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Optime | The Ruins (Helena’s home) | Backdated: May 23rd; midday | NPC: Walnut (+305)

Set the day after this thread.

After the meeting, Kamari had spent the rest of the day compiling information into her journal of notes regarding the Sanctum murders. There were still too many questions that were left unanswered than she would have liked, and the longer the days, weeks, and months drew on, the less and less likely it felt that they would ever find Crone Loki’s killer. Many—Kamari included—had come to the conclusion that the killer was not Salsolan, and the odds of a Loner sticking around after such a stunt were not likely if they had any ounce of intelligence to them.

The following morning, the Shadow had prepared a saddlebag across her mule, Walnut’s, back. It was filled with a few furs from more recent hunts. The furs felt so simple on their own, but, Kamari felt that any other gift might have been useless or wasted. She set out from her home, walking the mule through the Ruins, weaving in and around the ancient rubble and homes of the other denizens of the Kingdom. Eventually, she found herself before a familiar tower belonging to the Quartermaster.

Kamari retrieved her gifts from Walnut’s bags and gave him a simple command to ensure he would not wander. Making her way up to the door, she rapped upon it with the back of her hand. “Inquisitor Helena?” She had questions regarding some curious information the Quartermaster had revealed the day before, questions that only the well-networked tradeswoman could answer. “I brought you some furs for the children.” Though it was the truth—the furs had been for her newest brood—the introduction was only a guise to discourage any unwanted ears from lingering.

She shifted the weight across her arms, patiently waiting for Helena or perhaps one of her children to answer the door.

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A burned coyote was, quite frankly, on the low end of the scale that was her concern.

Her appreciation for being roused from bed was limited, especially considering the sickly child she nursed with tender care. She allowed herself a later rise from slumber this morning, to compensate for the prior morning. With an ill son, all the children slept with her, and it was a great length of time that she stayed awake watching over them.

All three were paler reiterations of herself, and this she enjoyed a great deal. It spoke to the strength of her blood, and provided them with a camouflage of sorts; they did not resemble much the sires who had granted them life and she both found relief but also loathing at this occurrence.

With an arranged meeting swiftly approaching however, there was not as much time as she wished to simply lay about and stare at their still, sleeping forms.

Earlier than she anticipated, Kamari knocked upon her door, or perhaps Helena was later in getting herself up and about than her usual. The Quartermaster was less than composed as she answered the door, wearing only a thin house robe and still appearing considerably sleep ruffled. Rufus was tucked into her arm, held close to her chest, and he made a sad sniffly noise, peering out at the Emissary with Helena's own dark red eyes.

"Ahh, zhank you -- zhis is most kind of you. Come in, come in -- please, do not mind zhe mess." For a singular surprising turn of events, her usually excessively neat and tidy home lacked some of the organization that it regularly held.

Feu came darting in from the other room, meowing questioningly at her mistress. The fiery queen could not speak the canine high speech but she understood it very well, enough to follow orders and slink about at Helena's direction.

Helena smiled and shifted the young boy to her other arm; and invited the fellow Inquisitor inside, closing the door behind her. The traditional cheek kiss was exchanged between the two women.

Pontifex and Eusebia paused in their playing to peer with wide eyes at the Kaiser woman.

"Please sit down.."She addressed to Kamari, gesturing with free hand to the table and chairs and then turned to the two young girls, "Eusebia, Pontifex, zhis is Inquisitor Kaiser."

Eusebia was the first to overcome her hesitancy with a wag of stubby tail, and a small piping 'Allo', that hid the strength of lungs that Helena knew she possessed. Pontifex continued to stare warily, and drifted closer to her mother.

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