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The first time Andrew has smelled Henchman Till upon his family's servant, his suspicions were immediately aroused. Andrew was not a paranoid man, no -- yet he approached this affront with an air of caution. For Andrew knew Henchman Till. He knew he would attack the weakest link, Alejandra, to chip away at the Greygrief name in retaliation. It was too early to invite disaster into their fledgling household, not before they had made their proper mark on Salsolan history. This would need to be handled quickly.

He'd watched her patterns change, subtle and discreet. She sneaked away and sowed garments for the unnamed. Andrew had hoped her interaction with the Henchman had been simply in pass, yet his observations told him otherwise. He had eyes on the entirety of the Greygrief household. Lord Greygrief saw all.

After all, Salsola was a den of vipers. Everyone was a snake, himself included. Knowledge was power. Information was warfare. Andrew would not allow his servant to let the Greygrief family secrets slip to bad faith actors.

He discussed the risk she posed, this breach of trust, with Narcissa at length. She practically foamed at the mouth with anger, perhaps more so than Andrew himself. Yet, Andrew assured his wife that he would deal with their wayward servant when she returned. He was the hammer and she the errant nail.

It was dark. The only light in the cabin came from the crackling hearth.

Sitting by the fire in a chair with his back to the door, Andrew was alone in their cabin. While waiting for the servant to return, he leaned over the flames and turned a hooked, silver blade over the fire with a gloved hand. A knife, good for taking tongues. The silence was sweet.

If he could not have respect, he would choose fear.

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