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POSTED: Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:18 am

Happy Foundation!

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The Foundation of Del Cenere

Summer is hitting full-swing in the fledgling Gang, full of long, lazy, hot days - the evenings, though, soft and alight with firefly glow, are bustling and busy while the new pack sets to throwing down their roots. It's time to get to work!

Building Up Charmingtown

Peppered throughout Del Cenere's claim are a number of old ruins, abandoned shops, stockyards, a highway - remnants of things that had come before. Most notably, far down on the Gang's sleeve, is a cluster of shells, once-buildings of brick and stone and warping, rotten wood. Many are structurally sound, but ages of neglect mean that much of the buildings are in desperate need of some tlc!

Announcing our first Pack Project: Cleaning and Refurbishing Charmingtown! Looking for more information on how you can participate? Check out the Project Thread.

Wiki Work

A special thank you to everyone who's helped to slap up all that information on that wiki so quickly! The work is slowly chipping along, but we're that much closer to having it finished up and lovely as ever. If you haven't added your character to the directory yet - please do! Don't forget that you can contact Despi if you need a pixel made.

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