Sometimes there are happy times

- Sebastien

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It was a strange thing to see the golden matriarch show this tender and caring side. How she nudged forward her children with a gentle muzzle and how she promptly licked away the pain from any sore paw or nose when they stumbled during their games, these were the small affectionate gestures that could baffle anyone who had previously witnessed the terrible things those jaws were capable of. The cold and cruel edge of her expression was gone, softened by a maternal veil lifted only by the occasional disruption of their peaceful bubble.

She moved about on her Halfling form, a hulking and terrible visage for anyone but those two who knew only the gentleness of her touch – so far.

A cruel creature by nature the giant Mistress had thus far shown restrain when disciplining her children, but this wasn’t bound to last much longer. As they grew more resilient and her patience became more fickle, challenged by their developing boldness and individuality, they would end up becoming subjects to the true violent nature of their family. It was just a matter of time.

But for now the family enjoyed a placid afternoon, the cool breeze kept off their skin by their thick hides and the warmth that irradiated from their working muscles. Children yapped and laughed as they chased after their long legged mother. She encouraged them with small growls and daring yowls, always lingering out of touch as they tried to tackle her dark limbs.

These games were an important part of their development, and soon they would escalate into more violent encounters and daring hunting enterprises. The aged mother welcomed the exercise after such a tedious period of isolation and stillness, and giving it her all she soon found herself panting heavily with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. Her focus remained on the two persecutors, and thus didn’t notice the presence of another until the man was within view range.
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Luperci Cavalleria Mate to Shaamah

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Her scent was unmistakable - wild and wolfish, it harked back to a time when Luperci lived as their ancestors did before them. Sebastien licked his whiskers as he inhaled, hoping that courage would flow into his lungs from the crisp air. He clutched the leather-wrapped gift tighter to his chest as doubt settled into his stomach. Was his offering enough? Would the mother be offended? A dozen such questions jostled over each other like puppies eager for his attention.

He imagined his fear likely seeped into the wind as it carried the hound’s scent to Kaeli and her young. Sebastien could be forgiven for his disquiet; the coy-wolf intimidated many with her sheer size and strength. Although the two canines had met on formal occasions, they had yet to interact beyond dutiful bows and tentative glances. Sebastien dressed simply for his spontaneous meeting with the Blacksun matriarch, bundled in layers that not only protected him from the elements but also bulked up his thin frame. If the male were to impress Kaeli, he needed to present a clever and capable front.

Sebastien barked in greeting, drawing near to the halfling and her litter with careful steps. “Lady Blacksun,” the hound dipped his head and lingered a safe distance away. His eyes drifted from the acidic gaze that swept over him, shallow breaths turning to vapour in the air. “I w-want to congratulate you and Lord Blacksun on the arrival of your c-children. I’ve brought a gift. I know how difficult it c-can be when they’re growing into their teeth…” Memories of being nipped by Evelyn and Eden swam into focus as he smiled. Sebastien unwrapped the leather to reveal several toys made up of knotted rope. He held them out for Kaeli to inspect; his body stilled if she approached. “Thanks for s-spending time with Eden. I’m glad that he has your friendship.”

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