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POSTED: Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:08 am

Afternoon, Oct 31 (before the Winternights ceremony). Coli is in Optime, with her three lil puppies running around. :3

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It was a cool afternoon, grey clouds stretching endlessly above them and obscuring the sun. Coli yawned, ears falling back as she blinked the bleariness from her eyes. She was getting quite worn out chasing after the puppies, as they had so much energy and wanted to explore everything their bright little eyes took in. She didn't want to restrict them to the house, it didn't seem fair, but it was taking a great deal of effort to keep track of the trio. At six weeks of age, their babbling vocalizations were nearly comprehensible, although Coli suspected she might be the only one to actually understand what they were trying to say. Sometimes they listened to her verbal commands, but mostly she had to physically step in and show them what was wrong, what was dangerous, what they should not be doing to each other.

Today they were at the outskirts of Jordheim, making a little expedition through the forest. Most of their trees were evergreen, as the overwhelming scent of pine needles told anyone traveling nearby, but there were enough red oak, white walnut, and black ash to create the blazing display of autumn colors around them. The three pups tumbled through the carpet of crispy fallen leaves, playful growls rending the air as they snapped at the colorful things around them. Their Frithr pendants dangled loosely around their throats, already riddled with tooth marks from various games. "Mai givver lee fii mai," Farina squalled, tackling Florina and gnawing fiercely on the pale girl's ear. Florina hiccuped and began to giggle, kicking her paws up in the air and rolling with her sister. "Faa nowan seeee!" piped her squeaky voice in response. Coli watched carefully, blue eyes concerned as always that they could be playing too rough. They seemed quite resilient, though, Flor in particular had never once cried about the scrapes and bruises she accumulated. They were so fearless. Maybe all children were at that age, before they learned what was out there.

A small touch at Coli's side caused her to turn, noticing the form of her smallest daughter huddled against her legs. She scooped Fiora up in her arms without hesitation, cradling the fluffy wolfdog close to her chest. Fiora didn't like to roughhouse with her sisters or her cousins, Saul and Lilin's brood. Coli liked that about her especially, and had never discouraged the shy child from shadowing her and staying close by. Perhaps she should be encouraging her daughter to overcome her reticence, but it was endearing. Besides, her maternal side urged her to shamelessly kiss and cuddle and lavish affection on Fio, something her two sisters openly rejected in favor of play and exploration. Coli nuzzled the baby in her arms, and was rewarded with a happy coo.

It was then she heard a chorus of puppy growls and yips, and the noisy rustling of their clumsy bodies dashing helter-skelter through the leaves. "Erm -- wait, don't chase that--!" Coli called halfheartedly, noticing the small sparrow bird that had alighted on the ground nearby. The two puppies charged recklessly at it, and with a startled chirp and a flurry of feathers, it took off again. Flor sat down with a bump, staring over her head with her mouth open as the bird disappeared. Fari was digging furiously at the leaves where the sparrow had been, as though hoping to uncover where it went. Fiora was burying her little face in her mother's mane, startled by the bird's sudden movement. Coli smiled weakly as she stroked Fio's head, merely glad the bird had not decided to defend itself. Perhaps they could have a rudimentary hunting lesson today, teach the girls to sneak up on things... although that would make it more difficult to keep track of them.

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Bran, the caramel and honey pelted Stormbringer, jogged slowly back toward his home. He’d had a successful hunt and the small buck was slung over his shoulder, recipes for casseroles and stews spinning around his mind, mind you, he still preferred to eat the internal organs raw, one of the best cure for a hangover he’d ever found, was incredible, and why spoil the flavour of a liver by cooking it. The blanket of cloud kept the pack lands’ warm, not that Bran minded the cold, thanks to his mum his own fur was thick enough to stand the harshest of winters. It was only after a bird of indeterminate sped past his head that Bran tasted the yips of the puppies, each young thing had a different one and the mixture of tastes would eventually become overwhelming, but for now it was endearing, and Bran loved family, besides what sort of a pack mate would he be if he didn’t stop by and say hello.

Drawing nearer he watched the cubs, who ignore him, so engrossed in their own game were they, but Bran’s crooked smile appeared quickly on his face as he waved to Colibri. The older female looks so comfortable with a child in her arms, and while the stumpier tail had been a shock at first, Bran found that he barely noticed it now.

”Hey Darlin’”

He said, his Irish accent clear in his good natured tones. The sound of the playing cubs was distracting, sending his tastes buds flaring as they were, but the small thing that Colibri held in her arms was quiet, a blessed relief. Bran was great with kids, perhaps because he still acted like one most of the time, but he still sort of saw them as a side effect of being stupid in love, would certainly cramp his style. The caramel coloured male was positive that most of the pack knew that he could often be a good playmate for cubs, but pretty useless when it came to actually being a babysitter.

”How are you all doing? This little thing not feeling up to a wrestle.”

He leaned forward and whispered to the figure in her mother’s arms.

”Probably just as well, you don’t want to beat them all and make them look stupid, we all know who the toughest one is don’t we?”

He winked roguishly, before looking back at Colibri again.

”Enjoying an afternoon of taking the kids out then?”

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Eeee thanks for threading with me~~ <3!

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She smiled wearily when she heard the crunching of leaves and pine needles underfoot, coupled with the cheerful brogue greeting. All three of her daughters paused when they heard his voice, watching curiously with tilted heads as the male sauntered over with his familiar crooked grin. The Irish brothers had been a bit scarce around Jordheim of late, and she assumed it was a result of the birth of Niernan's pups by Grace. Coli herself wanted to pitch in and help, but had her hands full. No doubt those little ones were just as time consuming as her own, perhaps even more so given how mischievous their family could be. Things were certainly exciting around Vinátta with all these Aeska underfoot.

"Bran, good to see you! We're all doing well... tired, but well. Congratulations on the hunt," she added, eying the buck slung easily over the Stormbringer's shoulder. He stood a good head and shoulders taller than her, and his wiry strength was clearly evident. Coli had to admit that she was more comfortable around his brother, Niernan, but it was simply because her shy and reserved nature had difficulty relating to his bold, flirty brand of friendliness. She knew he never meant her any harm, but sometimes she got flustered anyway by the pet names. She smiled meekly, blue eyes meeting dark chocolate-brown as he drew nearer.

As Bran addressed the little one in her arms, Coli tickled Fiora's chin with a finger, encouraging the pup to meet her "uncle" Bran face to face. The fluffy wolfdog peered up at her packmate, blue eyes wide as saucers. Her mouth formed an "o" of surprise, but she said nothing, floppy ears perked forward as she listened to his lilting accent. It was then her larger sisters came charging forward through the dry leaves, tails wagging in excited circles as they scrambled to reach Bran's footpaws first. Coli shuffled back a few paces, glancing at him wryly. "I'm trying to get them to use up all their energy before naptime. Seems like they'd like a wrestle with you. Careful, they're not afraid to use teeth." Farina in particular could be very wild during playtime, as she was the largest and she had learned she could get her way by throwing her weight around. Coli did worry she did not have enough control over them, since they never listened. Hopefully it was just a phase.

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OOC: NP, a complete pleasure. I hope you don’t mind the cub PP, wasn’t sure how to play with otherwise, if it is too much then let me know and I’m more than happy to re-write.


Bran winked at the small thing in her mum’s arms, kids were cute it was true, but he liked the idea that they were someone else’s responsibility, he could enjoy the good bits and leave the sleepless nights. Bran chuckled at her words a Colibri spoke to him.

”Looks like you’re tired, but the kids are still raring to go, mind you I often carry a little something to sooth the ravening beast.”

His smile became enigmatic and he shrugged off the buck, hanging it from a branch, which for him was low, but would make sure the carcass stayed out of little mouths.

”Think I’ll make a casserole, I’m very domestic these days, quite welcome to try it out, I warn you though, not great at it yet.”

He felt the barrelling cubs collide against him, but Bran had been taught by his uncle Emeris in the noble art of boxing, his foundation was strong, if he did not wish to be moved, he was similar to a tree trunk. He looked down to see the larger cubs expression of consternation that he hadn’t been bowled over and looked back up to his mum. In the moment he wasn’t looking each small thing wrapped itself around a limb.

”Uhhh….I seem to’ve got hold of your kids, I am sorry it’s pretty careless of me really.”

He said walking away from Colibri with the heavy gait of one carrying an unfamiliar weight, but still unstoppable nevertheless, he heard squeals of delight coming from his legs as he walked. The proximity of the cubs and the barrage of sour, sweet, bitter and salty tastes as they yipped and squealed made him pause for a moment, his senses a little overwhelmed, it was only a moment though and then he continued, reaching the tree he had been aiming for and plucking something from it quickly and palming something before anyone could see what it might be.

”Ouch, he, no biting, or I won’t play with you anymore?”

He said looking down at one of the faces, their names were still jumbled in his mind, so he wasn’t sure who he was speaking to, but he did his impression of a firm voice. He looked a little shocked at himself, and called over Colibri.

”You’re kids are turning me into Nierran, and he’s the dull one out of the two off us.”

He walked back towards the female who still held one of her children. To Bran all women were beautiful, but some suited motherhood more than others, Colibri was one of the leaders of Vinatta and partly responsible for its members, having her own kids seemed to present no adjustment, other than the fact that Bran was unlikely to need picking up and putting to bed, not unless it had been a really good night anyway. She suited her roll and Bran was glad, as he often had been, that Nierran and himself had come here.

”Ouch! Right okay, I warned you.”

He said and plucked one of the cubs easily from his leg, holding her by the nape of the neck, like he remember his uncle doing and drew her up to his eye line.

”Me and your sisters are going to have a game, but I don’t want to play with you anymore.”

That’s all he said, and then he put her down on the ground, his smile came back, but every time the naughty thing tried to get back onto the leg, she wasn’t able to and Bran didn’t react to the squalling, although the taste was pretty awful.

Surreptitiously Bran looked at Colibri, he was no father, he had acted in a non-violent, adult way, he would forgive the cub, but he wasn’t going to include her for a while. Was this a legitimate parenting skill? Bran wasn’t sure, but like so many things, he did it anyway, however confirmation that it was okay from their mother might mean he was doing something right.

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