[NEWS] December 2019

So many contest winners!

POSTED: Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:35 pm

Spotlights for November 2019

Spotlight Soul

The Spotlight Soul for November is Athras Eryn (Stormie). The second-in-command of New Caledonia has been up to all sorts of things, especially following his appearance at last month's Diplomacy Summit. Even strange disturbances haven't stopped Athras from eagerly spreading word of the new settlement, especially around pretty faces. He and his King have embraced other displaced remnants from fallen packs even if they've already gotten their people tied up with questionable allies.

Community Soul

This month we're honoring all of our Staff members! Without the 'Souls Assemblage and Moderators, 'Souls would never have made it to adulthood!

Soldier of Love

Congrats once again to veldt, our very dedicated daily voter! This month's avatar prize is being provided by Kiri. Please remember to send a PM to claim your prize within five (5) days!

Don't forget to vote for 'Souls every day to win a free avatar - the artist changes every month! New rule: if a member wins three months in a row, they will be unable to win again for three months. We appreciate each and every one of you who vote daily though! ♥♥♥

Featured Pack Adoptable

This month's featured character is Leoris Steinmeister of Casa di Cavalieri.

Not much is known about this well-traveled male, the son of merchants from a far off land. His past is a mystery to most of his pack-mates, but his jovial demeanor and willingness to lend a helping hand put to rest any suspicion. A skilled black-smith, Leoris does well for himself in the pack of knights, creating custom and ornate pieces using both scrap and gathered materials. Always quick with a good joke or a reveling story, Leoris is as outgoing as he is strong. Wielding a studded mace he made himself as his primary weapon, he is a terror on the battlefield, but fights only for the protection of friends and family. One would be hard pressed to find a more honorable and chivalrous soul.

News & Updates

It's December! It's officially winter for the prompt generator, so maybe you'll find some fun new things there?


Secret Santa

Are you ready for presents? Secret Santa is back! Learn how you can spread the joy and participate here!


We can hardly believe it's that time again, but the end of the year approaches! Are you hyped for the annual 'Souls Yearbook? Head over to the info topic, submit your entries, and suggest some superlatives.

Birthday Raffle & Contest Results

If you missed it, our twelve awesome birthday post raffle winners are listed here!

Our Thread Generator Raffle winners are Sammiie (notepad) and Myst (stickers)!

Our Wiki Initiative Raffle was a great success! We had 1330 total entries worth of edits -- so close to 1337! ;) We hope everyone had fun making updates and that some of the momentum will carry through! Winners are as follows!

  • 'Souls todo notepad: Raze
  • 'Souls Reginald sticker set: Ketsuki
  • Custom titles: Nocturne, Myst, Nocturne, Lorraine, Mandi
  • Custom icons: Gen, Vida
  • Custom avatar by Mandi: Song
  • Custom avatar by Gen: Tammi

Additionally, all players who got 50 entries worth of Wiki edits have all been rewarded their participation icon. Thanks for helping us update the Wiki!!

And of course, the answer everyone's been waiting for... our Coaster Contest winner is Dark who was the first to guess 100 coasters, which was the closest to the actual number, which was thankfully much lower than literally everyone's guesses at 71. PM us with your address to get your coasters!

(Though Kiri double-checked and they actually only ordered 20 coasters to start with, so this is still more than three times the number of coasters desired.)

ALL WINNERS! Please be sure to claim both physical and board prizes by PMing the SA by December 5th. If you won an avatar prize, be sure to PM the artist by then as well! The sooner we're able to get you your prizes, the better!

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