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[WC: 314] Set at Grimrun, early morning.

She smiled more these days, certain of the future.

Morgana had been promised many things, and she had sworn oaths to ensure her place in the world remained mighty. Her bloodline was descended from royalty, after all. She and her siblings were kin to the first Boss, and in another life perhaps someone else would have been made Queen.

None of that interested Morgana now. Responsibility was a matter of scrutiny, and she was someone who was still gathering power around her. Too much of her time had been spent working on the house, preparing it for the expansion and division they would need when children were brought into the world. Morgana would be married soon enough, and then she would have her children and ensure her bloodline went on.

Brocade was a perfect match. He was easily distracted and carried by the winds when he willed such a thing, but he came back. Duty kept him at her side, though something like love was growing between them.

It would have to be there. Morgana was certain that if he did not love her yet, he would when his children were born.

These days, however, she was busy with other tasks. Some were more pleasant than others, such as the deliveries she went about during the day. Having several ahead of her, Morgana decided to take a horse. She could load her goods up and then some, and when finished she would still have time to enjoy her trip back before nightfall. With darkness coming so quickly these days, she could not ride as late.

To Morgana's delight, Pythios was still stalled when she arrived at the barn. After a brief discussion with the newly appointed Equinest, Morgana saddled the stallion up. She talked to the horse as she went about her business, showing a familiarity and possessiveness when it came to handling him.

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If Evelyn could be found anywhere nine times out of ten it would be within either Grimrun or Marrgerd with the animals - specifically more so with the horses, but she tried to spend her time evenly between the two. She had been learning so much as of late, as Greivous had taken her under his wing and she was determined to prove herself worthy of this. They had turned the horses out to pasture that morning, fed and groomed a few of the younger colts and fillies, and she was just making her way back inside to muck out some of the stalls before she heard someone talking within one of the stalls.

Curious, Evelyn's ears twitched to pick up the sound so she could follow it, wondering who would be in the barn without her noticing their arrival. Hoping to run into Pontifex or Helena the girl jogged down the run along the stalls and peeked her head into Pythios' stall. A woman, much taller than herself, was tacking up the horse for what looked like a ride somewhere. Interested and curious, as she had never formally met the red Revlis woman outside of pack business and gatherings - from what she could remember - Evelyn could not help but offer a friendly smile as she leaned over the side of the stall.

"Good morning, Arbiter," she gave a friendly wave and a nod of respect with her head. "Can I offer my assistance in any way?" she asked, hoping that her eagerness to help would show well on her as she was trying to earn a name for herself within the Thistle Kingdom, but also wanting Greivous to see how much she was really trying. The Equinest had been more than accommodating in showing her around the barn and she picked up so many good tips and tricks from him in the short amount of time she was working with him.

The girl ran a dirty hand through her blonde hair, blue eyes looking over the large horse, reaching down into the apron she had sashed around her waist, she pulled out an apple, a small treat, and reached forward to offer the bright ruby red fruit to the beautiful palomino. He was a good one to ride as she had ridden him a few times after she had just begun to start riding herself.


"Evelyn speaks."

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