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Falconer co-rank challenge I
Introduce your bird to a fellow packmate so that your companion will recognize a familiar face.

300 words

After a blizzard, the earth trembling, and rising waters, Daisy was more cautious about where she traveled these days. She stayed close to New Caledonia, and indeed barely left the territory if at all. Some days she stayed in her home longer than intended. Sometimes she barely left.

The little kitten liked to explore, though, and Daisy tried to facilitate that. She had taken him out earlier in the day and gone on a romp around town, and having properly tired out the tomcat Daisy had sent him home and gone off to find something else to do.

Having first opted to fish, she changed her mind when she thought about needing to haul everything around. Then she thought about patrolling, but found herself less confident about facing an intruder on this particular day. Daisy, instead, picked a random direction and went off in it. She presumed to find adventure one way or another, and she would certainly know if it was not to be – home was not far behind her after all.

Daisy was thinking this would be sooner than later when she caught sight of another Luperci further ahead. Though there were plenty of faces within New Caledonia, it was not hard to remember who was who – especially when so many of her new compatriots had such notable backgrounds. She wondered if that was true for herself and her family. Probably less so, she supposed, now that Percy was rising among the Malcrin. His star was rising quickly.

What really interested her, though, was the small, sharp-beaked bird the former Warlord was holding.

Thinking she might be interrupting, but terribly curious, the wolfdog edged closer. When she thought they might have spotted her, she waved and wagged her tail – hoping her intentions would be obvious.

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Optime | Lebennin (River Valley) | NPCs: Kenyon & Treasach (+509)

Falcon co-rank.

Thanks for starting<333

With Naomi growing stronger with each passing day, the couple grew more and more confident that she would survive. The pack lacked a true Medico—there was Thyri, but, with the Dawnbringer being heavily pregnant herself, they hadn’t wanted to bother her or risk stressing the to-be mother out—like Casa di Cavalieri had had, so, they were forced to recall what they could of Genkei’s first few weeks and hope for the best for the rest. Her second litter and having no shame to hide from this time around, Teagan had been more willing to allow herself time apart from her newborn, leaving Mako or Genkei to temporarily take over the duties of keeping the little girl warm and occupied.

Still, she could never leave for long. It was why she’d taken one of her stallions out to the open lowlands of the River Valley. She’d stopped them on the top of a small hill that had a singular tree that marked it. The location provided a good vantage point of the flat, snow-covered plain around them. In the spring and summer months, Teagan was sure that the area would provide a wealth of game to be taken from it.

Even barren with snow as it was though, it still provided a good test for a young falcon’s skills. Hares with their white winter coats provided the best challenge for a sharp-eyed hunter.

Teagan held the younger of the family’s two falcons on her gloved hand, stroking his neck and head feathers with a single finger. She was dressed in her husband’s leather jerkin once again, and had her sword attached to her belt despite lacking the rest of her usual ensemble of armor. With a thick coat meant for such cooler weather, she didn’t require much else, particularly with the sun out and shining.

“You only need one for today,” she told the young falcon. Had she more time to allow the plains to reset themselves of their scattered prey, she might have requested more from the bird. If he could catch just one rabbit though, she would be satisfied.

Behind them, Kenyon rumbled, causing Teagan to turn her gaze to where the big stallion was looking at. It was a young, doggish woman with dusty-grey fur. Her wiry-furred snout reminded Teagan of Krokar’s old Captains. “Hello,” she greeted neutrally. She recognized the look in the yearling’s bi-hued gaze, and her own canary eyes flicked between the monochrome Caledonian and Treasach on her hand. Looking back at the packmate, Teagan gestured the younger female to come closer with a jerk of her snout. “Have you seen a falcon up close before?”

“Greetings, Caledonian,” Treasach chirped with a bob of his head. He shifted his footing on the falconer’s glove, turning his head slightly to get a better look at the familiar-but-unfamiliar young woman who had joined them.

“I’m Teagan Stryder, by the way. And this is Treasach.”

Teagan Stryder

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210 words

Hello, Daisy returned, wagging her tail with greater ferocity. She was glad for Teagan's invitation, and obviously delighted when the falcon spoke to her. Luckily, she remembered her manners and greeted the bird as well: Hello to you!

She was much shorter than the tawny wolf, and had to look up to her face. Daisy could almost imagine the strength and confidence radiating off the older, worldly woman. Everyone here was so cool she could hardly stand it!

Daisy Parhelion, she returned pleasantly. But a lotta people call me Z. It's nice ta meet both'ya! And yeah – I mean, not exactly, like this, but kinda. Me ma, she worked with a eagle. My sister, Cora, she's workin' with him now. Real big fella, ya can't miss him. Anyhow! She laughed a little, aware she had been babbling. Her attempts to be outgoing and friendly sometimes made her nervous, but like Willow had said, what did she have to worry about?

What'chya up to? Anythin' I could help with? If you want help, that is, she added, thinking it might be polite to give Teagan the option to deny her. Just because she had offered Daisy a look at her falcon didn't mean she was interested in more long-term company.

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