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Feral Herd Round-Up

POSTED: Thu Aug 15, 2019 7:05 pm

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He'd risen before the dawn with his crew, and tacked the horses as he'd beared witness to a number of times before. As the sun crested the horizon, they were off. The rides were long, made the group saddle-sore, as they trod along, pacing themselves through mountain passages, through woodlands and plains, down to the derelict claims far to the south and out on the peninsula.

Within a few days' time, they'd come to the floodplains, and Nazario breathed deep, steeling himself against the memories that still stung - they had lessened with age, surely - the smell of Inferni had long since faded, but the history remained. In the distance, he could see them, a dark roving line through the reedy grasses.

The herd still lingered. Heads were lifted, and turned the coyotes' way.

"We all ready?" Nazario asked, settled onto the borrowed Friday's back, the dark bay stallion distributing weight beneath the Rey Salvaje's perch, and snorting a great, billowing breath. "We'll gather 'em up, and drive 'em north. Keep within earshot, and formation tight - we don't want no stragglers."

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Summer was in full swing. The ride over had been filled with flies trying to bite at her pelt, and she found herself and her steed constantly flicking them away. Tamara had a scowl etched on her face most of the way back to the old coyote territories, but the flies did nothing to diminish her excitement about the round-up.

The golden stallion stirred beneath her. She watched from where she was seated on his back, listening carefully to the Rey Salvaje's words. Horses from the scorched pack lingered in the fields, and she watched them carefully. Tamara had told herself that this excursion was an opportunity to prove herself that she couldn't pass up. Her occasional disappearances back to Portland, she felt, put a damper on the trust that the pack could put in her. Above all, she desperately wanted to be useful to them.

Tamara gave him a nod, looking back to the horses. She was more than ready to do something to show her worth to the Gang.
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POSTED: Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:07 pm

OOC: yeehaw! WC: 366

As much as he was enjoying building a permanent home, Auger missed traveling. He knew that Notch was feeling the same, so it was nice to be able to get out on horseback again without the intention of returning home the same night. As much as Notch liked fancy things, Auger knew that he also liked sleeping under the stars or in a tent. For his own part, Auger did not really care where they slept as long as Notch was cuddled against his side.

Monte was holding up well, used to traveling like this, and Loom seemed to be doing alright, too. Each horse was checked over when they stopped riding for the day and again in the morning for any sores that might prevent the saddles from going back on. Thankfully things had been uneventful.

Their destination was not a place they had been before, although he gathered that a few of their pack mates used to live here, which he supposed was how they knew that the horses would be here. It would be nice to get their hands on horses that were broken in, although he figured they would probably have gone a little wild again without any care or training. Notch was wiggling in his saddle a little when they finally arrived, eager to set his eyes on the new horses, and soon enough they did.

Auger tugged gently on Monte's reins to get him to stop, and Notch pulled Loom up next to him. Auger scanned the animals, searching for injuries or signs of illness, and the horses seemed healthy enough, all things considered. When they caught them, they could do a closer check. Both he and Notch turned their attention to Nazario when he spoke.

"Sounds good," Auger said with a nod. Notch nodded as well in response to Nazario's plan. It was pretty straightforward, so hopefully all would go well. He nudged Monte's sides to get him moving again with Notch and Loom keeping up with the pace. He angled his horse as he went so that if the herd started moving, they would be most likely to go North like Nazario wanted them to.
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