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Teme Optime is by Alaine!

Feral instinct drove the shadow prince forward, his body vibrating with carnal want. If one thought about it logically, it really wasn't his fault. In some deep, hidden way he was protecting his friendship, the girl he knew belonged to him. He could not have said when simple friendship had turned into something more, although it was never clear in his mind what that something more was. She was his and Temeraire Stormbringer had never felt so possessive over something. It made him grouchy, to see her interacting with others, laughing and joking. He couldn't deny, however, that he was happier in the Court. While he would never admit to it, he'd enjoyed the solitude the Lakes had given them, when she only had him to talk to. In some way, he needed to be needed by her, for her to depend upon him. It wasn't his fault, he didn't know how to stop these feelings.

There was only one thing he could think of that would help. Releasing some pent up sexual tension was always an option for him, but never with the one he truly wished to get rough with. His first sexual encounter had been her, her blind trust in him stripping him raw. He hadn't been able to stop himself once they'd started, but he found she didn't want him to either. In many way he was glad she couldn't see his expression, the need for more. Because they were just friends, close friends. They lived together, but they slept in separate rooms as much as they could and there was always the undercurrent of teasing that went on between them. He wouldn't change it for the world, what he had with his girl.

It also meant that she couldn't be his target of choice. He would be too rough, to needy for her. He could feel it, the desperate need to let go. And he would find it out here, in the wilderness. Most of the packs knew that their lands were surrounded by small pockets of loners- most of them were travellers and traders, spanning the entirety of Nova Scotia in a season before heading off once more. They would return, perhaps yearly, but there was always a steady stream of them. Temeraire had caught wiff of a lone female not two days ago and the sickly sweet scent had played on his mind. Finally, it had become too much and the shadow prince had slipped from the Court in the evening.

It had been easy to find her and perhaps a little too easy to strip her out of her clothes. Temeraire did not wear clothes, he found them too restricting. And with the desperate need as hard as wood between his legs, it was clear he would have been incredibly restricted in this way. Had his father been able to see him, he perhaps would have commented on how like his mother Tem was. But Saul was not here and Temeraire was sorely glad for that as he sunk forward into the hot tightness of the gypsy girl. Perhaps it helped him, her dark fur. She was a dark brown though, not the perfect black that he wished to see. Finding himself angrier and angrier, the dark male had thrown the girl around as he pleased, trying positions that kept her face away from his own.

Claws gripped the females hips, piercing the flesh as he moved with fever. She was on her hands and knees facing away from him, while he rested on his own knees. The irony of the position was not lost on him, but the whines and groans from his companion that night eradicated most coherant thoughts from his mind. He didn't have to think about the complicated tangle of feelings he had to return to and he allowed himself to get lost. In the end, he'd managed to pierce the girls hips and, upon his release, he'd clamped jaws down on her shoulder and pierced the flesh there. The scent of blood was strong in his nostrils as he stood, still panting from the exertion.

There was little left to say, expect a crooked grin and a tip of his head to the side, a silent thank you. The filthy look shot his way by the brunette beauty was lost as he turned, limbs reaching up to grab a branch overhead. Swinging himself up into the trees was cathartic and he moved with grace South towards the Court. He had no idea how long he'd been out for, but as he exited the trees to make a more visible entrance to the pack, the sky was a much lighter blue, the horizon tinged with pale pinks and oranges that hinted at rain to come later. With a deep breath, the male moved towards home, satisfied for now.

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