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the story of the beast with those four dirty paws

Adonis came staggering across the borders, fighting to keep upright through the pain as his hand pressed tight to his bloodied arm. The pale wolf bled from numerous minor lacerations, none of which requiring any immediate attention, but the one on his shoulder had already stained his soft fur a deep crimson and continued to drip rather profusely from between his shaking fingers. A strained breath whistled through his clenched teeth and he stopped to lean against a tree, cursing his stupidity with each exhale. The moose mother had done a serious number on his ribs, too, and Adonis was almost certain he suffered from at least one fractured rib.

He put his back against the trunk and slid down until his rump hit the ground. A rustle of wings and a small billow of wind against his face heralded the arrival of Seer, who landed on the snow beside him. The white raven began to rattle off gentle noises of concern, and Adonis didn't bother batting him away when he plucked at his tail; either it was a way of showing comfort, or he was berating him for sitting down. Didn't matter, really. He just concentrated on breathing in and out for a few long moments until he gathered up the courage to look at his wound.

It was a clean cut, but beneath the gristle and blood was the pure, pale white of bone shining like a keen grin back at him. Adonis' stomach rolled and he pressed his hand down hide the sight of it. He was sure he looked an absolute fright, but that did not stop him from raising his voice to the sky in a summons for a healer.

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Ksenija was resting in the medical hut, taking a nap on one of the beds after a busy mornings work. The storm-hued wolf had been spending more and more time in the hut, reading the informative books and getting familiar with all the different herbs. There were many, labeled in neat little jars and pouches - and she had been busy studying their uses and matching the powders and dried petals to the full-bloom descriptions and pictures in one of the books she had obtained in Freetown. So far she had matched a few, and was feeling weary from the dusting and straightening up she had done so far.

Ksenija had even began to assemble a first-aid pack, when the victims were perhaps too far away to be brought up to the hut. Her own had been finished this morning, but she knew that there were others that had taken an interest in healing and wondered if they would perhaps do the same. She might leave a note for them, after her nap. Just as she had settled down into the clean furs and blankets, a pained howl cut through the air like a knife and Ksenija was up on her feet in an instant - swinging her pack over she shoulders as she scaled the huts trunk.

The scarred Optime called out a reply as she ran as fast as she could towards whomever had made the noise, pushing branches laden with snow out of her way and barely even noticing the smaller ones whipping her thighs or tearing at her fur. The scent of blood was slowly drifting through the trees, growing stronger as she came closer. The musky scent that was mixed in was not familiar to the female, but they clearly smelt of pack. After sprinting through a small glade, she emerged on the other side and was greeting with the overwhelming scent of blood and pain - her eyes coming to rest on a white male with a strange white bird at his feet, blooding leaking from a large gash just before his shoulder.

The woman wasted no time, stalking over to him and placing a reassuring hand on his other shoulder and giving it a light squeeze. "Can you tell me exactly what hurts? I can see the obvious - but how about the inside of you? What happened? She asked, her voice calm as she tried to still the shaking in her hands. Her heart beat wildly in her chest and she gulped down a breath of air before steeling her emotions. He would need a strong healer, and she would try her best. Ksenija shook out her bag, letting all the healing supplies fall the the snow before picking through it, selecting a skin filled with water and a rag to cleanse the blood off his fur and wound.

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the story of the beast with those four dirty paws

As his howl was carried away on the wind, and the echo bounded away over the snow, Adonis allowed himself to lean back against the trunk with a sigh. His companion, Seer, waddled away a short distance before turning around and jumping onto his bent knee. The pale wolf watched the white raven with a weary eye, but smiled when the bird began to pluck at the thick fur on his leg. He reached his free hand up as if to touch him, but then paused mid-movement as he distantly realized Seer had never allowed him to make direct contact with his body; there was a time he once wondered if the avian was non-corporeal, but he knew better now.

Seer cocked his head and the feathers around his neck bristled in a mane. He shook his head, pecked at Adonis' palm and took flight to the branches. A moment later, a gray-scale female appeared with a bag slung around her frame, dangling at her side. He leveled her with a keen stare, and the faintest trace of a smile ghosted across his grimacing lips. She was quick on her feet, and moved to kneel beside him. The hand that appeared on his shoulder surprised him; but he did not move to shake it off. It was a sincere show of comfort he was grateful for. The tremor in her muscles did not go unnoticed by him, but he made no comment on it; Adonis was certain he looked like an absolute disaster.

Her questions came rapid fire, but she was clear enough for him to understand. Adonis moved his hand to gesture to the left side of his ribs. "Was kicked there. Can breathe okay, but—merda!" He hissed when she began to dab at his wound with the wet cloth. His eyes began tearing up from the sharp, stinging pain. The pale wolf took a moment to focus on the in-and-out motion of his breaths before continuing, "Maybe fractured? Not broken—no movement." His speech was horribly snipped, but he hoped he got his meaning across. Adonis watched her work with morbid fascination.

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Ksenija concentrated as she gently wiped the wound with her cloth, wincing and folding her ears back against her skull when he swore and hissed. “ I know it hurts and I’m trying to do it as gently as I can. “ She said softly, her tone as soothing as she could make it. The storm-colored she-wolf remembered what her own wounds felt like when she had awaken from being tortured, and she set her jaw in a hard line at the memory. The scars littered all over her body almost seemed to pulse with the memory, but inwardly she shook the feeling away. This was no time to be thinking of herself, the man in front of her clearly needed her help. “ To be honest, I’m not sure what we can do about that... I think that will have to heal on it’s own, though I may wrap you around the chest to try and keep it in place. “

Tentatively her ear flicked back and she paused, considering her words. The woman scanned through her memory about all the books she had read. “ No actually.. “ She shook her head and continued cleaning the wound. “ Wrapping it will make it harder for you to take deep breaths, and as much as it hurts you should take a deep breath every hour or so. Lay on your injured side when you sleep, as well. If you can, find a skin and break off snow and ice in it and put it where it hurts. It will take several weeks for it to heal depending on how bad the fracture is, but there is nothing else I can do besides give you something for the pain. “ Here, her tail flicked. The wound was clean of dirt and debri now, and she picked up a jar filled with clear liquid and cracked open the top.

Her mystic blue eyes saught his golden ones, and she smiled reassuringly. “ This will sting. More than the water. “ With that, she switched the sides of the cloth to a dry place and poured more of the liquid on there, then firmly pressed the wet cloth against his wound. “ This is water that has been boiled with disinfecting herbs, the dirt and debri might be out of your wound but this stuff will kill anything that has been left behind. I’m going to give you this so you may take it with you. “ Sighing, she removed the cloth and inspected his wound. It seemed to be a pretty clean cut, though it was deep and would need to be stitched. “ I’m going to need to stitch this.. I don’t have anything for the pain, but I do have some alcohol. If you drink it, I will have to do it quickly and it will not be as neat as if I did it slowly - because Alcohol thins your blood and you’ll bleed all over the place. No use dirtying up that pretty white fur. “ She said, trying to make light of their situation.

Ksenija picked up a dark brown bottle, capped tightly, and held it out in her palm. This alcohol was strong and would take effect almost immediately after he drank it, but was so strong he would only be able to drink it in small sips.

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the story of the beast with those four dirty paws

Adonis hadn't meant to make her feel bad. It was an involuntary reaction, but he had the sneaking suspicion that she might be replying simply to keep him focused on something other than the pain. The tremor in her hands spoke of inexperience, but as far as Adonis was concerned (in his limited view), she was well on her way to being an excellent healer. He leaned his head back against the trunk and forced himself to sigh, wincing a bit in the process. Thankfully he hadn't lost enough blood to be woozy or close to passing out, and her words filtered through his mind clearly. "Okay. Yes." He ground out between clenched teeth when she dabbed at a particularly sensitive spot on his arm.

He watched her with careful eyes when she leaned back from his arm and went to rummage for something in the pile of supplies. Upon finding it, a jar of nondescript liquid, she met his eyes and smiled (more for his comfort than her own, he was sure). He took no time in considering it, and nodded his affirmation. Not that he had a choice. She was in charge here. She switched the cloth from the damp side, which was diluted pink from the water, to the dry side and poured the disinfectant on. And, true to form, she wasted no time in pressing it against the wound. Tears instantly sprang to his eyes and he arched his back, fighting the near-overwhelming urge to wrench his arm away. He kept it steady in her grasp, but his undamaged hand was clenched in a fist and trembling from the effort. It didn't last as long as the cleaning, and he was grateful for it. She mentioned he would have to take the jar with him and apply it regularly, to which he nodded dimly.

The pale wolf exhaled heavily through his nose, trying to release the tension in his undamaged muscles. Ksenjia was doing her best to make good of the situation, and he couldn't help the smile that pulled unwittingly at his lips. Her humor was pretty dry, but he appreciated the effort nonetheless and if it didn't hurt to laugh, he might've chuckled. Adonis reached for the brown bottle when she extended it. He'd never heard of alcohol before, but he trusted her intuition. With her help uncapping it, he brought it to his lips; the smell of it was harsh, bitter and raw. He curled his nose and screwed his eyes shut before taking a swig of it. It burned going down and he nearly gagged. A cough rolled through his body and he cried out as his injured side railed against the movement. He forced another swig down and cradled the bottle against his leg, eyes flashing to Ksenjia again.

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Ksenija tittered about, helping the large male unscrew the bottle before letting him raise it to his lips. It did not occur to her that he would not know what alcohol was, and she was surprised when he began coughing and sputtering, and once he was done he drank a little more. While the storm-hued healer had never drank before, she had watched her father drink enough and knew it’s effects on the body. A warmth should be settling through his body right now and numbing the pain quite effectively. The scent of liquor on his freak caused her to wrinkle her nose, but she crouched down and searched through her supplies, finding a large medical sewing needle ( it was dwarfed in her hands ) and some stitching. These were all very important finds, so she tried to measure out the length accurately before attaching the material to the needle.

She flashed him another pretty smile before pausing above his wound. “ Are you ready? “ She asked, hoping that the alcohol had begun it’s work. Once she had received an affirmative nod from the cream-coated male, she began to stitch the edges of skin together. Her ears were pinned against her skull to protect her hearing from the yelling that she was hoping wouldn’t come out of the male, but she knew what it felt like and it did not feel good. She hadn’t been sedated when the wounds on her chest had been stitched together, and the frightened look the medic had given her at her screams did not help. Once she was halfway through she let out a breath, not even aware that she had been holding it in. The woman flexed her hands and adjusted her position, then got right back to work.

True to her word the alcohol had begun to thin his blood, and she was nearing the end of the laceration when it began to bleed a little bit more, and she dabbed it with the water-soaked end of the cloth before continuing. Minutes stretched by and finally she was done, dragging the needle through the last bit of skin before tying the stitching together and leaning back, letting out a deep breath. She glanced at the males face for traces of pain before motioning back to the bottle. “ That is what I have for pain. It tastes foul but it makes you warm and numbs the pain a little bit, when it’s feel it’s worst drink a little bit. I managed to keep the stitching quite neat, and it did not bleed as much as I thought it would. I only have to make a poultice with herbs and gauze, wrap that around the laceration and you’re good to go - for now. “ She said, feeling almost exhausted from the stress and concentration it took to seal the gaping wound up.

As she waited for any response from him, she laid out the gauze on the snow and took a small bowl from her pack - mashing a few types of dried herbs together and wetting the crushed mixture with a little water to turn it into a paste. Once it was thoroughly mixed, she smeared it on the gauze and wrapped the weird-smelling mixture around his arm, taking care to be gentle but tying the ends of the fabric firmly so it would not shake loose.

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the story of the beast with those four dirty paws

The feeling he got after a few minutes was that of vertigo. His thoughts were swallowed by a haze, and he relaxed a fraction to allow the alcohol to take full effect instead of fighting it. Normally he was loathed to give up any of his cognizance for any reason, but he trusted Ksenjia's intentions; she would not let anything happen to either of them. He regarded the bottle in his uninjured hand with misty eyes (from the earlier coughing fit), only to be distracted by her hands moving through her pack. From it she pulled a needle; so small in her large hands, and some thread-like substance.

A belated moment later he realized what it was going to be used for. The only thing he could say was, "Yes." because there wasn't another choice. Her hands pressed into his skin as she began her work. Adonis was thankful that the pain was significantly muted, but the feel of the stitching weaving through his skin was peculiar and distinctly uncomfortable. He grit his teeth and tightened his fingers around the bottle (but mindful not to shatter it in his herculean grip). She paused only once to let out a breath, and Adonis couldn't help but smile a little; the medic was so concerned with her work that she forgot the demands of her own body.

When it felt like forever had passed, she snipped the end of the stitch and leaned back on her feet. She pointed to the bottle and mentioned the numbing qualities it gave (of which he was becoming experienced with); he took another obedient swig, still cringing from the taste of it. Adonis sat forward a little, but didn't dare move his arm. He didn't want to undo her hard work. The pale wolf looked over the wound for the first time, and was shocked to see that it was completely closed save for the dark stitching keeping it together. She was a master of her trade, surely. "I... thank you, for everything." A beat, and then, "When I am well, I will gladly help replenish your stores." His tone was solemn and serious; even if she didn't accept, or accompany him, he would find a way to pay her back.

Adonis held out his arm when she finished with the poultice, and he flared his nose at the odd scent of it. He was glad when she wrapped it tight, despite the deep-rooted protest of pain; he was a mobile creature and it would do him no good if it slipped off. His head swam a bit from the alcohol. He closed his eyes and gave it a bit of a shake, only to open his eyes a little and regard the storm-gray female with a soft smile. "You have done me a great service, miss...?" It wasn't like he could very well up and leave without at least learning her name.

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Ksenija looked up and let a small smile grace her muzzle at his surprise, she was almost as shocked as he. When it came down to it, in times of need she could rise to the occasion apparently. She was inexperienced, but other than a little shaking she had some skill with her hands. The Russian she-wolf attributed it to her craft making - carving small details in wooden figurines took a degree of concentration and sure handedness that not many could boast. The woman felt useful and like she had contributed something to the pack, surely more than she had in Aniwaya. She nodded at his proposal, feeling a low heat brush into her stone-hued cheeks. Ksenija was ever nervous and flighty around men, even the obviously safe male in front of her set off red-flags in her mind.

Her ears flicked backwards as she considered his words, and then forced herself to speak - the urgency of the situation now over. “ I would like that. T-The hut needs some replenishment, of that I am sure. “ The she-wolf said shyly, not being able to quite meet his eyes. It was a personality change and a half, but when adrenaline was pumping and she was solely concentrated on something she hadn’t the time to think and consider her own fears and insecurities - males being one of them. It was true however, that the hut needed replenishment. Some of the herbs could last a long time, but there was no doubt in the spring that they would all benefit from fresh sprigs of the aging stuff. The alcohol had obviously begun it’s numbing work, and she remained quiet as she discreetly observed him.

So lost in thought about gathering fresh herbs, the she-wolf almost jumped when he spoke suddenly once more. “ O-Oh. My name? Uh, Ksenja Russo. “ She almost squeaked, forcing herself to actually hold his gaze of muted molten gold. His eyes were an exquisite shade, and she made herself smile once more as she began gathering her things into her pack. Once things were in order, she stood up and offered the large male a hand, ears perked forward. “ Might I ask yours? “

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the story of the beast with those four dirty paws

She agreed that the hut needed some extra attention, and he nodded. Adonis was thankful for his basic knowledge in medicine, as he would have little trouble discerning what supplies were in dire need of replenishment. The plants back West were a bit different than the ones here, but there were many more that were just about the same as well. He would focus on those he was certain of, rather than play guessing games with flora that could potentially cause more harm than good.

But in a curious shift, the she-wolf seemed suddenly uncertain around him. Her words were less forward, her eyes less focused on him, and she was undeniably nervous when she addressed his questions. Adonis furrowed his brows for a moment, before smoothing them down with fingers that massaged at the bridge of his nose. Maybe it was the adrenaline; maybe it was the shock of the injury settling in. He didn't know, and he wasn't about to so rudely ask after what she'd done for him. He let it go.

She did, however, meet his gaze when she obliged his last question. Ksenjia Russo. Adonis watched her gather up her things into the pack, stand, and extend a hand towards him. The pale wolf juggled the bottle of herb water and the liquor to his injured side and reached out to take her hand in his. She helped him to his feet with surprising strength, and he was a bit surprised to find he could still look directly into her eyes without having to look down. So he wasn't beyond the average after all. He bounced the name around his thoughts before verbalizing it with the same inflections, "Ksenjia, it is a pleasure." He shook her hand and bowed his head, "I'm Adonis Nero."

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was his boldness, but he didn't stop to consider his next words. "If you find yourself in need of some company while looking for supplies, come find me. I will gladly go with you." He said with a genuine smile.

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She watched with cool blue eyes as he considered, and then spoke her name once before offering his. A small smile touched her steel colored features, and her tail tentatively wagged behind her as he shook her hand, the touch of a male wolf feeling strange. “ It’s nice to meet you Adonis, perhaps we when we meet again it will be under better circumstances. “ There was barely a space behind her words before he spoke again, and the boldness of the words caught her by surprise. “ Yes. Of course. I’d very much like that. “ She said with an uncharistic grin before turning away and waving to him as they parted company. The woman had some errands to run before the day was out, she had to boil any of the bloody rags she had left over from the meeting with Adonis and she had to take a stock of what was left in the hut. Spring was well on its way and she expected many roots and petals to start flowering.

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