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AW+ | Lochan Glas | The Mists event - come bark at idols!

POSTED: Wed Oct 02, 2019 2:57 pm

OOC: for clarity: the idols aren't actually moving on their own. It's just Arran and Rhavan being freaked out, lol. WC: 366

Weird things had been happening recently. Other than the blood in City Square with Vodeva's disappearance, Arran had yet to experience much of it himself, although there was also this weird dense fog in the mornings. He had also heard whispers of what people saw. And in the case of his Gramma, shouts.

Arran took off running towards a nearby pond, Lochan Glas, when he heard his Rhavan barking. It sounded like scared barks, and he could only imagine what she might have come across. What if it was more blood? What if whatever happened to Vodeva was happening to her, too? He rounded tree and saw her barking at something on the ground near the pond.

"What's wrong?!" Arran shouted as he got close to her. Her ears were pulled back as she continued to bark at whatever was on the ground, bouncing backwards a few steps with the force of her barks. Then Arran saw them. There were little... things made up of a bundle of grass, tied together with a long piece of grass. Each one had a tiny bird skull attached to the top.

His ruff stood on end and Arran barked, too: long, rolling woofs. His 'big voice' as it had been called from time to time. It was the voice that carried over the pastures their sheep lived in at their old home, and filtered easily through the trees here.

"What are those?!" Arran barked.

"I don't know!" Rhavan answered, her barks still mixed with his.

"I don't like them!"

"Me either!"

Then for a moment, they were both quiet. Arran lowered his head and inched forward. His fur still rose in a line down his back as he tried to sniff one of the idols. Then there was a breeze and he swore the nearest, biggest idol moved.

"Did... did that just move?" Arran asked, frozen in place.

"I think it did," Rhavan answered. Then the barking started up again and he bounced backwards, fur standing up even more than it had before.

"It moved! It moved! How did it move?!" Arran's barks turned to snarls as he tried to scare off the idols.
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POSTED: Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:55 pm

[356] • Athras is in lupus!

Nestled among the leaf litter, leaves falling floating down in a gentle flurry upon his forest shadow form the Regent lay. His chest rose and fell with deep dreamy breaths, the smokey lids of his eyes fluttering softly. Birds were calling in the canopy above, bobbing and hopping from branch to branch as fog rolled low and ominous below the cloudy autumn sky. But the Lord lay unbothered, warmed by the freshly dug earth beneath him and ever growing blanket of leaves that settled over his soft feathery fur. At least, for now.

Shrill-voiced shouting and interspersed barks startled him awake, and with a jolt the half-shadow leapt lightly to his feet. His ears went rigid, eyes wide, they swiveled towards the sounds of voices. He was off in an instant, bits of dark soil dusting one side of his silky pelt from where he’d slept on it amidst the brush. Bits of dried leaves clung to his scruff but he hadn’t the mind to care, his paws were already carrying him to Lochlan Glas and the source of the mind-numbing commotion.

Hackles raised he was upon them swiftly for the pond had not been very far from his resting place. There he paused just shy of the two figures, a fore-leg poised mid-air as his eyes swept from Arran to Rhavan. “By the Verdant Stag! What is all this commotion?!” He hissed. His russet muzzle tipped up to scent the air, nostrils flaring as he noted blood. It was faint and a quick assessment saw no wounds on either the shepherd nor the Fir-Chlis matriarch.

He stalked forwards slowly, following their eye-line to the tightly wound bundles of grass and bone. “I was napping for Nanin’s sake.” The Lord growled, none-too-pleased and oddly nonplussed by the idols that lay at the shepherds’ feet. He regarded both of them sternly as if to discourage another outburst and approached the idols coolly. With a paw he rolled them this way and that, and lowered his head to the ground to inspect them more closely. His nostrils quivered, “blood.” Athras confirmed. “Are these the only ones you’ve found?”

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POSTED: Wed Oct 02, 2019 9:40 pm

Word Count → +400 :: OOC Here

Word got around New Caledonia fast, and even the two newest members were not spared from the rumors. They had heard about what happened to Vodeva, how her frantic husband had found the blankets, and the blood that was brought along with it. Such omens could spell nothing but trouble for them. This seemed to worry Nkechi more than it did the hound. She seemed to think this was all silly.

Guess that would make sense coming from a woman who's morals and way of life were built around how she was going to survive to the next day. She had little to care about anything else.

Even though that was the case, the jackal had insisted that Sigríður tag along with her for the time being. She rolled here eyes, but ended up giving in none the less. The two of them had been traveling together for so long, so what would it kill to move along with her some more? Hell, they were already sharing a home with one another and she wasn't sure what to do on her own right now.

More like there wasn't much opportunity to put her effort into, piggybacking off her friend. She just had to be patient.. it would all work out for both of them.. It would be unreasonable to expect them to be head over heals to work after being so fresh to this place.

Both females turned their heads in the direction of the barking as they neared the Lochan Glas. There were two loud voices that were barking, and the closer the two padded, the more they could hear once more trying to speak over the both of them. The one speaking was the Lord-Regent himself, and the two barking were strangers to them.

Sigríður moved a hand to her head, stalking closer to the barking madmen, "Could you two quit the racket? You'll wind up givin' us all headaches. Shush." Green eyes moved over to the jackal, noticing her lower down to the idols, "What are you doin'?"

The jackal, while not "spiritual" by the sense of the word, had her own beliefs that carried over from Bedaya. They could not be parted with so easily, even in a place that had its own culture. She let one hand gently move over one of the bird skulls. The sands that brought such good fortune were over the sea.. but why allow for the creation such as this? Nkechi shook her head, "I've never seen anything like this."

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