[CONTEST] Wiki Initiative & Raffle

DEADLINE: 11:59pm ET, Saturday, November 30th

POSTED: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:22 am

Wacky Wiki Update Initiative


The 'Souls Wiki is a very helpful source and archive of a wealth of information...but only when it's up-to-date! Help us fill in the holes and create further depth to the world of 'Souls and the characters that live in it! We have some rewards to be had for your valiant efforts if you need a little more enticing ;)

Raffle Timeline and Logistics

  • Timeline:
    • Start: 18 November 2019
    • End: 30 November 2019
      • All raffle submissions must be turned in by 30 NOVEMBER by 11:59PM. Raffle submissions or Wiki edits made after this cutoff will not be counted
    • Raffle winners will be announced on with our December newspost!
  • Make significant edits to existing pages under:
  • Not comfortable with editing the wiki? Help collaborate with others by contributing your ideas, suggestions, pictures, or researched information to projects and discussions in our Wiki Collaboration forum!

Here's how to earn raffle entries!

  • 1 entry - Minor updates (typo fixes, category additions or edits, copy-paste info, etc.) made to any page. Also includes image updates/additions and newly included internal or forum links, such as linking Bob's brother Joe from Bob's page or linking/citing Bob's threads from the board; each only link counts once.
  • 2 entries - 1 factual reference links. This is linking research relevant to various realism/science-related topics.
  • 3 entries - 100+ words added to one of your own pages (stacks, so 200 words for 6 entries).
  • 5 entries - 50+ words added to any general or public pages.
  • 8 entries - 100+ words added to any general or public pages (stacks).

Please log your contributions in a reply to this post or by linking a spreadsheet with a link to the Wiki edit and how many entries it's worth. Remember to include comments to the Wiki edit itself so everyone knows what you edited/added!

Keep in Mind!!

  • Make sure you read up on the Wiki Editing Guidelines!
  • Edits for raffle entries must be:
  • Edits must be meaningful to count towards raffle entries. We want updates (added and useful information, related threads, etc.) not grammar fixes!
  • For Packs/Loner Bands edits, please refer to their Leadership/Contact Point first if you are not a member
  • Be cognizant of private pages! Some pages under Area and Families are player-owned!

Raffle Prizes

In addition to the raffle prizes below, everyone who participates in updating the wiki by achieving at least 50 entries is eligible for this lovely event icon!

  • 'Souls todo notepad
  • 'Souls Reginald sticker set
  • 5x Custom titles
  • 2x Custom icons
  • Custom avatar by Mandi
  • Custom avatar by Gen

Winners of any tangible prizes must be comfortable with sharing a shipping address! All active members are welcome to enter the raffle, including all staff and international members. :)

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'Souls Assemblage

POSTED: Mon Nov 18, 2019 2:22 am


1. Do word counts stack?

Yup. The only "weirdness" is that updates to general/public pages don't stack per 50 words, just per 100 words. So 50 words is 5 entries, 100 words is 8 entries, 150 words is still 8 entries, 200 words is 16 entries, 250 words is still 16 entries, and so on.

2. Do image updates and/or additions count?

Yes, they count as minor edits. Don't go suuuuper overboard with this though. While a few images per page are nice, especially for Areas, most pages don't need a 50 image gallery in them. Remember that as reference pages, Wiki pages should strive to be clear and informative above all else!

3. How does it work when someone wants to contribute but doesn't want to edit the Wiki?

Say Player A doesn't want to edit the Wiki, but they write a bunch of content for Some Page. Player A can post to a relevant topic in the Wiki Collab forum, or start their own topic, and post the content they wrote and the page they should go on.

Player A can then post to this thread to collect their entries -- just instead of linking the Wiki with their edit, they'll link their post in the collab forum. In this case, they can collect the appropriate number of entries for their word count.

Player B comes along and sees Player A's contribution in the collab thread, which haven't been added to the Wiki yet. Player B can add the links and images to the Wiki and collect one entry for a minor edit, since they just need to copy/paste Player A's work to the Wiki.

Alternatively, if Player A finds a bunch of relevant links or images that can be added to Some Page, but doesn't format them or write content using them, Player A can only collect points for minor "edits." Player B, who has to figure out where the links/images go, format them for the Wiki, etc, can collect the same number of points for minor edits, because even though they didn't collect the links, they're doing some work!

Additionally, if Player B reads over the links contributed by Player A and writes summaries for them they then add to the Wiki, Player B can collect additional entries for word count.

When Player B posts to log their entries, they should link both their edit on the Wiki and Player A's contribution post.

Players can also use the #wiki-collab channel of the Discord to actively collaborate and coordinate. Just be sure to post finalised information and/or links to the forum as well so you have something that can be linked to!

Hope that makes sense! Let us know if there are more questions!
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'Souls Assemblage
'Souls Assemblage

POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:29 am

  • + 15 Entries (Change Log) Added 12 links to the thread log and 200 words in thread summaries.
  • + 2 Entries (Change Log) Added 2 links to the thread log.
  • + 3 Entries (Change Log & Change Log) Thread descriptions (first link) and history (second link) add up to 100 words on Auger's page.
  • + 21 Entries (Change Log) 33 link updates/additions, 600 words in thread summaries.
  • + 85 Entries (Change Log) Added 46 links to the thread log, 1300+ words in thread summaries, history, and fear additions
  • + 13 Entries (Change Log) Added 1 image, 450+ words in intro, appearance, personality, relationships
  • + 20 Entries (Change Log) Added 2 images, 600+ words in intro, fears, skills, relationships

Total: 161
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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:42 am

  • Change log: All active characters have been added to the master character list; all one-named characters moved to top of their respective letter list (cleaning up the format); obvious placement errors have been fixed. (26 SL + 14 CdC + 3 MV + 19 DCG + 12 NC = 74 new links)
    Points: Please award this how you see fit!
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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:38 pm

Hey 'Soulsters!

Just a couple of quick reminders straight from the Wiki Editing Guidelines:
  • Please remember to change the Author field to your Players page name when editing the Wiki.
  • It is also immensely helpful and highly recommended to include notes about what you edited in the Summary field. This makes it clear to everyone at a glance what's recently been done and also makes it easier to keep track of exact updates when multiple edits are done to a single page!
Thanks everyone! c:
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POSTED: Wed Nov 20, 2019 9:31 am

270 total.
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POSTED: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:54 am

  • +47 entries (Change Log) - Added 32 thread links, wrote 500+ words for history & thread summaries
  • +18 entries (Change Log) - 200+ words, 6 factual reference links
  • +9 entries (Change Log) - 300+ words added to relationships
  • +9 entries (Change Log) - 300+ words added to appearance and personality
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - copy-pasted info from profile of inactive character
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Copy-pasted info from profile of inactive character
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Copy-pasted info from profile of inactive character
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Copy-pasted info from profile of inactive character
  • +3 entries (Change Log) - Added 3 thread links
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Fiorenza)
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Fiorenza)
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Fiorenza)
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Remy)
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Remy)
  • +1 entry (Change Log) - Added a litter (Remy)
  • +3 entry (Change Log) - Added two litters (Remy; Atrea, Abilene)
  • +4 entry (Change Log) - Added three litters (Remy; Atrea, Abilene; Sian)
Total: 103 entries

e: recent edit only to fix my math lol
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POSTED: Wed Nov 20, 2019 7:40 pm

  • Krios Thread Log
    + 52 entries (Change Log) 22 thread links added for 2017, 1000+ words written
    + 67 entries (Change Log) 30 thread links added Jan-Jul 2018, 1200+ words written, +1 picture
    + 39 entries (Change Log) 15 thread links added Aug-Dec 2018, 800+ words written
    + 63 entries (Change Log) 24 thread links added Jan-Sept 2019, 1300+ words written
  • Kalypso Thread Log
    + 42 entries (Change Log) 21 threads added, 700+ words for descriptions written
  • Kalypso
    + 27 entries (Change Log) 900+ words written, updated quick info table, appearance, relationship, some formatting
    + 21 entries (Change Log) 700+ words written, updated quick info table, appearance, relationship, some formatting
  • Krios
    + 16 entries (Change Log) Minor update, 500+ words written
  • Petite Cour Loner Band
    + 30 entries (Change Log) 3 thread links added, 900+ words written
  • Player Page
    + 2 entries (Change Log) minor updates, catacombs update
  • Adoptables Page
    + 1 entries (Change Log) minor updates
  • Lumen Romani Page
    + 12 entries (Change Log) 300+ words (not including copy/pasted information), +2 images, transferred info from Rome area page

  • Eternity Family
    + 17 entries (Change Log) Reformated, added Grace x Rei x Alder litter, Lokr x Semini litter, Lokr x Ondine litter, Saga x Boone litter
  • Sadira Family
    + 21 entries (Change Log) Reformated, added Kalypso x Chaska litter, added all known birth dates for litters (200+ words)
  • Rome
    + 35 entries (Change Log) 400+ words, reformatting, moved Lumen Romani specific info to separate page, +3 pictures

  • Catacombs Template
    + 6 entries (Change Log) Added new skulls (2 oc, 1 ic), show/hide old template, added show/hide copy/paste templates for new templates.

Total: 451 entries
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POSTED: Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:54 pm

  • + 1 (Changelog) One image added.
  • + 8 (Changelog) Eight forum links added to thread log.
  • + 12 (Changelog) 400+ words added to IC history and biases.
  • + 4 (Changelog) Three minor edits made to outdated information, added one forum link to thread list.
  • + 5 (Changelog) One minor edit (total, active, etc.) made to outdated information, added four links to related characters.
  • +11 (Changelog) Added eleven kids, seventh generation.
Total: 41 entries
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POSTED: Sat Nov 23, 2019 10:28 am

  • +1 (Changelog) Fixed a typo in AniWaya's name that was making all their pack links red.
  • +8 (Changelog) Added 101 words to the General Game History section of 'Souls History.
  • +15 (Changelog Added 503 words to Evelyn's relationships.
  • +12 (Changelog Added 472 words to Evelyn's intro, assumptions, and plot opportunities.
  • +18 (Changelog Added 324 words to Evelyn's thread summaries + 9 thread links

Total: 54 entries
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