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Early in the evening, before the sun had even begun to truly set — earlier and earlier every day, it seemed — she banished her mother to wherever it was she went every day; it was none of her business what the Tradesman did with her time, for she assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that she was at the very least making herself useful.

They’d drunk wine, their glasses (mugs, really, lacquered pottery made by Luperci in Portland) attested to the truth of this. Cautioned not to overindulge, Clementine had limited herself to less than she might’ve drunk otherwise. In the privacy of her own home there was a certain security. Leaving the candle on her small square-ish table lit, she watched the former soldier leave, perturbed by the sudden obviousness of their change in station.

It was uncomfortable for her to outrank her parents, something Indra had never had to worry about.

There was a time and place for pulling rank, and without certain safeguards in place, she couldn’t be sure what Indra would do. Strength, whether it be literal or metaphorical, had a role to play still in their lives.

Retreating from the doorway once the familiar silhouette disappeared, she left the door open, an unspoken invitation. Taking the candle with her, she mounted the stairs and took them one-by-one with her shadow jumping to-and-fro along the walls. It was cooler up here, the space being significantly larger and draftier due to the multitude of missing windows. Some were covered to keep out the snow, but others had covers pulled aside.

In a moment of reprieve she tidied unnecessarily, being no great mess maker, and brushed her hair free of tangles before re-braiding a section of it. This, she shaped into the vague semblance of a coronet, being a great lover of showmanship and symbols. In another life, perhaps, she might’ve been suited for the Sanctus ranks.

Alas, she preferred socialization over trickery… most of the time, anyway.

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