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Before in the other lands, Aani was warm. She was freezing right now. Why did her mother have to drag her back this way? She got it, honestly, her mother grew up here. But still.

It was so cold. The umber and gingerbread colored female, with ashy markings between, sighed to herself, as she quickened her pace. Her mother would be pissed if she found out she left and didn't plan on actually hunting like she said she was going to do. A small snicker to herself, and the female blinked her salmon eyes, ears flickering forwards and then backwards. This was new. There was a reminiscence of a building from the human world. Or what she assumed was the human world.

Half of the building was broken down, you could see where undergrowth and vines took over the structure, it's smell was that of distant packs, and distant wolves, traveling through the area. Perhaps this would prove to be some interesting finds for the sneaky little gal.

Leaping over the broken rubble, Aani leaned down and picked at a spot on the ground and was covered with some sort of fur. Dust rose up and as she coughed and spit, Aani released the blanket and coughed again. good one Aani. she said to herself, huffing. As she delved further into the building, her foot caught an empty bottle of something, and kicked it across the room. She quirked a brow as it thudded into something solid. A trunk, or a chest of some sorts. How interesting. she thought to herself, edging closer towards it, ears on high alert as if someone might jump out towards her.

Upon her approach, she knocked on the chest. Nothing happened. So she poked it with her fingers. Still nothing. Glancing around with curious orbs, she looked back at the chest. It was a mahogany color, with what was once a bronze or gold latch on it. But it was locked, with a small silver lock. Hmm, interesting. She sniffed at it, and then slowly sat down admiring the chest with great interest.

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As much as she appreciated Jandro opening his house up to her, Jandro got a little over-bearing after a while. ... Well, okay, not really over-bearing, but he — well he just — She sighed inwardly, slipping her arms through the heavy cloak and fastening the little wooden buttons as her great-uncle hovered in the kitchen, watching her with concerned eyes.

"Viridian," the aging man started, stepping closer as the girl reached for the door but hesitated. "Are you sure you want to go out in the cold right n — "

"Wither." Her voice wasn't harsh, but it cut through his question before he could finish. Her dull yellow eyes glanced to him over her shoulder, and she grabbed her quiver and bow from beside the door. "And... Yes, I'm sure, Jandro. It's just for a little while."

He sighed, scratching at the back of his neck, and let out a bit of a nervous chuckle. "You know Malika will kill me if anything happens to you," he reminded her lightly, and the girl groaned.

"Yeah, I know," she rolled her eyes, flashing him a reassuring smile as she prattled off her next three points against her fingers. "Just a little while. I won't be gone long. Promise." She held up the three fingers as though they held the key to the universe — or, more aptly, the key to her freedom. Wither Rose heaved open the door, grimacing as the winter air seeped inside, and just as she stepped out into the snow, his voice chided her again.

"Take this too." He held the grip of the hunting knife out to her, knowing she'd forgotten her second weapon of choice — and the hybrid froze, patting the pocket of her pants were it ought to have gone, before laughing to herself and taking the blade.

"Thanks." Her little grin was sincere this time, and the girl was off, trekking through the knee-deep snow.

"Just be careful, Viri — Wither," her uncle called after her. She thought about messing with him and quelling his fears by saying she was going to join a pack of wolves in the woods, but knowing Jandro, he might actually believe her.

Besides, he was a good guy. And he was right about her mother tearing him a new one if anything happened to her darling daughter.


A short walk from the cabin brought her to the remnants of a human town, one she had traveled to a few times over her several trips to uncle Jandro's. It held all sorts of curiosities, most of which were kind of, uh... crumbly at this point, but still. Wither wasn't especially picky.

Never had she encountered another soul on her little excursions; not until now. She squinted at the figure, who was diving headlong into some dilapidated building by herself — well, okay. It was gonna be her head hurting when some piece of the ceiling fell on top of her. Although...

Don't need to go in there. These half-fallen buildings were always a risk, and she knew that from day one. Wither knew to avoid them, lest they decide that one flimsy gust of wind was all it took to tumble over. Okay, but like, she's been in there for a while now. But it was only a matter of time before — Yeah, okay, let's go in.

So she jogged through the cracked concrete and exposed iron, flipping stray locks of tawny hair back behind her long ears as she poked her head through the doorway, her eyes trying to adjust to the lower light.

There was the girl, standing right there, doing... something. Rather, kicking something. Picking at something? Wither's face screwed up as she took another tentative step inside, gaze brought up as the floor above them creaked and groaned. "Hey, uh," she wuffed, maybe a bit louder than was necessary, "this place is about to level itself, so do you want to bring that out here?" She laughed, albeit nervously, as she eyed the other female's sitting form. Sitting. In this building that was clearly on its last leg. Sitting.

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Brown and black ears flickered on her head, her pink iris' shooting towards the female who suddenly appeared. Strange, normally Aani's training from her mother prevented her from being snuck up on by strangers. Aani didn't notice her because she very clearly was being preoccupied by the chest. Was this female trying to steal it? After her "Hey uh," Aani rose to her feet and shielded the chest, like a protective mother.

Oh. She wasn't trying to steal it. She offered for them to bring it out. But wait, did that mean she might be stealing it anyways? Oh shoot, how long have I been standing here thinking to myself? Aani cleared her throat, blinked and then forgot she had been sitting there blankly, not even saying anything. Pink eyes ran over the course of the other girls body, rather hungrily. She was strange, interesting of sorts. And what did she mean by level itself? Quite frequently the brown Aston hybrid was known to get herself in trouble, after all, a normal wolf would have looked at the falling down building and not entered it. Where as the brown female was just happy to be away from the eyes of her mother. Constantly controlling her life. Gods it was such a drag.

Oh no, how long had she been thinking now? All these thoughts about her mother and wondering why she didn't think of the time that passed or the fact that she actually was in the presence of another living, breathing, animal that wasn't trying to control literally everything she was doing. Arms crossed, Aani stood there for probably way too long than she should have. Words, Aani, words. She looked from her left to her right, opening her mouth and actually spoke words. Uhm, right. She stepped towards the chest, boards creaking underneath her feet. Sure. Move it outside. Good idea. Brown hands grasped the chest, aiming to move it, only to find that it was pretty heavy.

Gripping it harder, Aani pulled on the side of the chest, it finally budged, and the female hunched over began to pull it towards the entrance where the other gal was. While grunting she spoke up. I'm Aani Aston-D'Noires by the way. words were easily formed now. She gave a sort of half-grin, half-smirk to her, as she struggled to drag it towards the entrance and then outside.

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She wheeled on Wither, scrambling to her feet and protecting the... whatever it was. The Soul's brow quirked as the strange girl proceeded to not really say, well, much of anything, instead just staring with those salmon-pink eyes. Flecks of blue in them seemed to catch the scant light when she tilted her muzzle, but still she was silent, and just as Wither was starting to get a little weirded out, the other female decided it was a good time to pipe up.

Her long ears flicked forward as she listened to not only her, but the groaning of the ancient walls around them; perhaps still safe for now, but not indefinitely. It made the coywolf quite a bit more antsy as the stranger took her sweet time talking, but eventually, she whirled into motion, agreeing with her and moving to drag the object out. A chest, was that what it was? Nostrils flared as it drug all sorts of dust and debris along with it across the grossly-furry floor. Wither hopped forward to give her a hand — "Here, let me help you with that" — if only to get them out of the safety hazard of a building that much more quickly.

An impromptu introduction was passed as they heaved the heavy chest outside into the light, and as they set the thing down, she stood back, brushing off her pants from any dust that had gathered. "Nice to meet you, Aani." The smug grin coaxed one out of Wither as well, and she smiled as she opened her mouth to speak.

"I'm Virid — " No, no you're not. Her maw snapped shut, and she coughed, sputtering as if something caught in her throat. "Uh, sorry. I'm Wither Rose. Wither Rose Soul." Yes, yes you are. "Just Wither is fine, though."

Maybe if she kept saying her name, it would stick better. Yellow eyes blinked, and she looked again at the chest, biting the inside of her cheek when she saw the lock.

"So how do you plan on opening this?" She shifted to fix the quiver and bow at her back when an idea came to her mind. "I... have a hunting knife? If you want to... you know, pick the lock with it." It looked quite rusty, so hopefully it wouldn't take a lot of force to pop it open if they went that route.

"I hope there's nothing weird in there," she murmured under her breath, just imaging some foul, rotten amalgamation of sludge and muck waiting for them inside, too far gone to speculate whatever in the world could produce such an putrid concoction. But that was the worst case scenario.

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The other female offered to help her with the chest. Pink iris' flickered towards her once, then twice, and her head titled a bit, otherwise she accepted her help. It would be interesting to see if this girl intended to steal the treasure that was inside, if it was even a treasure, or if she was actually helping the hybrid girl. Time would only tell, it would seem.

Normally as the introduction of another name hit her ears, the female would have questioned her. No, interrogated would have been the right choice of words. But as it say right now, Aani didn't really want to question the girl who had helped her bring the chest out. Perhaps that was for another day, and another time. Assuming that these two would ever last to talk about things such as this. And by "last" she meant if this meeting didn't go as well as the brown female envisioned. Then again, with constant worry and doubt stuffed into the female's mind by her mother, it wasn't a typical thought that things would actually go well. "Trust no one. Always fight. Her mother's voices over and over again.

Standing up straight, she stared again. More thoughts to herself, her eyes trailing over the female's body, as she stared at her. Thoughts of what would happen, what was in the trunk, etc. Only after a few minutes of complete and utter silence between the two of them. Did Aani realize that she hadn't spoken to her again. Shit. Ah. Right. words. There at least she produced something that was audible. She focused her energy onto what the female had said previously. Something about the lock? Oh right! Breaking it? She really didn't think that she had the skill to lock pick it. Perhaps breaking it with a rock. She thought to herself, before she realized she wasn't speaking and instead stepped out of the front of the chest and gestured with her hand. Yeah, yeah. Go right ahead, Wither Rose Soul. Skeptical of the actual name, she let it roll of her tongue with a gentle smile.

The female knelt down and wriggled the knife around a few times, and Aani rolled her eyes. I- she was going to say I don't think that, that is going to work, however; she was corrected whenever the female seemed happy, and the lock clinked onto the ground. Aani knelt on the ground beside the other female her hands flying to the top of it, and looked at the other female, a grin on her face. Shall we? Then she opened it, and inside it was a...crown? She picked it up and set it on the ground beside her. There was a bunch of fur sashes? Or were they scarves? What looked like a fox? Aani threw that one down harshly. Humans. There was two books that had seen better days, a book that read "poems" written in a notebook. And two jewelry boxes. When she lifted the first jewelry box up, she discovered there was a blanket in the bottom of it. Removing the box, and then removing the other one, she set them next to the crown, and touched the coarse blanket with her fingers. It was checkered red and grey. It was pretty. As she lifted it up, something clattered out of the blanket into the bottom of the chest, and she immediately reached in without looking producing a bottle of something called "Captain Morgan Rum" that was half-full.

Hmm? Whatcha think? She rocked back on her heels producing the bottle up so they could both see it.

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Aani sure did have a strange habit of spacing out. Again Wither just stared at her with vacant yellow eyes, blinking occasionally, brows furrowing after so many agonizing seconds of absolutely nothing; what was going on inside of that head of hers, anyway? It must have been loads more interesting than this if she took so long to snap back into reality. In any case, the tawny female gave her to go-ahead to give it a try.

But she did not like how Aani said her name back to her. She'd caught Wither's slip-up, and even though her words were nice enough, unassuming, there was an implication behind them that irked the Soul just a bit.

Well, whatever. At least she was offering to help; curiosity was beginning to wear away at her patience as well, and she knelt down next to the chest, retrieving Jandro's hunting knife from the cloak's pocket and setting to work. In all fairness, she had really no idea how this was supposed to work, but she figured as long as she just kept twisting and turning the knife, getting the lock to slowly and gradually slip into place —


And there it was. Whatever doubts Aani had in her were quickly dispelled, and Wither Rose's gaze darted over to the other girl, flashing her a wicked smile. "You're welcome," she said sweetly, putting the blade away as her acquaintance joined her on the concrete to solve the mystery of the chest.

As she rummaged around, throwing aside the various trinkets inside, Wither brushed a blonde lock of hair behind her ear, nose twitching as she was pleasantly surprised to find out that nothing seemed rotten or even really all that stale, somehow. She wouldn't question it, though. The jewelry was nice enough to look at, perhaps a bit dull from age, but other than that, it seemed a pretty good pull.

And then Aani pulled out the bottle, one with words she could only barely understand, but Wither had been around the block enough times (actually not at all but she knew things) to know what it was.

"Not sure," she hummed, running white-gloved hands over the sleek fox fur. "I guess you have a lot of new clothes, at least." Her maw split in a grin as she rose back to her feet, arms crossing as she eyed the bottle in Aani's paws.

"And liquid courage or whatever it's called," she added impishly.