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You play me like I am made of strings

He had been convinced to accompany this envoy that caused him to go much more south that he had been in some time. Till had avoided being water-locked by the peninsula since the Red Star fell, because he had suspicions that he might find his nephew-brother, Viktor, either dead or alive should he take the time to travel south where he had been last seen going, but never returning. Till had left Coaxoch in charge of the Ulrich home while he was gone, but he was sure that he shirked that responsibility to the Red Witch's son, Dirge. Even if he had, that was fine with him, because Dirge was a very intelligent and patient individual that would take very good care of their youngest brother, Raito. The young boy was not banished from seeing his mother, but he chose not to, for one reason or another that Till could not say, because he did not understand why the boy did not want to be with his mother or siblings. Till didn't feel one way or another about it, and the break away from the kids had been somewhat of a breath of fresh air for him.

It almost did not feel like he was a single father once again. It almost felt as if he was young, without responsibilities once again, and while he did like the feeling of being able to breathe again, there was something in the back of his head that told him that once this diplomacy trip had been over, he would be thrust back into a world that he did not want to be part of anymore. With his rise into the apprentice rank, he found himself doubting, and he found himself thinking of things that he never thought that he would think, and it concerned him.

What if he simply disappeared on this trip? Who would care? Would his sons take step in the shoes he left behind, or would they abandon the Ulrich clan altogether?

Till thought more and more about this as he rode his horse around the area, with a map and his quill in his hands, surveying the lands that lay before him, and drawing what seemed to be a sketch of what he had observed the Knight's pack borders to look like. He easily rode away from the borders once he had gotten a good glimpse of the length of the Northern border between his riding from the morning and well into the night, before he had turned back and started to ride back towards the Salsolan camp.

He thought of the persona he would take on for this envoy, by painting his nose bridge red, one might think he would take the persona of "Van Lykoi", but this name was much too close to his own, so he opted to go by the name Phantom Ignatius, so that anyone he met would not make any connections to him. He also wore clothing that was not so fancy (including a certain blue scarf), which did hurt his pride a bit, but he knew that he needed to be cast off as not suspicious if he was going to be fruitful in Salsola's secretive envoy that camped a bit off put of the borders of Casa di Cavalieri.

He made his final notes on his parchment before he blew on the ink to dry it as quickly as he could, and once he believed that it was dry enough, he rolled the parchment and placed it back in his satchel and he rode on through the thick foggy night like a phantom on the ethereal plane, as if he was a dullahan in the depths of this spooky October night.

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