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POSTED: Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:45 pm

Closing his pale eyes, Reblin sucked in the stagnant air deeply, its aroma thick with the smells of tobacco and liquor and sweat. A small smile curled his dark lip and, slowly, he deflated is lungs again. It was familiar, and yet still decidedly different

Shit, but it had been a long time since he was last in Biff's Bar. Things were bound to have changed.

Opening his eyes again, he stepped further into the cozy establishment and lead himself straight to the bar. With an offering of three bottle caps, he was given a mug of something that tasted sour and bitter, but which provided just the thing that he was searching for.

There would be no navigating this night, or many others after it if he was being honest, without a little help from his liquid friends.

Sealing his lips against the edge of his mug, Reblin tilted the vessel up and drank deeply as its contents poured into his mouth. He sucked the liquid in and relished the feel of it as it burned down his throat, his eyes closing again only a moment as he drained his mug. "Ahhhhh," he breathed out when the last of its contents had slipped into his mouth. He set his vessel down on the bar top with a soft clunk and opened his eyes again.

Like a beacon of light against a dark and stormy night, a woman of pure white caught his eye and, shamelessly, Reblin stared.

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POSTED: Mon Nov 18, 2019 11:53 pm

I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

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Despite the kind of woman that Zuri was, especially with the skill set she had gained from Mortimer, it was a bit strange that she had been keeping so close to the Vale. She had been a bit of a distance, but since the year or so since she had come to this place, she had kept close to the kingdom. There was much more she could do here, and it had been a clear attest to what she had been able to do now that she was the Risegard. She was at the seat of council with the Ursarchon.

And as such, much more would be expected of her. Things were becoming restless back home, and there would need to be talks about what to do about this problem.

Something else had come to the pale woman's mind. The Vale had mostly kept to themselves, but there was something that needed to be done to fix this. It would do them well to branch out, see to building relations with the other packs in the area. Saga had already gotten a bit of a jump start on this having been present to the summit help by Casa di Cavelieri. She was left in charge of things back home, so she had only gotten cliff notes of the meeting.

She did want to see about making her way to meet with the king of New Caledonia. He had come to the Vale's borders once before, and it might serve them well to follow up with this meeting, something she had illuded to.

That was not what brought the pale woman out this night. Being the creature of night that she was, it was no hinderence to her having to move around in the cover of darkness. It served better to have a couple of her bats following along with her. Her squeaking scouts would probably be overlooked by any normal luperci.

Word around the Vale had traveled about a bar to the east of their borders. Zuri saddled up Tirion, making her way to the bar. Lights of the inside glowed from the inside of the run down building. After taking care of her mount, she came to push the door open, looking out over the sea of those present. Being in her dress, she probably stood out from many of the usual customers.

As she made her way to the bar, crimson gaze moved to the side, noticing one male that was staring at her. Well, that was to be expected. She was hailed for her beauty back home for a reason. Eyes turned down on the male, hand wrapped around his empty drink, "Do you mind? You're staring."

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POSTED: Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:26 am

With a pelt of soft, fresh-fallen-snow white and eyes the color of cranberries, she was absolutely mesmerizing. And, shamelessly, Reblin continued to stare. He had never before seen a creature of her appearance before, let alone in a bar, and the idea of her being here, among all these dirty and rowdy and vulgar patrons seemed altogether infelicitous. For, to look upon her, she was pure and unmarred and filled with richness. She was—

"Oh! Uh... Yeah," he replied as he glanced away, his thoughts interrupted by the woman's silky voice. "I mean no. No, I don't mind. I'm sorry, you're just..." Hesitantly, he brought his pale eyes back to her face. "You're just... I mean, you're really striking." He smiled then, and allowed his eyes to fall away from her once more to peer sadly down at his empty mug.

Finding a few more scraps of odds and ends to offer up to the barkeep as payment for another drink, Reblin flagged the employee down with a wave of his arm and asked for another. His mug refilled, the wolfdog tipped it back and took a generous swig of the substance within before setting its base down upon the tabletop again. "So, uh... you... come here often?" he asked, silently kicking himself for the stupid pick-up line. He could do better, and he knew it. "I mean, I just... I haven't seen you here before." Not that that meant anything, he reminded himself inwardly. Months of detention and travel had a way of changing places as much as it changed you.

"I'm Reblin," he added with a smile, shifting towards her.

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POSTED: Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:15 pm

I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

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Zuri could see clearly that the male at her side was not the only one that had taken to staring at her. She stood out like a sore thumb, whether it had been beacuse of her unique, and quite frankly, rare pelt, or if it had been from the dress she wore along her body. Something in such a fancy get up didn't mesh well with those that found themselves in a place like this. Despite this, he had been the one closest to her, and the one that was the easiest to spot. In turn, it also made him the target for her to call him out on his actions.

It seemed that her words had been able to break him out of his small trance, and fumbling over his words as he did so. She couldn't help but think back to when she had first come to the Vale. Baelish had done the same thing when he had come across her, and look where the two of them now.

A broken family from their own pain, but still together. Maybe she should seek him out for some time together when she returned home.

The pale woman turned her attention back to the man, having heard him speak up again after he had flagged down someone to refill his drink. Guess it was painfully obvious that she didn't come here often, but there would be no reason to leave his question hanging. Her own hand moved up to flag down of the employees of the bar, "It's my first time here if you can believe that. I don't frequent this area."

At least it wasn't an outright lie on her part. There hadn't been much of a reason for her to leave the Vale, at least not to the extent that she had now.

There was a pause as someone came over, the two taking a brief moment to see what kind of drink she might be able to get here. Might as well get something while she was here, as it would look odd of her not to do so. Her gaze fell back down on the man, now Reblin as he introduced himself. There was no telling where this conversation might go, and so better to be cautious, "My name is Rose."

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POSTED: Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:29 pm

Theatrical as always, Reblin's lower jaw dropped. "Seriously?" he chirped. "Well, let me tell you: this place is great! Like, you may wanna come around here more often, even." He grinned, his teeth glinting in the dull bar lighting, before taking another healthy swig of his drink. The alcohol splashed against the back of his throat and the burn of it felt both cleansing and punishing. He swallowed and accepted them both.

He wanted so desperately to be rid of his past, but knew that he was deserving of whatever pain he must endure.

But here, today, in this bar, with this woman, it felt to Reblin that he might avoid retribution and get a taste of righteousness. His smile softened from the sharp grin of moments past. He nodded, blinking slowly. "That's a beautiful name," he replied, looking into her deep, gorgeous, crimson eyes.

It hit him like a brick.

"Oh!" he gasped, pale eyes wide with giddy excitement. "Because of your eyes, right? They're colored like rosehips!" Reblin didn't know a great deal about plants or flowers or whatever, but he had been around an apothecary enough to know how brilliantly the fruit of roses could be. Exuberantly, his curled tails wagged and he nodded approvingly.

Then, taking a smaller sip of his drink, he settled in against the bar top and looked at her more contemplatively. "So, Rose," he began, feeling so indescribably good. "If this is your first time here, where do you come from?"

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POSTED: Wed Jan 08, 2020 9:31 pm

I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

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Well, either the male had a thing for being dramatic, or the idea of someone not coming out to a bar was something so heinous that he couldn't help but be shocked by it. The extent that she had was barely a life she could even remember, having been with her mother and siblings, but far too young to understand much of the world around them. Thinking back to those times made her think back to the good times she used to have.

Part of her wished she could go back to a life like that. Her family wasn't always so insane, and it always pleased her that the insanity of Mortimer didn't fully stretch out to her siblings. Why couldn't they have come with her? There was no convincing any of Viper's other kids, certainly not the one that had fallen head over heels for her.

They were still stuck in that prison.

The pale woman's attention was drawn back to Reblin as he spoke again. He seemed to make the connection with her false name to her eyes, but supposed it only made sense. There was little she could do at a time of the year when her plants would not be producing flowers. How she loved to decorate herself with her roses, so long as she was mindful of any thorns. The same logic really applied to her with anyone else. Guess it was simply another good reason for picking the name she had, "You could say that, yes."

He took a sip of his drink while someone had come over to produce one for her as well. She believed herself of a higher class than most common drinks. Probably wasn't the best when she was trying to fit in, but then again neither was the dress she wore. She paused to his question, thinking on it for a moment as she ran her fingers over the rim of her drink, "I've been living around here for a while now. I used to come from a.. very terrible place. Let's just say they didn't take too kindly to me leaving."

It was sure to make him curious, as it did with anyone when she spoke about Mortimer. Curiosity wormed her way into her though. Would he focus on that or the fact that she said she had been living around here for a while. She was still being vague with him on purpose.

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POSTED: Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:47 pm

Yes! Managing – with a great deal of difficulty that trickled into his expression almost maniacally – to keep himself from fist-pumping the air and bursting into a triumphant cheer, Reblin resorted to a silent victory. Oh yeah. He was good, he congratulated himself, tipping back his drink again. Thanks, alcohol!

Because, real talk now: there was no way his mind would've been clear enough, or his nerves still enough, with her so close to come up with the rose hip thing on his own.

Alcohol was such a great friend. Better than any of his real friends, of which he had exactly... one? Although Reblin wondered if Thyri would still be his friend if she knew what he'd been up to since she tasked with the goal to find meaning in his life. Gods... Yeah, no... no it wouldn't be good if he saw her now. Or again. Ever. So... he supposed that meant his friend tally was down to zero.

Unless he could count Clover. Then it would be back up to one again! But could he count her? He wanted to. He liked her, in a similar way that he liked Thyri, except... More? Differently? All of the above? It was complicated. And besides, she probably didn't feel the same way about him. Nah, he didn't have any friends.

Oh! Except for alcohol. That meant he did have at least one friend. And alcohol wasn't one to abandon their friends, not like—

It was the absence of her lovely voice and the look of her crimson eyes that interrupted his inner monologue and reminded him that he had asked her a question. Shit.

Quickly, he brought his cup to his lips and sipped his drink thoughtfully while his mind sluggishly tried to piece together the bits of dialogue his ears had soaked up. Something about being around a while but someone not taking kindly to her leaving? An abusive boyfriend, maybe? Reblin nodded, brows furrowed. "That sounds, uh... bad. Real bad," he began, setting down his drink again. He turned to her solemnly. "Listen, if you need someone to... you know..." He smashed a fist into a palm expressively. "I'm your man." And, through the alcohol, there was honesty in his eyes.

"Is there somewhere safe you can go to?" he asked, his voice lower now; serious. He still believed her woes to be recent and considered that maybe this was the meaning that he was searching for in his life.

Maybe he and Thyri could still be friends after all.

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POSTED: Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:18 pm

I prefer dangerous freedom
Over peaceful slavery

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Zuri could tell that the man was not paying as much attention to her as he had been once he had gotten his hands on a drink. She would never understand why so many would come to such thing, even if there was something going on in their lives. Even in Mortimer, drinks were more something that was meant to be savored rather than as a means of escape. Then again, what would she know? So much of anyone's life was hidden behind closed doors, so for all she knew it was just her that did this.

Knowing the rest of her family though, this probably wasn't the case.

He seemed to have at least caught pieces of what she was saying, as he had responded in a manner that would have matched up with what she said. It probably left him wondering why anywhere would not like the idea of her leaving, but there was no need to tell this stranger her life's story. Best much of Mortimer would remain as nothing more than her past.

The pale woman couldn't help but let her lips curl up into a small grin at his offer. There as no reason for her to be concerned about anything. If there was ever a case that those hunting her down were ever to show up, then she knew she could count on the Vale to have her back. Even with their full force, her new kingdom was not going to go down without a fight, "Thank you for the offer, but I can assure you that I can take care of myself. I know I may not exactly look it, but I can."

Looks could always be decieving as they say.

One eyebrow rose slightly to his question. It was always tricky when it came to talking about the Vale to anyone outside of it. She was more cautious than most, keeping up an old habit from her old kingdom when it came to such a thing. He seemed innocent enough, but she couldn't take too many chances, "Yeah. I told you, I've been living around here for a while now. Found a nice pack to settle down in."

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