[NEWS] September 2019

POSTED: Mon Sep 02, 2019 8:22 pm

Monthly Spotlights

Spotlight Soul

Our Spotlight Soul this month is Alejandra Sanctus (veldt). Alejandra has been a busy slave servant of the Greygrief House since her unfortunate arrival to the Thistle Kingdom, where she was spared her life, but at the cost of her freedom. Having come from an old enemy of Salsola, Alejandra has done her best to keep her Boreas ties a secret from her fellow Salsolans, however, her romantic and secret involvement with the House's enemy, Till, might do her in all the same if she is discovered! She's not satisfied with her life beneath another's rule, but she best be careful with how she rebels against her masters! In Salsola, the payment can be steep!

Community Soul

A constant presence around the forum, Dale has once again become our Community Soul! Always up for helping players brainstorm new ideas or characters, Dale has further aided others by providing both character designs and a really neat Character Quickstart Generator. Keep it up, Dale!

Soldier of Love

We can hardly believe it, but the ever-consistent veldt is our SoL! This month's avatar prize is being provided by Mandi. Please remember to send a PM to claim your prize within five (5) days!

Featured Pack Adoptable

Tletica Lykoi is a member of old Inferni. A shaman, deeply entrenched in spirituality, she fought in defense of her clan in the Inferni/Salsola War, but was ultimately responsible for her brother's death in the unfortunate culmination of his dark prophesy. After Inferni disbanded, she opted to leave the remaining coyotes behind, following Diego del Bosque back south to Ceniza Valley -- with intentions of possibly traveling to Eterne as her father had wished, but not all plans come to fruition...

News & Updates

New Caldeonia is forged!

A new pack has arrived on the scene, collecting locals and new arrivals alike in its midst. Check their details in the Active Pack Summary and Game Stats!

'Souls Assemblage
The Few, The Proud
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage