Knowing a Disappointing Truth is Better than Wandering

POSTED: Sun Nov 10, 2019 6:24 am

Where in god's green was he goin'?

Ol' 108 stretched on before him, it's reaches hidden beneath the long arms of pines and the felled trunks of trees passed, shrubs and small trees all gathered within the cracks of the black river and no real sense could be made of the tattered leftovers of yellow that sprinkled the center of the road. The odd hunk of shiny glass glittered in the sun, a weird shape of it that glowed white in his direction and red in his past.

There was something symbolic he was trying to put into it, but unlike the road that was so sure of how it cut through the wilds, he didn't have a clue what it was he was supposed to be doing.

Living, sure. It was the why that was getting at him.

Evelyn, a woman so unsure of him, and John, a man who quickly became his brother, had both come together to cut him down from a tree. There came a thought then, that maybe their efforts had been in vain?

An ugly scratch crawled at the back of his throat as he drew up the snot from his sinuses and spat it out to the side with the melody of lazy hooves from the paint stallion beneath him. A snort of protest came, but Wayne was quick to curl his lip,” You ain't got no room tuh talk, Coach,” He hissed at the dark maned beast of burden at his seat, the faint memory of carrots not lost to the hairs of his nostrils.

Without so much more of a word, the coydog continued down the abandoned highway from a world long before his own to a future he didn't know. Nothing but mist was all around him in his mind, and the past was waiting patiently to be digested, l'est it come up in a heave of it's own.

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