The etchings on our souls.


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The expectations Day had of her return to the land of knights did not quite meet up to reality. She knew she was headed toward heartbreak as she covered the miles that spanned between the Outpost and Casa, she knew she was walking toward a bittersweet reunion with many of her pack mates and old friends, but somehow this return was.... different from what her imagination dreamed up during the lonely hours of travel. Chiefly, Casa itself was unchanged despite the tragedy that had befallen the Husshowl family. Day was now an orphan, but the land was neither more inviting, or less so. There was little reception from her friends, probably because they were dually occupied with preparations for the winter season and to give her time to grieve. Still... there was something eerie about the sameness of it all.

Recent snow and rains washed the land of the usual scents. Where Day expected her father's virile scent to cling to the earth like a restless spirit, she found it difficult to find any trace of him. Even her adept canine nose could hardly detect him in Casa despite a guilt-ridden day of searching for his scent.

Still... there was one place remnants of her parents were sure to be. A place their essence would not vacate for years to come.

When she first set foot in the den she surprised herself with her lack of tears. Perhaps she had simply shed all that was left, or perhaps it was just impossible to guess at emotion... but when she slid into the quiet lair all she felt was home.

Day spent the brunt of that morning in the old Hushhowl home, sometimes dozing in a familiar spot, other times searching through her parents things with the occasional glance over her shoulder, as though Darkness or Hartt would appear any moment and chide her for looking through their things. Oh, what she would give for such a scolding now... By the time the sun dipped just past the noonday line, Day emerged with two rigid items clutched firmly in her hands. Her one 'take away' from her parents' belongings. Her one, self-chosen family heirloom.

She needed a safe place to keep the inheritance for now, and had yet to choose a place to call her own home, so on instinct and with little more thought, she set her destination for Fort Kingsbury.

She can be found anywhere on the road to the Fort, or within the fort. Just past midday, Optime.
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Not the snow not the rain can change my mind
The sun will come out, wait and see

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Everyone handled things in different ways, and that couldn't have been more true when it came to handling loss. The Hushhowls had recently been the one to take the blow this time around, and though she didn't let it on all that much, Nora had been watching the way that this loss had been affecting others in Casa.

She was someone that had suffered loss, but there was only one thing that she had going for her. Her mother had been lost when she and Cedric had been born. They hadn't gotten the chance to get to know her before they had lost her. Was that really much of a blessing though? She and her brother still had to grow up without their birth mother, putting so much more pressure on their father. She had been thankful to Jace for taking her in with her own daughter.

Nayavota was just as much a sibling to her as Cedric was.

The tan woman made her way through the packlands, silence following her as she moved. Winter was coming, or rather it pretty much had. Quiet was going to be much of what clung to her, as prey was either gone, hibernating, or would just be harder to find on the whole. There was little that could be done about this, though she did find her eyes being drawn to the white at her feet. It was so untouched, and it would be interesting to see what else the snow had done to their land.

In her wandering, Nora's head rose up. She had been making her way back towards the Fort, back towards her own home when she spotted someone in the distance. It was almost a bit hard to spot her thanks to her pale fur. All that stood out were the splashes of black along her body with her leather garnments.

It was Day. One of the Hushhowls.

She couldn't help but feel her heart grow a little heavy. She couldn't imagine what the other female might have been going through. Giving a soft sigh, she padded over towards Day, offering her a smile, "Afternoon Day."

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The smallest of the Hushhowl clan padded slowly along the pathway that led to Fort Kingsbury, silently thankful that someone had cleared the snow from the road. It gave her toes a moment to warm up just a little, a nice little reprieve… especially with what was to come, that the Cavaliers were as yet unaware of.

Her eyes were downcast as she trekked, focused on the two daggers in her palms. Despite the use her mother must have put them to, they were still in great condition. Free of any stains or significant chips, the blades were still sharp. Bone would not last forever; certainly not as long as steel if they were put to everyday use, but Day still planned to use them until the day they crumbled.

She passed the gate and the guard without even acknowledging his existence. It wasn’t Day’s intent to be rude but she was lost in thought, and the guard, recognizing her as a Cavalier, seemed to pay her lack of manners no mind.

Then suddenly, a voice trailed to her on the light breeze and snapped her out of her reverie. Lifting her head and gaze, she glanced up to find the earth colored woman standing before her. Heck, if she hadn’t said anything Day probably would have walked right into her! Day blinked and gave a half-cocked smile that didn’t really touch her eyes. Oh, Nora, hi, she said. I’m sorry, am I in your way? she asked. It was a funny question, but in Day’s current state of mind it was hard for her to comprehend that someone was just greeting her and being nice. Day sidestepped, stepping off of the path that trailed through the fort and onto the snow to give Nora room to move by, if that was her intent.

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