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POSTED: Tue Feb 11, 2020 7:23 pm

Pixie Serene
Come on, skinny love
What happened here?
Pour a little salt we were never here'

Pixie was beginning to grow used to the cold. It wasn't comforting, by any means, but thanks to her thick coat and adequate shelter it was bearable. She resided in a sizeable building that was made of stone, much like many of the other buildings that had survived in this area. She was equipped with a make-shift broom of small twigs secured to a larger, sturdier branch. There was a lot that would need to go into making this house a home but for now, she did what she could. She dragged the broom along the ground and shifted the dirt until it was in a neat pile before sweeping it out the door. Years of not being largely unattended had left the room in a state of disarray. In the back of the residency, there was an old, tattered mattress she had covered with a few furs. One to serve as a barrier between the aged mattress and a few on top for warmth.

They had been left largely unscathed by the earthquake but there were still repairs to be done. The animals seemed to be especially on edge, which was justified. Their discomfort only fueled her own. She didn't understand this extreme weather any more than they did. She wasn't sure but it seemed like the Earth who she revered so much shook beneath her very paws. She wondered what could have made it tremble so. The high tide that followed had been one of the scariest things she had ever experienced. She felt like if it had such a desire the ocean could easily reach out and just swallow them whole... Things were just so unpredictable. The wolf took a deep breath. As frightening as things may be sometimes she was convinced they would get better. They had too. New Caledonia was still in its youth and had already survived so much. It was just a matter of time before things would find a steady rhythm. The animals would return to their pens, the ocean would calm, and everything would be alright. They could only go up from here... Or so she hoped.

She took a moment to set fire to the wood she collected earlier that resided in the fireplace. She knew that to truly keep out the cold she would have to cover the open windows but the lit fire warmed up the room nonetheless. She felt better having a place to lay her head that she could return to regularly. Sleeping out under the stars didn't bother her but it seemed to be growing colder. This residency would surely come in handy.

The wolf grew alert, smelling an unfamiliar scent nearby. It was almost certainly another packmate from New Caledonia but one unfamiliar to her. It was unlikely an intruder would have made it this far unto pack territory unscathed so she didn't have any hesitation-- Pixie made her way towards the open door to scope out this individual. Hopefully, they were as friendly as most other Caledonians had been.

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