A Thousand Julys

POSTED: Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:39 pm

The summer heat had caused her to do her best attempts at a braid, lifting her raspberry hair from her shoulders and spiraling it on the top of her scalp informally. She was no expert at the ministrations, so bits of red poked unceremoniously out, and the overall effect was ‘charmingly inept,’ but it served its purpose: it kept her cooler. Working in the gardens, there was an occasional breeze that whipped and winded through the greenery she tended to, soothing her skin like a balm. Each time it came she lifted her pale head and closed her eyes to enjoy it, letting it ease the tension lines in her countenance. There were many of them now, where the muscles drew tight enough to give her headaches, settling her lips into a permanent frown. Nevertheless, when she looked to the chubby gray cat resting in the shadows of a nearby bush, it did ease dramatically. Felix was as carefree as ever, his happiness growing exponentially with each ounce he added to his belly. She had worried that he would miss Tali, but it seemed the only thing the tabbycat truly ever missed was a nap and a meal. Otherwise he was perfectly content to shadow her about her pursuits.

If she could find Symre again, she would have to thank her. The feline had been a significant boon to her misery.

A cloud saw fit to veil the strength of the sun, and Theodora sighed, bringing one dirty hand to her shoulder to rub a bit of cramping away. A bath would definitely be in order, and though she had intentionally worn her patchwork dress, it still needed to be washed. Clumps of dirt and plant debris clung to its hem, and though she appeared quite uncivilized, she only matched the rest of Casa’s hardworking gardeners at the time. “Felix, would you like a break?” Her quiet voice seemed heavy in the humidity, but the cat’s green eyes swung to her excitedly at the sound of it, a yawning meow ringing out.

Hoping for Theo to either make a new Casa friend or strengthen an existing relationship!! WC: 342

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я буду звездой

Tem still couldn't believe that summer wasn't all just a big joke played on himself and Pushok, it was really here! He couldn't get enough of the smells and the color that splashed everywhere! It was amazing and with each day that passed him by, more and more flowers opened their vibrant heads to face the sunshine. The woman, Lucia, had told him that when the petals fell the flowers would make seeds that he could save and plant for the next year and make even more flowers, and wasn't that amazing!

He liked to walk around the gardens, and pretend he was a giant walking through a land of smaller creatures. Frogs and lizards and little mice that scurried away hurriedly as he came by, no matter how much he tried to coerce them closer. It had not yet occurred to Temnota to pick the flowers and keep them closer to himself but rest assured, soon this idea would come to him.

Today there was another here though, with a grey kitty cat! Temnota liked to pet Honrin's small kitty, for as long as the little queen would let him. The Hushhowl boy knew who she was but he'd yet to speak to her.

Surprisingly suddenly shy, Temnota paused, and looked at her with wide, bright eyes. He twisted his long hair in his hands, -he still couldn't believe he had hands!!-, and then gave her a tiny wave when she looked up at him. Surrounded by the flowers and the greenery she looked very pretty, almost as pretty as Naya did with her big, round belly.

He swallowed his thick tongue and wondered curiously why his heart beat faster.

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