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OOC: Prompt: Obtain or create something to record Salsola's history. Help Idrieus bind together the new history book and add onto current events. Backdated? +200 words.

Many of the books had already been rewritten and rebound with outside help from the members of the kingdom. It would have been rough for the Paladin to have taken on all this work on her own. In the time since the binding of the books, she had taken to the new shelves, much of their construction having been the work of herself and Kaeli. They had been constructed near or in their proper rooms for ease of moving the final pieces around.

All that had been left then was to refill them.

The dog woman had begun to place many of the books, most of them already having been sorted into piles depending on their subject or what the type of book or written material was. Many of the maps that had been made by other members had been kept to one spot, just as any journals or personal works were kept together.

As a fair amount of the piles became smaller, light blue gaze moved back over to the table that had been moved into the room. There was a particular stack that had still yet to be rebound, and it was quite possibly one of the most important pieces in her collection. Salsola's history.

The old book had been damaged, and she had sought to revive this piece like all the others. One thing had drawn her to this. With how biased the kingdom had become, there was no telling what one might write in this book to skew the truth. Better this stay in her hands than anyone else. A focused mind would not let petty things get in the way of sharing with all the kingdom what was really going on.

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