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Word Count → 000 :: A spot of trouble for the precious bean boy!

Borya had been wound up quite tight emotionally, but he never really acknowledged it. His family was having enough issues at the moment. His young uncles were going through turmoil that caused one of them to run and the other to lose his spirit, his grandfather had lost his spark from all the stress and Borya felt like he could do nothing to help any of them. He was Borya, he was the small Hushhowl boy who had a dead arm and needed help doing even the simplest of tasks. Borya couldn't go and find Pushok, he couldn't prove to Temnota that he was worth so much more than he thought he was. And weak little Borya couldn't put a smile back on his grandpa's face and keep it there. There was so much Borya couldn't do that he didn't want to make himself another issue for the family to deal with.

So he'd remained silent about what happened that morning during training.

Trying to battle his inner thoughts, Borya had all but demanded Leoris help him train again. The man had tried to put it off by telling Borya the ground was still soaked from the recent rain storms and it might effect Borya's balance, but the young Hushhowl insisted he needed to get some training in before his First Blood. That had made Leoris even more hesitant, but he'd eventually given in and they spent the rest of the morning working on some simple exercises. It wasn't Leoris's fault at all. But as he made a slow swing towards Borya with the practice sword, the boy had decided to dodge it rather then parry. He'd hopped to the right, and the sand beneath him didn't support his new footing. Borya slipped, crashing down on his right side. Even though he landed in sand purposely used to soften falls, Borya was unfortunate enough to land at a bad angle, and to also possess a crippled arm that really shouldn't be fallen onto.

White hot pain erupted from Borya's right shoulder as he fell, making the Hushhowl boy black out for a second. When his senses came back to him, Leoris was leaning over him, eyes wide in concern. Since the Merchant hadn't said anything yet, Borya assumed he must have done so whilst he'd fainted. "I-I'm okay." Borya mumbled, even if he felt the opposite. His right arm felt as horrible as it had when he'd first shifted. From finger tip to shoulder, it was just a pulsing, constant pain.

"Borya, I can see the pain in your eyes, we should get you to Veri or Morty." Leoris answered, his voice lilted with concern still. Borya shook his head, trying his hardest not to wince as he got himself up. "N-no it's okay, I can take myself there, I'm sure you've wasted enough time with me already." Borya replied, beginning to move out of the training ring before Leoris even had time to respond.

Since then, Borya hadn't gone for help, he'd wandered around instead, avoiding eyes and hoping that the pain in his arm would die down on it's own. He didn't want to be a nuisance to the healer's; they'd done enough for Borya over the months in regards to his arm, so he didn't want to bother them anymore. He'd gotten out of the Fort, as far as the road leading to home. Perhaps in the den, Borya can hide under some blankets and hope after some rest his arm would be fine. But a wave of vertigo stopped Borya, and he clamped his left hand over his mouth to stop himself from being sick. After swallowing the bile, Borya took a few deep breaths and tried to find the will to continue walking home.

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Words→ 365

Nayavota leaned back against an old elm tree and closed her eyes. With Lotai and Kjindrah fully weaned, she felt better about leaving them with her parents while she sparred; instead of returning home to fussing, anxious infants, she’d find well-fed, tired little boys. Naya tilted her head up toward the golden canopy and let dappled sunlight fall over her eyelids.

Borya had been training with Leoris when she left the Fort, and the pale knight wondered how he was doing. Beside “not well.”

Nayavota grimaced; it had been a moon since Pushok left the packlands, and they were all finding his absence harder and harder to cope with. If the young man had only run away for a few days, she’d have been worried, but understanding. If he had run away for only half a moon, she’d have been anxious, but relieved. Hell, if he walked out of the woods now, she’d be jumping for joy.

Instead, Pushok was still gone—and Nayavota was equal parts angry and distraught about it. Angry that Veri had scared him away with the truth, angry that Darkness hadn’t told them sooner, and angry that there was nothing she could do about it. Hartt was long dead, and Pushok thought it was all his fault.

The silver Officer sighed and looked up at the vast, blue-gray sky above her. She had managed to distract herself by preparing for the Hunter’s Feast, and had even had a great, mostly worry-free time during it. Now… Now all Naya had were her duties and her sons, and every time she looked at them she thought of Pushok. Of what she, or another packmate, might say to make them disappear one day.

A quiet, sickly-sounding noise caught Nayavota’s ear, and she leaned around the elm at her back. Her eyes widened as she spotted Borya, one hand covering his mouth as his chest rose and fell rapidly. Naya knew exactly what that face meant, after spending nearly two moons making it as often as possible. ”What’s wrong, Borya?” she asked, squeezing her walking stick nervously as she limped toward him.

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