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POSTED: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:50 pm

Pim had been clingier than usual of late and, feeling sorry for him, Percival had let the trusty old ox follow him away from Rhovanion towards the Lowlands. They kept an easy pace, happy in the company of one another despite the young man's goal. It felt like the old days, in those happier times after things had gotten a little better, when Pim had become one of his only constants. They had relied on one another then and both of them had been stronger for it.

But life in New Caledonia was an adjustment, and it seemed that the long-horned bovine was struggling just a little harder with that than Percy was.

Guiding the ox through the grasses that sprawled, virgin and green, through and around the gently rolling hills that he had come to call Lebannin, Percival sought out the section of river where he had situated the weir. Fish traps such as these had not been particularly common in Krokar, but they had been used on occasion and he remembered talk of their construct from his life growing up in a pack that had prided itself in its fishing prowess.

The idea itself was simple enough: using poles to create a funnel-like shape within the river and netting to keep the fish from swimming further, the current of the river would trap them between the thongs of poles upstream and the netting downstream and allow the trapper to collect their catch whenever time allowed. As far as Percival was concerned, it was fool-proof, and he had high expectations for the yield his construct would provide him.

Wooden poles poked above a gently meandering river and the bearded Parhelion spied them with relief, scratching Pim's cheek cheerily as he adjusted course and made a beeline toward it. With an almost giddy sense of anticipation, he hoped that the netting would be enough to carry the significant amount of fish he was certain to have caught. What a shame it would be, he thought as the smell of the river intensified, to have to let some go because he couldn't contain them all!

Letting Pim go to graze, Percival started hopefully toward the weir.

OOC: for Piscator! Check on some of the nets or the traps that you set earlier to see if anything has fallen for the bait!

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