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Diplomacy Summit: Welcome Thread

POSTED: Sun Oct 20, 2019 2:16 pm

The day was finally here. The Council members had been sent out to wait at the borders for the expected arrival of the packs they had each invited, and Luca was nervous. In his stomach, a ball tightened. The last time Casa had hosted a diplomacy summit he had been a younger man fresh to the role of leadership alongside Alistair. It seemed like a lifetime ago. The summit had been his first real appearance as a leader, and he remembered nearly throwing up from nerves as he welcomed everyone to Casa. Now he had more experience under his belt, in fact, many in Casa could not remember a time where Luca was not at the reins. Still, the feeling of welcoming all to another Summit was almost surreal.

Slowly calls came, announcements from the Council that the escort was in progress. Luca was sure to stand by the gates, greeting all of the packs and helping Howland to make note of the weapons they collected before they were permitted entry to Fort Kingsbury. For the pleasure of their guests, the Fort had been cleaned to perfection. The sheep and cattle had been rotated for the last moon to ensure no unsightly long grass ran amok, the garden had been weeded and the fallen leaves removed, the fountain at the center of the town square had been cleaned with fresh river water added, and flowers and purple banners lined many walls around the Fort. In the evening’s torches would be lit in the Courthouse along with fireplaces, with large logs that had been collected in preparation. Surly their guests would be pleased with their temporary residence for the next few days.

The final pack arrived and Luca disappeared to ensure that everything was perfect, allowing them some time to be shown to their sleeping quarters by their escort. As he made a sweep of the Fort he checked the guard points, one guard on each of the three archer towers, a guard at the gate, and a guard on each level of the Courthouse. He hoped this would be enough. One of his biggest fears was one of the new packs, or Salsola, sneaking around and stealing vital information or resources from them. He had opened his home to them in the hopes of creating peace, so he prayed to Fenris they would show some courtesy and respect. Just in case though, the guards would be watching.

Once all the posts were checked he made his way to the center of Fort Kingsbury, balancing as he stood tall on the edge of the fountain and called for all to gather. It took time for the Cavaliers and pack representatives to make their way to the center, but as the final guard arrived he knew that it was time to start. “Welcome!” He called over the crowd, waiting for the bodies to turn to him and voices to quiet. “Welcome one and all to Casa di Cavalieri.” He gently tucked his long locks behind his shoulders. “Three years ago I greeted the packs to our last Diplomacy Summit, and it is an honor to welcome you today. I thank you for surrendering your weapons at the gate, guards have been posted around the Fort for your safety and to keep the peace. I urge you to leave any ill will outside of the pack lands and to use the next couple of days to look towards a fruitful future where the packs are united. Tomorrow morning there will be a private meeting of the leaders and at sunset, we will feast and dance to celebrate each other. Until then you are welcome to enjoy the Fort and talk amongst yourselves. If you have a Cavalier escort you may explore beyond the walls. Please enjoy your stay in Casa and treat our lands and each other with respect. Now please, go enjoy yourselves!” Stepping down from the fountain he nodded to the guards, who moved away to return to their posts. From this point forward their guests would be loose in the land, and he could only hope for the best.

OOC: Set in the townsquare. Luca's Appearence. This is the welcome post, after this point IC everyone is welcome to post within Casa. Guests are restricted to Fort Kingsbury unless they leave with an escort from Casa. All guests will be housed within the Couthouse in open rooms in the lower floor, or one of the two guest rooms on the main floor. Guards are posted around the Fort and in the Courthouse for security and questions by guests. The leader summit and ball will go live tomorrow evening. 300+ words


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POSTED: Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:47 pm

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OOC: 250+ WC

It had been a long journey to Casa di Cavalieri. Lyssa had gone along with Nazario, along with other members of the Del Cenere Gang, to attend the Diplomacy Summit. Aldora had met them at their own border to lead them to their destination, and as they moved Lyssa imagined that they were a huge parade, trotting across the land on their horses. Lyssa had been sure to pack her nicest closes, like the two dresses she had bought from Baelish, and decided to wear the light blue one on their journey. Hair freshly thrown up into a braid, she sat up tall and proud in her saddle.

But as she saw the looming of the gates, her stomach filled with butterflies. This was Lyssa's first official job as Wayfinder, and what a first job it was! There were several guards standing by at the gate and were greeted by a tall, dark-haired male dressed in a formal dark cloak. Aldora introduced him as the Lune of Casa di Cavalieri. Lyssa's eyes grew wide as she looked at him, and offered a deep bow. She was honoured to be in the presence of such a powerful and regal man.

After they were shown their sleeping quarters in the Courthouse, they headed back to the town square, where Luca stood up tall in the center, watching over all that was happening. Lyssa looked around the area, overwhelmed with all the canines that had gathered there. So many new faces, some from packs she hadn't even met yet. She would have to be sure to take her time later to introduce herself to everyone and make a good impression of her own pack.

Once everyone had gathered, he called out in a booming voice, gaining the attention of all. He spoke strong and true, speaking of the rules they were to follow while they were there. Then the speech was over and she was free to mingle with everyone. She glanced over at Nazario momentarily before scanning the crowd again. Where should she start?

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POSTED: Sun Oct 20, 2019 10:22 pm

Optime | Fort Kingsbury (Town Square) | cNPC: Mako, yNPC: Genkei (+676)

[CdC] Diplomacy Summit & Ball

The day had finally come for the Summit, and the Fort was abuzz with activity as final preparations were made for the arrival of their guests. Cavaliers moved here and there in a combined effort to give off only the best representation of their pack and home, to make it something to be proud of. The grounds, the shops, many of the Cavaliers themselves were cleaned and tidied.

The last time she had seen the Fort in such a splendor, she had still been an apprentice. The world had been different then, the packs too.

As Warlord, Teagan had had her hands full with helping her father organize security with so many powerful foreigners in their pack. As the Ambassador for Salsola, she had had to also ensure that their accommodations be prepared. Needless to say, she’d left her son, Genkei, with his father, Mako, while she was busy performing her Council and Ambassador duties.

When the time had come, she had escorted her guests to the Fort, had shown them their provided room after any weaponry had been confiscated by Howland and pleasantries were exchanged with Casa di Cavalieri’s sole leader, Luca. She had explained the itinerary to them for their stay, as well as some of the basic ground rules before she left them to settle in and mingle with some of the other guests from the other packs.

In the time between ensuring Salsola was taken care of and the first event, Teagan had made her rounds to ensure the guards were stationed in their proper places and that marked off areas—such as the armory, the upper levels of the Courthouse, and the War Room—were secured or guarded properly from over curious, unattended guests. When her father called the pack and the invited delegates to the Town Square, Teagan took up a spot along the perimeter of the gathering Luperci, her canary eyes sharp and guarded as they searched for any signs of deceit or trouble.

She stood tall, her posture that of the disciplined soldier that she was. She was still garbed in her full set of leather armor that she had donned before the arrival of the first pack. Her dark, olive green rank cloak with its cougar fur draped from her shoulders, her trusted sword hanging comfortably at her side.

A few moments after the Lune’s beckoning howl, her husband and son arrived, both choosing to stand near her. Mako wore his leather armor as well; a vest, a pauldron, and bracers. Dark pants covered his legs, and, he too, sported his rank cloak. His was of more traditional Cavalier colors, a dark, rich purple lined with fox fur for his Brotherhood status. He had an axe at his hip, and though he was lacking a shield, Teagan had a feeling he needn’t go far to find one, as his blacksmith shop lined the square’s perimeter.

Between the Warlord and the Lionheart was their newly apprenticed son, Genkei. Unshifted, he looked plain in comparison to his warrior parents. What he lacked in armor or weaponry though, he made up in his stance. A Stryder and the son of the Teagan, the boy sat confident and proud. While he may have had the look of a pint-sized soldier though, his glacier eyes quietly shined with subdued wonder as they roved over the many strangers that had come to the Fort. It was his first time to see Luperci from the other packs, and Teagan knew that she would be assaulted with a flurry of excited questions once she was free of her duties that day.

Once everyone was gathered, Luca addressed the crowd, welcoming the other packs and reminding everyone of how the Summit would carry on from there on out. Finished, he gave a subtle order to those on duty, and the crowd was allowed to disperse. Teagan turned to her family, bidding them a brief farewell—and assuring promises to her son—before she moved to attend to her Salsolan guests.

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POSTED: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:12 pm

Word Count → 2+ :: ooc

Three years ago there had been a summit, and out of the five packs represented at the summit, Saga knew that at least neither she nor Boone had lived then. It was a strange thing to contemplate, the comparative youth of the pair when held in comparison with the others that called themselves leader. And still, she was the one that sat with a child in her arms as she listened to Luca's welcome.

Beside her, Elijah seemed nonplussed at having to relinquish his blade, only the Ursarchon visibly sceptical at the request. Although she had no quarrel with anyone here, the closeness of the Salsolan's made her a little uneasy, as well as the closeness of those few new faces that she had not had time to form an opinion on.

Hoisting Ramsey higher into her arms, her green eyes scanned the small crowd with disguised anxiety, roving over the many faces in hopes that she would not find Boone's. She did, eventually, though she averted her gaze before her one time paramour had the chance to mirror it.

Luca set everyone loose into the Fort with a good-natured command, and Saga bid her brother and empty-handed guardian goodbye, leaving to find Honrin.

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POSTED: Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:58 pm

Tristan's head pounded a little as he stood vigil around the corners of the Fort. He'd not slept much, and when he'd tried, he'd snapped awake from a nightmare. It was such a ridiculous comparison to the last time Tristan had taken part in a Summit. Back then he'd been at Izrian's side, coming back to visit family. Tristan had been overjoyed at the idea of all the packs meeting, now he was terrified. He couldn't help but imagine assassination attempts, hidden persona's behind friendly and diplomatic faces. Casa burning because a pack decided to ignite the pack of knights whilst they were caught off guard. Just to get some sleep, Tristan had drank perhaps a bit too much herbal tea and other tinctures, waking up late and dragging himself to the Fort to help prepare.

The fresh air had helped to clear Tristan's head a bit, but it still pounded like any worthy hangover. But it wouldn't stop the Callow from remaining vigilant as the visiting packs began to make their appearance. Tristan wasn't positioned with other guards, instead he patrolled around the border of the Fort, making sure there weren't any figures skulking around the currently dead parts of central Casa. After the last pack entered, Tristan could hear Luca begin his welcoming speech, which was a good enough indicator that things were clear. The Callow made his approach slowly, keeping to the side of the crowd and picking out faces with his hazel eye and counting heads. One ear listened to Luca, the other remained focused on it's surroundings, trying to find a reason for Tristan's nightmares to be justified.
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POSTED: Tue Oct 22, 2019 10:47 pm

Izrian Firebringer
Word Count → +4 :: OOC

Leaders from all over were arriving at Casa for the Summit, and Izrian had mixed feelings about it all. The last Summit, she’d been one of those leaders on her very first democratic trip, having been named Sannindi only a short time before. Now Vinátta was lost, her family apparently scattered, and she was here starting over after having been lost for years with no memory, then flecks of memory. She knew that the leaders showing weren’t the same ones as at the last Summit, and that many of the packs that had been represented then had disbanded, but it still brought back those feelings of failure.

Part of her wanted to hide away in her room until the Summit was over, or keep herself busy with patrols and not partake in the social aspects – but Tristan wanted to try and to see him overcome the anxiety he’d been battling with since his own return to Casa, she couldn’t not be there to support him. So, the Firebringer had to woman up and make herself pretty, putting on a form-fitting white dress, braiding her hair and putting it half up, wearing her frithr and a silver bracelet and some other finery and finishing it all with her Cadet cloak. Once she was ready, she moved up the stairs and out of the Fort, into the courtyard that so many had worked to get ready for this event.

The murmuring of conversation was loud as she approached the doors, and she hesitated a moment, fingers hovering an inch from the door. She could still turn back and hide from the memories of the last Summit. She didn’t have to take in the proud faces of all of these leaders, she could just hide away, Tristan would understand. Her lungs expanded in a deep breath and she closed her eyes, then opened them and pushed the door open, glancing around immediately for Tristan. It didn’t take her long to find him not far from the fountain and then she was gliding across the floor toward him – seeing Tristan and nothing else.

When she got to his side, she pressed up against him and wound her arms around him, tucking her head beneath his chin. The body language of pride and celebration would come in a few minutes – right now, she was feeling overwhelmed, and noticing her future mate’s anxiety, and that was all she could focus on now. Tristan’s ears were pointing in different directions, and she squeezed him tightly, letting out the breath she’d drawn in what seemed like forever ago.

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POSTED: Wed Oct 23, 2019 5:42 pm

Their journey had been long and Percival was dog-tired. But as they reached the last leg of their trip and made footfall on foreign soil, a spark of energy ignited from deep within the young man's core and any exhaustion weighing him down was immediately forgotten. Unable to keep the bewilderment from his bearded face, the Diplomat scanned the walls of Fort Kingsbury as the gate grew closer and closer until, finally, he was through.

They were here: Casa di Cavarlieri.

He was frisked, as were they all, and anything deemed a weapon was taken for safekeeping. This didn't bother Percy, who preferred hand-to-hand combat if diplomacy couldn't stave off a fight, and he trusted that the Cavaliers knew what they were doing. He was only too willing to comply with the rules of the Summit, especially if everyone else had to as well, since he saw the merits in them. Besides, if Percival was a member of Casa, he would want his pack to be in full control when playing host to so many others.

At any rate, he was a Diplomat at a diplomacy summit: he was here to be civil, cooperative, and considerate.

Once the last of the leaders and representatives from other packs made their way through the gates, a tall man wrapped in a purple cloak addressed them and Percy's thoughts stilled as he listened. Three years ago. That these summits didn't happen terribly often left the young Parhelion with a swell of pride in his chest. Because he was here, now, at this one; who knew when the next would be?

Once Luca's speech concluded and he had given the guests permission to take in the sights of the fort and mingle with the others members of the attending packs, Percival turned his head to find each member of his own band of merry Caledonians before he broke with the rest of the crowd to get to work.

[WC — 333]

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POSTED: Wed Oct 23, 2019 9:07 pm

Word Count → 401
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The gypsy girl was not far behind Percy. She was in a strange land, and despite being eager to learn all about Casa and other packs, she was a bit tired and being close to Percy always gave her a comfort. Approaching Percival from behind, she came to his side and glanced up to him and smiled lightly as she took in his serious expression. Luca's speech was one that lessened the sting of loosing her throwing knives to the guards. There was understanding as to why, but it still made her feel a bit vulnerable. Inara didn't like hand to hand combat...she liked the distance the knives provided. There was understanding that everyone was to be cordial but still, Inara could not trust others....it was hard.

Dancing. It was the only thing that made her feel good about being here after loosing the knives. Perhaps she could charm all the realms with her grace. The idea caused her tail to wag behind her, but it stilled when she saw Percival walk away to do his Diplomatic duties. The loneliness she felt when he walked away hit her harder than she ever thought possible. Her ears went back for a second as she got her senses together. Standing in her lonely state for a moment she drew in a deep breath lifting her chin high. She was to represent Caledonia, and she planned to become its Captain. For now, she is their City Watch and so therefore representing the pack's strength and security.

Adorned in her newest garb. An orange and red dress with gold accents. She certainly did not necessarily look like someone that was potentially dangerous, but that was part of her charm...her goal. To be underestimated is what gave her the advantage. As she looked around the gathering, it was easier to find the guards and the ones in charge of defending their homelands. They were clad in metal, or clothing that made it easy to move. The gypsy practiced in heavy dresses and learned how to be graceful and quick in them. Could that give her an advantage or disadvantage from the restriction. She will find out...maybe she will get to spare with others and find out where her weaknesses are....but would it be worth it? It could show Caledonia's weakness. Inara would watch other's for now. She can gain a lot of insight from watching others.

*Please note that the Images are Artist Interpretation of Inara's actual outfits <3 *
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POSTED: Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:52 pm

Word Count → 000
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Bhasu was very excited with the activity within the pack. Leaders and a few select from all the packs had arrived within Casa's walls and he was eager to meet them and mingle a little. He dressed in his best to make sure he was a good representation of the pack before leaving his place to get to the reception of all the guests. He knew his guard shift would be tomorrow and so he wanted to get to know as many others as he could. This was a great opportunity for the Marino to mingle and as soon as their leader gave permission Bhasu didn't waste a single bit of time.

It was a great honor to be a part of a pack that looked to provide a peaceful and safe environment for diplomacy. He played a game as to figure out who was from what pack, however, he ended up with a smile. As everyone mixed together and began to talk he felt an air of joy rush through him. Everyone was eager to talk and learn about one another and in doing so they all looked like one joyous pack.

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POSTED: Thu Oct 24, 2019 8:18 pm


Dry land was a blessed relief from the gods-cursed rocking of the Cavalieri ship. With every foot set upon solid ground the lord felt a little less green as his stomach began to settle and his gait began to steady. In ever-increasing good spirits he escorted the small entourage of his people, instructing them to comply with every stipulation these knights placed upon them, no matter how displeasing. And so he’d allowed the guards to raid his person despite the sudden flare of a slow-burning temper that simmered silently beneath noble visage. That they should lay their paws on such precious history— the heirloom dagger of the Eryn family— was an affront he bore for the sake of appearances...and something far more insidious.

Amid the throng they settled, laying eyes and ears on the sea of faces at which point in time Lord Eryn drew from his fine new robes a scrap of paper. Cyan eyes traveled from left to right and back again until with a grin he replaced it, adjusting his russet robe so it settled just-so about his svelte frame. Then his eyes roved the crowd, searching for the smoke of her hair and blood of her eyes.

Athras knew little of the Cavaliers in truth save that theirs was once the home of the Caledonian’s world-weary carpenter. He tried to picture the man, hale and hearty without the limp he bore in his stride or the silvered temples, wearing armor perhaps as their leader did now. By the accounts of his mysterious confidants the Cavaliers were a meddlesome folk, and the words of their leader painted the picture with clarity. The druid-son could hardly ignore the copious guards at their posts, scouting and scowling among the fort, penning them in. It soured his already tender gut with ill feeling and stirred the silky hairs of his crown.

Once dismissed the Lord-Regent acknowledged the strange faces that passed with feigned warmth, and sought those whose features were etched with the burdens of authority.

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