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Phoenix Whitesage
for falcon! forward-dated to sometime in early november, it can be whenever works best for you <3 [+300]

Phoenix always felt his best early in the morning.

Now, waking up was not exactly his favorite part, but once he rolled out of bed, he felt right as rain. There was something special about the virgin sunlight spilling onto his shaggy fur, the gentle chittering of the birds in the treetops, the cool, refreshing dew tickling between his toes... If I could play guitar like Sedona I'd write a song about that. Reckon I could write a song anyway, though, just to say I did it.

He grabbed a bite for breakfast before shouting goodbyes to his sister from across her house and bouncing outside, a pep in his step as he made his way to the stables to see his boy.

Tohopka, meanwhile, was not a morning person.

Once the coymutt entered the stables he was not really surprised to find the stallion there waiting for him, muttering his misgivings in Low Speech and throwing his head in a distinct pout. He was hungry, he said, he was thirsty and he was tired. "You sure do complain a whole lot," Nick chuckled, grabbing hold of Toh's reins and leading him out into the open so he would stop wallowing.

And stop wallowing he did; as soon as he was on the soft grass, he sniffed at the ground a bit before buckling his legs and rolling onto his back.

"I — What the hell are y'doin', Toh?" The cowboy stared with a stupid grin on his face as the black horse flipped this way and that before getting back to his feet.

It was stretching, the horse replied in his lower tongue. But that only served to further Phoenix's giggles. "Yeah, alright, whatever you say. I thought you were havin' a breakdown or somethin'." Clicking his tongue, he coaxed Toh into following him outside of the stables with the promise of visiting Hopi, Sedona's mare — and Toh's little girlfriend, or so the mustang thought.

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OOC :: Foredated to November 7th.
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Falcon grunted as she lifted a bundle of apple branches onto her bare shoulder. The wood smelled sweet where it had split from the tree, and its bark was damp from the rain; once it dried out, it would make fantastic firewood. The thought of burning it through the long, cold winter almost lifted her spirits—almost.

With Ezra’s papermill completed, and her packmates busy with their own lives, the Elkenfrey struggled to distract herself. It’s not like she didn’t have enough to do, far from it in fact; she just didn’t have anyone to do it with. For the first time in days, none of her packmates seemed to need her help. Falcon had plenty of pleasant conversations since she’d woken up that morning, but only one had steered her in the direction of work.

Well two, technically; most of the firewood was for Ezra, but she’d drop off the sturdier, more carvable branches with James. She always liked to kill two birds with one stone.

Falcon spotted Phoenix in the distance, his hair mussed and his smile easy, as he led his horse away from the stables. She wracked her brain to remember the animal’s name, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t Hopi because Hopi was Sedona’s horse. Maybe it started with a “T?” Falcon supposed it didn’t matter; she could always ask him.

”Hey Phoenix!” she called out, waving to the man with her free hand, ”How’s Sedona doing?” They’d gone from working together at the papermill site—which now seemed to tower over the orchard—to fretting over Sedona as she recovered from her injuries. She saw Phoenix more often than Sineria, and she couldn’t exactly barge into their house every day. Every other day, maybe, but not every day.

Note: Falcon uses he/him pronouns publicly (i.e. to most packmates, acquaintances, and strangers) and she/her pronouns privately (i.e. to specific, close friends).
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