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Winter was continuing to tighten its grip upon the lands of the thistle kingdom. There seemed few mornings where there was a thick, glistening frost, or frigid morning mist. Luckily, while Aidan had the appearance of a coyote, he possessed enough wolf, to have his coat keep all but the harshest of the cold, at bay. Today proved little different to any other for the Massacre male. He rose before first light, a feat that was far easier in the shortening days, trained, patrolled, hunted and made sure to study with Silas. Now though, he was pursuing another project of his, a glimmering of an idea.

The it was only mid-afternoon, light was already leaching from the sky, and seeing inside the pack’s stores would have been impossible if it weren’t for the illumination Aidan had discovered inside. He was no thief, and would not steal from his own home, but he did wish to see what might be available if anything. His search was not aided by the that the grey eyed male only had a vague idea of what he wished to find, or even how he would use it even if he were to find it.

Poison, that’s what he searched for, knowledge of it, samples perhaps. He had heard many speak of substances to aid in killing, often in hushed voices, and he was certain that some attackers had even tried to use it upon him in the past, luckily none of it had landed. There were those, Aidan had heard speak, who called themselves honourable warriors, and to whom the idea of poisoning a blade, or administering such a thing, would be cowardly and beneath them. Aidan could not understand such thought patterns, in mortal combat there were two states, alive or dead, winner or loser. The dead would not care of honour, and the winner had the luxury to feel guilt should they choose. Aidan fought, not for the art, but for survival, and now to protect his home and family. To that end, whatever edge might help to win a fight, or more expeditiously bring one to a conclusion, is something Aidan would be more than willing to try. In this field though, Aidan realised he was but a novice, he required more information.
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POSTED: Fri Nov 15, 2019 3:15 pm

Optime | Salsola Storage | NPCs: Wormwood & Xanthos (+451)

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It had been on his list of things to explore on his own ever since his sponsor had showed it to him. At the time, the then-Tradesman had been giving Argive a tour, and Argive had done well to keep his browsing brief in an effort to continue on with that day’s task. He had made a mental note of the location that would—no doubt—become a frequent haunt of his as his time in the Kingdom drew on, and made his way out to the shed when he found the freedom to do so.

He pulled gently on Xanthos’ reins, bringing the horse to a gradual stop before the familiar shed that lay partially buried and hidden amongst the hillside. It was an unassuming thing, surrounded by dead and dried out plants that cluttered and grew in thickly around its entrance. Probably for the best though. If the Kingdom were ever invaded, it would make finding such a place hard to do. With it being largely buried underground too, it meant that the shed’s contents were kept at the same relative temperature year round.

Argive quirked a curious brow though as he noticed the door ajar, and a quick sniff alerted him to the recent presence of another in the area. It wasn’t a scent he readily recognized, which only meant another new Salsolan to add to his acquaintances. Dismounting, Wormwood took up a perch across his master’s shoulders. The storage shed was not terribly large, and the fisher didn’t want to risk being accidentally stepped on while in the presence of someone new in such a confined area.

With a pat to his horse, Argive turned and made his way down to the entryway, his yellow-green eyes searching the room’s contents within to see if anyone was still around. Sure enough, a male of coyote blood within, and looked to be in the midst of searching for something himself. “Greetings,” the Associate acknowledged, his tone neutral. He didn’t know the other, and thus knew not of his rank compared to Argive’s own. The male’s stature didn’t give the impression of a servant, but, without knowing of what title to address the Salsolan by, Argive chose another method to—hopefully—obtain such information.

“I’m Argive, the Kingdom’s newest Associate.” At least, according to Sanguine, Argive was the only one of his rank at that moment in time. “Would it be alright if I browsed as well? Or would you prefer that I wait until you’re through…?” The pitch of his voice indicated that he searched for a name or title to call the male.

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