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The Flower boy complimented him on his parenting, and Coaxoch let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding. It passed his lips in the form of a sigh, though it was not relieved, or disappointed. He didn't know why he had held his breath but he smiled afterward to make sure that the other male did not think much of it. Our children are angels, but I can't say that it's been easy, with Eden's prying and curiosity mostly. Coaxoch rolled his eyes at this but looked back to Sebastien with a brightness, a look that was akin to someone looking at their favorite person. I think that we did a great job. he spoke as he looked at the male with the same look on his maw.

On the subject of Morrow, Coaxoch shrugged his shoulders. His smile faded from his lips for a moment as he thought of what to say, on the subject, and he looked down at Bun's collarbone, where he wore a clamshell tattoo inked in stark ebony tones. As his eyes lifted back up to the pale crystal eyes of the male, he opened his ivory maw to speak to Sebastien. Maybe the Gods gave us Eden and Evelyn so that we could help Our Queen with Morrow. I can speak to her, maybe persuade her to let one of us watch him, and teach him to be good, if you would like. he spoke as his hand went to his chin, where he pawed at the long hair that grew on his maw. He briefly thought of letting Dirge or Sebastien cut it back so that it would not keep growing as such before his mind went on to thinking about how he should go about talking to Elphaba about raising a child, even though the to males that lay there together were still not experts.

The male became alight when he mentioned the boy missing the children, sitting up and wiggling his nub. Coaxoch plopped on his back and he lifted himself up to look at the other by putting his forearm against the bed and leaning on it with his upper-body. You'd know if you were bothering me, love. he retorted easily, and he left a silly grin on his face as he looked at the Autumn Flower, with fur like rusty colored fallen leaves with a snowy flooring below.

Coaxoch listened to the other male's words and couldn't help but look to the side, as his cheeks started to heat up because of the flattering words. Coaxoch's large ears splayed on his head as he looked down and at one of the felines who rested peacefully in the furs on the bed. It has been different, yeah.. he said, his words barely above a whisper before his ears twitched at the next words that were muttered from the Autumn Flower.

"I've fallen for you."

The bright eyes of the Wendigo had retreated behind blonde lids before they were torn from the feline and placed on the Autumn boy's angled face. Coaxoch felt his heart flutter in his chest, but his ears pinned back on his blonde crown. He didn't know what to say, and his mind both raced and was completely blank at the same time. I.. his maw let this word drop without permission.

Coaxoch turned his gaze away and he sighed lightly. When his eyes turned back to Sebastien, he smiled at the other. I love you, too, Bunbun. he finally said these words and nodded his head as if to say "Yes, I do mean that".

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