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P. Zuri | Biff's Bar

POSTED: Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:45 pm

Closing his pale eyes, Reblin sucked in the stagnant air deeply, its aroma thick with the smells of tobacco and liquor and sweat. A small smile curled his dark lip and, slowly, he deflated is lungs again. It was familiar, and yet still decidedly different

Shit, but it had been a long time since he was last in Biff's Bar. Things were bound to have changed.

Opening his eyes again, he stepped further into the cozy establishment and lead himself straight to the bar. With an offering of three bottle caps, he was given a mug of something that tasted sour and bitter, but which provided just the thing that he was searching for.

There would be no navigating this night, or many others after it if he was being honest, without a little help from his liquid friends.

Sealing his lips against the edge of his mug, Reblin tilted the vessel up and drank deeply as its contents poured into his mouth. He sucked the liquid in and relished the feel of it as it burned down his throat, his eyes closing again only a moment as he drained his mug. "Ahhhhh," he breathed out when the last of its contents had slipped into his mouth. He set his vessel down on the bar top with a soft clunk and opened his eyes again.

Like a beacon of light against a dark and stormy night, a woman of pure white caught his eye and, shamelessly, Reblin stared.

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