vermiculate patterns that were maps of the world

POSTED: Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:39 pm

Piscator co-rank challenge I - Every angler has necessities if they want to be successful! Craft yourself a fishing pole or knot yourself a net in preparation for a promising fishing trip.

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Though Percy had moved out, home was not empty – in fact, Gaia had moved in not long after. She had insisted it would be temporary, though Daisy hadn't minded the company. The big space sometimes felt too big for them, but with two cats and what had become a crafting space, they seemed to need it.

One such project, her new fishing net, was halfway done, though Daisy had admittedly slacked on it. She had finally set her mind to finishing, and with great determination decided to go somewhere where she wouldn't be distracted.

This, unfortunately, had failed.

It was pleasant enough outside and the sound of the river was nice. New Caledonia's claim was far closer to the sea and the smell of salt was present if she looked for it hard enough, but the rivers ran clear. She liked to watch the fish (when she could see them) and the birds, and it was these which had proven more interesting. Daisy wasn't sure when she had first started watching them, but it had been long enough that she was creating imagined stories about the pair and what it was that had led to their noisy display.

The work in her lap was all but forgotten, though her fingers kept fidgeting with the cord.

New Caledonia
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New Caledonia