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POSTED: Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:37 pm

AW for 1 - for Corsair I
the weather forecast is a light snow accompanied by angst

Scavenge along the coastline and make observations about the sea.

Breath, should I take a deep? Faith, should I take the leap?

White flakes blew past her face lightly, dancing on the wind that carried them. She exhaled a white cloud to join them before the mist faded into the air. On she walked. The ground beneath her was sandy, having given way from the grass that was characteristic of the lower land beneath the rocky hills.

This place strangely felt more like home than anything in New Caledonia had thus far. There were jagged cliffs overlooking the water and sweeps of rocky, sandy beaches between. It was more like the Shattered Coast. It felt more like home. Part of her wished she had taken her father's grave marker but it belonged where it had been put. Bringing a lost home to a new come was like wishing for bad luck to befall oneself.

The tide was out, mercifully, and the woman navigated through the rocky outcroppings to be closer to the sea. She stood, dangerously close, to where the waves battered the barnacle-encrusted stone and covered everything with a dangerous slick sheen of water. The salt kept the frost at bay, for the moment.

Kalypso's experienced feet kept her safely standing against the sea wind that was stronger the closer she got to the water's edge. There the snow was somewhat sharper and left the taste of salt on her face.

To a stranger, it would look as though she were contemplating ending her life.

If I knew you were a sellout. A thief. Use me up - I would have never let you near me.
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