The etchings on our souls.


POSTED: Tue Dec 03, 2019 11:29 pm

The expectations Day had of her return to the land of knights did not quite meet up to reality. She knew she was headed toward heartbreak as she covered the miles that spanned between the Outpost and Casa, she knew she was walking toward a bittersweet reunion with many of her pack mates and old friends, but somehow this return was.... different from what her imagination dreamed up during the lonely hours of travel. Chiefly, Casa itself was unchanged despite the tragedy that had befallen the Husshowl family. Day was now an orphan, but the land was neither more inviting, or less so. There was little reception from her friends, probably because they were dually occupied with preparations for the winter season and to give her time to grieve. Still... there was something eerie about the sameness of it all.

Recent snow and rains washed the land of the usual scents. Where Day expected her father's virile scent to cling to the earth like a restless spirit, she found it difficult to find any trace of him. Even her adept canine nose could hardly detect him in Casa despite a guilt-ridden day of searching for his scent.

Still... there was one place remnants of her parents were sure to be. A place their essence would not vacate for years to come.

When she first set foot in the den she surprised herself with her lack of tears. Perhaps she had simply shed all that was left, or perhaps it was just impossible to guess at emotion... but when she slid into the quiet lair all she felt was home.

Day spent the brunt of that morning in the old Hushhowl home, sometimes dozing in a familiar spot, other times searching through her parents things with the occasional glance over her shoulder, as though Darkness or Hartt would appear any moment and chide her for looking through their things. Oh, what she would give for such a scolding now... By the time the sun dipped just past the noonday line, Day emerged with two rigid items clutched firmly in her hands. Her one 'take away' from her parents' belongings. Her one, self-chosen family heirloom.

She needed a safe place to keep the inheritance for now, and had yet to choose a place to call her own home, so on instinct and with little more thought, she set her destination for Fort Kingsbury.

She can be found anywhere on the road to the Fort, or within the fort. Just past midday, Optime.
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