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POSTED: Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:35 pm

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'This one looks okay.' Dan sounded out, his voice muffled from the thick layer of dirt and turf that covered his head. Squinting into the darkness, he estimated that it was roughly big enough for the pair of them to happily live in.

There was a scoff from behind him and, having expected it, the teal eyed boy scuttled out like a large, scruffy rat, a scowl plastered on his face. 'What?!'

'The entrance isn't covered, stupid... We're gonna get wet come winter.' Caspar argued, gesturing with his ginger snout.

'So? We'll get Brom or Sedona to build a door.' Daniel countered sharply.

'Everyone's busy building the paper mill, where are they gonna find the time to build you a stupid door?'

'Build us a stupid door.' the younger brother corrected, turning his gaze from his brother back to the entrance of the den and then back again. He had to admit that Caspar had a point, they really couldn't expect people to take time out of their already busy schedules to build something for two young boys that weren't even really helping out with the paper mill to begin with. After some consideration, Daniel spoke up, 'I'll build one myself.'

'Christ, no. No one's stupid enough to let you borrow their tools. You'll cut your arm off or something daft like that.'

And so, another childish squabbled erupted between the brothers.

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