Am I alone now?

POSTED: Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:10 pm

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Reblin.

Reblin loved to talk and laugh and play. He made friends with everyone and rarely thought ill of others. Despite the hatred and the brutality and the corruption that he had been witness to in his short life, there was no such thing as evil. There were only misunderstandings and differences of opinion. Everyone deserved a chance. Nobody deserved to be ostracized. They were all equals, so far as he was concerned.

They all deserved happiness and they all deserved life.



But then one day – one especially insignificant day – something happened that would change his world forever and Reblin's beliefs began to disintegrate.

The earth shifted softly beneath him when he dropped to his knees, his arms floating weakly in the air in front of him while his eyes refused to look away from the crimson massacre. A strangled gasp caught in his throat. "No," he breathed out. But there was nobody to hear him; there were no gods to set it right.

Elise Debois was dead and it was all his fault.

It took him a long time to remember how to breathe. It took him a longer amount of time to remember how to stand. His limbs felt numb, foreign, as though he had never encountered such a concept before in all his many days. When he finally rose, the world around him seemed to tilt and spin. It felt as though it wanted him to fall.

Even the world wanted him gone.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I'm sorry." Because he should've declined that drink. Because he should've declined the next several drinks he was offered. Because he should've been there. But he wasn't.

He wasn't, and now Elise was dead.

Sniffing inwards sharply, Reblin turned his head. "Remy?" he called out softly. "Remy? Are you... Remy, where are you?" But only silence answered him. Only silence and the metallic smell of blood.

He was alone. Just as he had been before, just as he had been so often in his life, he was completely and utterly alone.



Reblin no longer thought so altruistically of others any more – or, at any rate, not as often as he used to. There were some things that were wrong with this world, and even more things that were wrong with the people in it. Some people were lesser than others. Some people deserved nothing.

Sometimes there was no happiness or life to be had at all.

Not ever.

Not ever.

And he was one of those people. He, and whatever wretched creature who had ended Elise's life. Though he had not been the Luperci to drain her blood, disappear her child, and abscond with her belongings, they were one in the same. There was little difference between the murderer and the person who facilitated the murder.

Breathing out again, Reblin looked over the surrounding grey for any signs of Elise's young son before, with a strangled sob, the wolfdog ran his fingers through his mane and departed from the scene with heavy, shuffling footfalls. He felt certain, now, that evil crept everywhere. That nobody was guaranteed a chance. That everyone was worthy of being ostracized.

Life was unnecessarily cruel and there as no such thing as a happy ending.

No, he thought with bitterness. Nobody ever lived happily ever after.

Because there was no such thing as a happy ending.

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