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POSTED: Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:56 pm

Ever since meeting the bearded stranger, with his lucky golden coin and his powerful earthen god, Percival had been feeling restless. Perhaps even a little adrift. He was finding that he thought less and less of his family's modest camp when he was away from it and more of the world beyond whenever he found himself cushioned between the brisk current of the twin tributaries within it.

The world, he was finding quickly, was filled with so very many cultures and gods and ideas yet to be discovered. And Percy wanted to devour it all: the very knowledge of the world itself.

"Goddess, you look constipated."

Surprised by the voice of anyone, let alone his rival of a sister, Percival visibly jumped and snapped his head to look at her. She was smiling that big, annoying smile controlled so well. He glowered at her. Why did everyone always think that? "Well I'm not. That's just my face."

"Oof. Must be rough having resting constipation face." Her laugh was met with curled lips.

"Whaddoyou want, Daisy?" But she only shrugged casually and flopped her shaggy body down nearby, her eyes on river. "I'm really not in th' mood right now."

She scoffed. "Are you ever?" she grumbled beneath her breath. "Anyway, I was talkin' to Pa and he said that he met someone – a tall king or someshit."

He could feel her watching him but Percy was looking fiercely out on the flowing river again.

"I guess th' dude knew about you. Pa said that he recognized th' family name an' told him that he'd met you."

The silence stretched between them.

"You ain't told us. You ain't told nobody, have you?" Daisy was watching him and Percival furrowed his brows more deeply. "Percy, c'mon. You've been actin'... weirder than usual lately, an' I thought maybe it was since you met this big lord or whatever. What's goin' on?"

"Nothing's going on," he replied automatically. But he knew Daisy wouldn't go away. She was as stubborn and obstinate as he was, which was maybe why they butted heads so often. Sucking in a steadying breath, Percival closed his eyes and released it again slowly. "High King," he said, correcting her. "His name is Iomair and he... I dunno, he just... He seems nice and his people sound interesting."

"More interestin' than ours do?"

Percival glanced at Daisy and held his gaze there a moment before he replied. "Maybe." But before he could continue, sounds distracted both of their attentions and the siblings swiveled their heads to the source.

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Wrote this in halves, ~10 hours apart, so apologies if it sucks. xD

The conversation Willow was having with Toklo was animated on both sides.

Fingers pointed and fanned and curled; hands made wide sharp movements, flinging away or circling wider than necessary; and their faces were as expressive as the rest, mouths grinning or gaping, brows quirked, eyes widening and narrowing. It wasn't entirely silent, as sometimes Toklo huffed or laughed, and sometimes Willow couldn't stop the words she was flinging around with her hands from escaping her mouth, too, but she was trying to be subtle.

Which was hard trying to explain a complex, new feeling to a young man who was still very immature in some matters.

Or so she thought, until after she made an exasperated sound and rubbed at her burning face, Toklo lolled his tongue in laughter. "I'm teasing you," he pointed. She threw him an irritated but fond look, and let him come closer to butt his head against her shoulder. She tousled his hair until he jerked away, and he attempted to fix it back into its short ponytail. Hands occupied behind his ears, he said, "If y' feel th'sway 'bout two people, 'sat mean y' still like Nalluk too?"

Willow frowned thoughtfully, then her ears twitched at the sound of voices. His tuft of a ponytail restrained, Toklo watched her face then followed curiously when she turned, the ferns along the riverbank rustling until the pair emerged to the gazes of Willow's younger siblings. The woman smiled, raising her hands.

"En't interruptin' anythin', am I? Or one o' ya need savin'?" She winked.

Toklo flashed the others a smile, but when he caught Willow's gaze, he looked knowing and patient, tapping a thumb to his forehead briefly: "I won't forget this."

Willow rolled her eyes. "You never forget anything," she signed back, and Toklo lolled his tongue again.

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Willow and Toklo appeared – Because of course they would, Percival thought with a twisting of his lips – and both of them were smiling in that happy, playful way they seemed to have about them. The young man did not return their mirth. Instead, he rolled huffed softly and glanced away with a subtle rolling of his nutmeg eyes.

Daisy jumped on the opportunity to respond. "Nah, you're just in time," she said brightly – loudly – as she glanced pointedly at Percy. "Percy an' me were jus' talkin' about... interestin' things." Her grin was almost audible. "Like high lords an' huge kings."

"Oh for the gods' sake!" Percy barked at Daisy, throwing his arms up theatrically, which only made their sister's curl in amusement. He knew that she was goading him but he always seemed to fall for it. "He's a High. King. High King. No lords, no... hugeness. Just a High King!"

Unperturbed, Daisy glanced at Willow and Toklo again, looking like a smug cat who had just caught its mouse, and shrugged. "Anyway, what're you guys up to?" She looked mischievously between the two of them before resting her mismatched eyes upon Toklo. "Any good secrets to share, Toklo?" And she wiggled her brows for good measure.

Daisy was nothing if not nosy.

However, as the annoyance settled within him and Percival managed to center himself again, just like Keabetswe had taught him, he found that he, too, was curious about the answer. It had been some time since he had last spent any length of time with either Willow or Toklo and, though he chalked that up to his own exploration and adventures, he found himself wondering if either of them had had anything worthwhile to share with them also.

"Or non-secrets?" he added with a glare at Daisy.

OOC: Willow and Toklo are precious and I love them 5eva <3333

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