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WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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When the morning came there were no loving words whispered under the sheets nor longing touches stolen as lovers were forced apart by duty and a rising sun. There was only silence, soothing and familiar as the giants left their home, each in turn. The golden matriarch lingered a moment longer as she had a bath prepared to wash away the sexual musk that clung to her fur. Propriety demanded subtleness from her, forbidding her desire to wear the aftermath of their breeding as if it were perfume. She was forced to be content with the claim she had over her mate through law and title, and not through the old traditions where scent and body language were involved.

Thoroughly cleansed she donned undergarments and armour, jewellery and weapons. Dressed for duty she left her home and joined a world just barely waking up, with shadows still clinging to the trees and a frigid mist cloaking the paths.

She arrived at the meeting point early as was her habit, and chose to preoccupy herself with the assessment of her blade’s condition while she awaited the arrival of her patron. The sword’s edge glistened in the soft golden light. With expertise the veteran turned it this way and that to find even the most subtle imperfections, notches and scratches. A minor indentation caught her eye, something minuscule that shouldn’t affect the weapon’s performance too terribly, but ever the perfectionist Kaeli procured a whetstone from her bag and promptly began erasing the offending flaw.
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Eden had been outside the kingdom before, so now that he had gotten a taste of what it was like beyond the borders of Salsola, he wanted to venture back again. This time around though, he was trying his best to think smarter about his approach. For his first time out, he had gotten very lucky when it came to the Outsider he was talking to. The woman wasn't really of much of a threat to him...

But that didn't mean there weren't things lying in the shadows waiting for him.

Not having any set skills in combat, it would be for the best that he brought someone along with him this time, someone that would be able to protect him in the event that something bad did happen. He couldn't imagine what his Dad and Papa would think about him if he were to come home injured because he didn't prepare himself before leaving Salsola.

The boy had sought out the Blacksun woman, knowing that not only was she a veteran to Salsola, but a strong warrior. Many of those in the faction tiers were busy being a part of the Inquisition, so it would be better to find someone that was on level with their skills, but was not one that held the faction tier rank herself. Kaeli was the best one to fit that bill.

Eden woke in his tower, eyes peering outside as the sun began to crawl into the sky. He knew that she was likely to be the first one there, and waiting for him. It would be best on him that he didn't do anything that would make her wait longer than she needed to. A smile curled along his face as he hopped out of bed, got dressed, and was out of the door. He soon arrived to the meeting place, his pink gaze landing on the Blacksun woman. He offered a wave as he padded closer, "Thank you for agreeing to come with me Henchman. I promise, we won't be out for too long."

His smile grew, pacing a few steps ahead of her, "We'll get the herbs and then come right back here."

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