistress.
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