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Optime | The Ruins (Helena’s tower); mid-morning (+361)

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It had been decided that another survey was in order. About a month or so before, Symre had casually spoken to the Shadow about her encounter with a particular group of coyote-hybrids, and the discovery of this new pack brought concern to Kamari, particularly if they were built from the ashes of old Inferni. There were few that could boldly claim that they knew what a Salsolan looked like—or, at least, some of them—and the fact that this new pack was not an ally of the Kingdom did not bode well with the Emissary. The could grow to be a threat if the Kingdom was not careful.

Kamari had already gathered a few provisions and other travel needs for the trek to where Symre and Torin had supposedly found the newfound coyote clan, but, there were a few things she still needed to do before she and the Director headed out.

Down to the western tip of the Ruins, she’d gone, her feet light and her movements fleeting as she moved about like the shadow that she was. It didn’t take her long to find her destination; the western watchtower, a familiar sight since the days of her youth. She sniffed the air, testing and searching for the scent of the Quartermaster. It seemed she was in luck, the French woman was home.

She moved to the door and knocked, and was greeted promptly by Helena. Once welcomed in, they exchanged pleasantries, speaking lightly on the Quartermaster’s youngest children, particularly Pontifex, who had shifted early. Already, the girl looked as if she might take after her mother’s beauty, and she had a soft nature to her that could have rivaled Victoire or Embla.

Business, actually, Kamari replied in French when the question came about her reason for being there that morning. You have quite a few connections beyond the Kingdom, and I was wondering if any of them knew about a new pack up northwest of the Kingdom; around the Burnt Church Mountains? Kamari took a lap at her tea. I heard from a bird that they’re heavily coyote-blooded. Possibly from Inferni.

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